Chapter 24: Ran Away with the Old Man?

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Feng Qings words caused the crowd to explode. This was much more information than what Feng Jianing said just now.

“So, Feng Jianing isnt the daughter of the Feng family?”

“Is this for real…”

“I came from Jiangdu. I remember that three years ago, there was a piece of news in Jiangdu, but it stopped after a while. The Feng family had two daughters. One was their biological daughter, and the other was an abandoned baby…”

Upon hearing the wordabandoned baby, Feng Jianings gaze turned fierce. This word was her greatest humiliation! For a moment, her voice was raised as though someone had touched a nerve.

“Feng Qing! It was you who left for three years without any news. Father and Mother are worried about you every day. How can you be so selfish!


“I know that youve been jealous of me all these years because Ive been studying better than you and learning everything very quickly. Youre unhappy that Im better than you in everything, but what can I do if I dont work hard? Im not you. I dont have my own parents. I can only become stronger on my own, and I dont dare to be as willful as you. Ill never leave for three years without caring about my parents!”

After finishing in one breath, Feng Jianing seemed to have thought of something and said faintly, “I know why you never came back. I heard Mom and Dad secretly crying that you ran away with an old man… I still dont understand why. Could it be because hes richer?”

After Feng Jianing finished speaking, she quickly covered her mouth as if she regretted saying those words. Then, she pretended to have said something wrong. “Feng Qing, its all in the past anyway. Dont mind it. Mom and Dad have already forgiven you. Ive already heard from Chief Shen that youre a handicapped student specially recruited by the school this year. Go home quickly. Our family will wait for you to come back.”

Feng Jianing didnt give Feng Qing a chance to continue talking. She turned around and ran away. She couldnt let Feng Qing return to the Feng family and take everything away from her!

She had been in the Feng family ever since she was born, and it was only natural that she enjoyed everything there was to enjoy. In a few years, the two old fogeys would hand the Feng family over to her. She wouldnt give Feng Qing a chance to fight for it!

Looking at Feng Jianings ashamed expression of accidentally leaking other peoples privacy, the surrounding people also knew that Feng Qing couldnt see it. The gaze they used to look at Feng Qing also became more daring, and the discussions became louder.

But they might have forgotten that Feng Qing was blind, not deaf.

“D*mn! What did I hear? Three years ago? According to the age of the freshmen, Feng Qing wasnt an adult three years ago, right?”

“She ran off with the old man at that time? What a heavy taste.”

“But is what Feng Jianing said true? Who knows whats going on between the two of them?”

“What are you saying? Feng Jianings character is obvious to all. Besides, shes a public figure. How can she spout nonsense? What Feng Jianing said must be true!”

Hearing the fearless words around her, Feng Qing couldnt be bothered to pay attention to them. However, Feng Qing looked down on Feng Jianings moves. Three years had passed and there wasnt any improvement at all?

Not far away, Gu Qingye and Xie Shihao did not leave either. Watching this farce, Xie Shihao did not make a sound, but his expression was not good.

Gu Qingye watched as Feng Qing calmly led her stupid guide dog and disappeared into the crowd, and his smile became even more playful. “I knew it. This little blind girl will make my university life more interesting.”

“Interesting? Gu Qingye, on account of our good relationship, dont say that I didnt warn you! Put your interest in that idiot Feng Jianing. Dont have any designs on Feng Qing.” Hearing Gu Qingyes words, Xie Shihao thought of something and turned around to warn him.

Gu Qingye looked at the person beside him and raised his eyebrows. “Why? Are you interested in her? Is that why youre warning me?”

Gu Qingyes words made Xie Shihao explode. “Im warning you, dont get yourself into trouble! Feng Qing is abnormal and scary!” After saying that, Xie Shihao turned around and left angrily. He was too lazy to say anything to Gu Qingye.

Feng Qing didnt live on campus. After all, it wasnt convenient for her eyes. At dusk, Feng Qing held Marchs hand as they walked out of the campus. When they passed by a deserted boulevard, March suddenly let out a series of low growls to warn her.

More than ten tattooed youths with yellow hair and green hair were holding clubs and wandering around Feng Qing. They were obviously waiting for her here.

“I say, Brother Zhu, shes just a weak woman? You called so many of us?”

“Exactly, who are you looking down on?”

The man who was addressed as Brother Zhu stood in the crowd. He was one of the people who was beaten up by Xu Mingqian on the bus today.

Old Zhu looked around Feng Qing and saw that there was only a grimacing dog. He smiled wretchedly and said, “We wanted to borrow some money to spend, but now, we want money and people! Take off your clothes obediently and let us have a good time!”

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