Chapter 14: Protection in the Dark

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The Miracle Doctor that Xie Jiuhan was looking for wasnt the pharmaceutical expert Mr. Qingyi, but a medical expert who was related to A Dark Organization. It was said that he had the ability to revive the dead.

Xie Jiuhan had been looking for him, but he couldnt find him. After finding out that the Miracle Doctor was related to A Dark Organization, he actually wanted to pressure the other party to find the Miracle Doctor. Only he, Xie Jiuhan, could think of such an unconstrained method.

On the noisy street, Feng Qing led March to the bus stop.

“March, you have to remember that we have to walk like this every day!” Feng Qing caressed Marchs head. The Labrador was very smart and was a professional guide dog, so it naturally remembered her. Moreover, Xie Jiuhan had already brought people to let March familiarize herself with the environment. March knew where to go and which car to take with Feng Qing..

The bus drove over slowly. March, who was about to lie down, got up instantly. When the bus stopped, he nudged Feng Qings legs with his head.

The passengers went down first and then up. Just as Feng Qing and March stepped onto the steps, the first row of passengers shouted.

“Aiyo! How can such a big dog be on a bus!”

“Since youre blind, dont come out if its so inconvenient. I wonder if this dog is sick…”

“Exactly. What happens when a dog bites a child—”

The passengers were conflicted. This Labrador was more than a meter long, and it was being held by a blind girl. She couldnt see. What if she couldnt hold it and bit them?

“March is a guiding dog. She wont bite, nor is she sick!” Feng Qings retort was quickly drowned out by the noisy crowd.

“Stop arguing!” The driver shouted loudly to stop the passengers, “Can everyone be more civil? A guide dog can take a bus! If anyone has any objections, go down and take a taxi! Little girl, lead your friend up the bus and let him take you to an empty seat.”

The driver didnt want to say anything else. He just sighed at how people nowadays were indifferent.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Feng Qing got into the car with a smile.

There were not many people in the car. After Feng Qing sat down, the driver started the bus.

Meanwhile, outside the car, seeing that Feng Qing had really left on the bus alone, Xie Qi and the rest hurriedly followed behind.

Feng Qing sat by the window and took out the cell phone that Xie Jiuhan had specially customized for her. Feng Qing had done a lot of things with it.

After unlocking it skillfully, she dialed a special number.

The other end picked up very quickly. It was a boys voice. “My dear sister, you finally remembered me. I have some interesting news to report.” The other party was the only person in A Dark Organization who knew Feng Qings identity. His code name was Qing Er because he was brought in by Feng Qing.

“Speak.” The corners of Feng Qings mouth curved up. Even though she was wearing a hat and couldnt see her entire face, it still made people think that this girl was really good-looking. Unfortunately, she was blind.

“That famous Xie Jiuhan from the Capital offered 10 billion to buy the news of the Godly Doctor and even threatened us to hand over Mr. Qingyi. He also knows that we wont hand over Mr Qingyi, but hes just trying to disgust us. Hes giving us big money while causing trouble!

“Sis, arent you playing with fire a little too much? I really want to see how Xie Jiuhan will react if he finds out that Mr. Qingyi is you.”

There was a hint of schadenfreude in Qing Ers tone. It couldnt be helped. That old man was his love rival after all. He couldnt beat him, so he could only laugh at him.

“Youre making me so excited… Give him the news, split the money by twenty and eighty.” Feng Qing hung up the phone after saying that, a smile on her lips.

Behind her right, two men were whispering.

“Is that girl really blind? She has a good figure and looks good.”

“I think so. I saw her doing everything by touching. Theres also the guide dog. She must be rich. Shall we go and get it?”

After discussing, the two men left their seats and walked towards Feng Qing.

Feng Qing put away her phone and was about to warm up when a familiar voice suddenly sounded behind her.

“What are you two doing? I heard everything!” The mans cold voice made Feng Qing freeze.

“Little brat, are you trying to meddle in other peoples business? Hurry up and get lost, or else Ill teach you a lesson!” The two of them threatened the young man as they took out knives from their pockets and gestured at him.

To them, this young man was dressed simply. He was poor and thin. His accent was foreign and he wore a pair of dull glasses. He looked like a pushover.

However, they did not expect that the young man was not afraid of the threat of the knife. Instead, he stood in front of Feng Qing and swung the knife away.

Then he kicked one of the men to the ground and knocked the other down with a punch. Screams were heard, and the driver hurriedly braked.

“Get lost, dont let me see you again!” The young man shouted and the two hoodlums ran out of the buss window.

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