Chapter 4: The Daughter Who was Despised

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At this moment, in Feng Qings eyes, Ji Yunchen was a crazy doctor. Seeing that Feng Qing was not cooperating, he reached out his hand towards Feng Qings nightdress.

Before his hand could touch the nightdress, Ji Yunchen felt someone picking up the collar behind him. The cold air was oppressive, and then his body was thrown out.

“Ah! Xie Jiuhan, you damn man!” Ji Yunchen wailed.

With this cry, Feng Qing shuddered in fear and leaned against Xie Jiuhan.

Xie Jiuhans body was a little stiff. He had never liked being touched by others, especially by women. It had a sticky smell. However, from last night until now, he had never thought of throwing this girl out. He lowered his head to take a look and directly carried Feng Qing up and placed her on the sofa..

Turning around, he looked at Ji Yunchen in frustration. “Are you blind? Cant you see or smell the blood? Her feet are bleeding.”

Ji Yunchen quickly stood up. “I thought… it was all your fault for being such a beast that I misunderstood!”

Ji Yunchen slowly removed the bandage on Feng Qings leg and applied the medicine on her. His simple action made the little girl tremble.

Xie Jiuhan raised his hand to stop Feng Qing from moving.

“This injury isnt light. Dont you have shoes? Why are your feet so worn down…” Ji Yunchen frowned as he treated her wound.

Hearing Ji Yunchens words, Xie Jiuhan felt a little irritated. He looked at the girl in front of him. She looked pretty.

“Whats your name? How old are you? Who else is in your family?” Xie Jiuhan asked.

“Feng Qing, seventeen, theres… no one at home…” Feng Qing shook her hands uneasily.

Then, Feng Qing felt someone lift her chin. The mans cold voice sounded again. “Are your eyes innate or acquired?”

“Acquired. My sister deliberately had an argument with me and pushed me down the stairs. I hit my head, and the blood clotted my optic nerves.” Feng Qing seemed to have thought of something. She smiled sadly and continued mockingly, “Its the same for my family. They all know about this, but none of them will help me. That afternoon, she mixed something in the medicine I used to treat my eyes. When I opened my eyes again the next day, I wasnt able to see anything.”

Xie Jiuhan scrutinized the young ladys tender face and felt even more frustrated.

“What about last night? What happened last night?” The mans hand rested lightly on Feng Qings shoulder. He could support her, but if she dared to lie, she would not be a good child.

Feng Qing raised her head. “I might be blind, but Im still useful. They sold me to an old man as their wife. The old man was dying. He told me to go to the wedding and I escaped!”

What Feng Qing said matched what Xie Jiuhan knew. However, Feng Qing had to explain the details herself.

Feng Qing grew up in the mountains when she was young. She only knew half a year ago that she was the daughter of the richest man in Jiangdu!

Seventeen years ago, Feng Qing was stolen not long after she was born. The doctors didnt dare to offend the Feng family, so they found a baby to replace her.

After many twists and turns, Feng Qing was bought by an old couple in the mountains. She only changed her surname to Feng after the Feng family found out about her and brought her back.

Feng Qings parents didnt abandon their substitute daughter. After all, they had raised her for more than ten years, and they had never found her biological parents. Hence, the Feng family had two daughters.

On the other hand, Feng Qings parents had ordinary feelings for Feng Qing. They wanted to save face. Even though they were related by blood, Feng Qing, who came from the mountains, wasnt as likable as Feng Jianing, who had received higher education from a young age. Feng Qing was despised everywhere. When the two of them quarreled, they would never distinguish right from wrong. It was Feng Qing who was criticized for being insensible.

Even when Feng Qing was pushed down by Feng Jianing, the servants saw it, but for the sake of Feng Jianings reputation, they said that Feng Jianing did not do it on purpose. Therefore, when there are people asking around that want to buy a wife to celebrate the joyous occasion, Feng Qing became the sacrificial lamb. The Feng family didnt lack that bit of money. They just wanted to get rid of the blind Feng Qing and didnt want her to block Feng Jianings path.

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