Chapter 1 Superficial Dog

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In early summer, every part of Qingshui Village was filled with warmth.
The midday sun shone through the tree leaves, casting mottled shadows.

In a simple peasant family’s little courtyard, several glistening yellow chicks were chirping and fighting for food.
Today was the day when Father Yan went to the market.
He had bought the chicks in order to make Yan Mu happy.

“Eat slower.” She slightly bent her waist and sprinkled the chicken feed from the bowl to the ground.

The chicks were like little rolling yellow balls, playing and having fun around Yan Mu.
A hint of a smile appeared on Yan Mu’s face, but unfortunately, before she could laugh, her expression changed and she started to cough violently.

“Daughter.” Father Yan, who was originally standing aside, immediately stepped forward.
His expression looked nervous, “Your body has just gotten a little better.
It’s sunny outside, so why don’t you go inside and rest?‘

“Dad, it’s alright.”

Yan Mu only felt that her sight had turned dark.
She held onto the wall and patted her chest.
She stood still for a long time before she could somewhat catch her breath.

Now that she thought about it, it had been half a month since she transmigrated into this world.
Because of the incompatibility between her soul and the body, she was seriously ill for half a month and was only just able to get out of bed today.

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This matter was something that had to be given further thought.

Father Yan who was beside her, looking at her unpredictable expression, only thought that she was depressed because of her sickly body.
“Daughter, you have been in poor health since you were a child.
Half a month ago, you had a serious illness.
I nearly thought you wouldn’t make it, but fortunately, you survived.
Dad will make sure that your body gets better, even if I have to sacrifice everything I have.” Father Yan said while wiping his tears.

His wife had a difficult delivery and died after giving birth to Yan Mu.
For the past fourteen years, he had never remarried.
He guarded a few acres of barren fields to maintain his family’s livelihood and spent all the money he earned on Yan Mu.

“Dad, don’t worry.
I’m alright,” seeing Father Yan’s appearance, Yan Mu felt a little sad in her heart.
The original owner’s name was also Yan Mu, she must have died from that serious illness half a month ago, and thus she was able to occupy this body.

And she discovered that due to this body being only sixteen years old, her mind seemed to be affected as well, experiencing the so-called cognitive decline.

The care and attention that Father Yan gave her during this half month she had transmigrated over made Yan Mu, this transmigrator, grow sincere feelings towards him.

While Yan Mu’s side was filled with silent warmth, the neighbouring Hunter Zhang’s house was a reign of terror3.
Both houses were only separated by a short wall, and any loud noises could be clearly heard.

The sound of dishes shattering was heard, followed by a man’s shouting and cursing.

“Little b*stard, laozi 4asked you to wash the dishes, but you actually dropped them! Today, I must beat you to death!”

“Dad, this little b*stard must have done it on purpose.
You must teach him a lesson,” a male voice jeered with schadenfreude.

A wind-splitting sound could be heard, followed by the muffled sound of a bamboo strip hitting flesh.

“Here we go again.” Father Yan couldn’t bear to listen to it anymore and turned his head away, “This Hunter Zhang is really inhuman.
If an adult sets a bad example, the child will follow.5 Even his son, Dog Egg Zhang6, is not a good person.”

“They are beating Yu Yuan again?” Yan Mu frowned.

Yu Yuan was Hunter Zhang’s nephew and was now living in his house.

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But, because of Yu Yuan’s unknown birth, Hunter Zhang and his family did not treat his nephew well.
Not only did he not care about his meals, but he also made Yu Yuan do heavy work every day.
If he wasn’t satisfied, he would beat or scold him.
Most of all, Hunter Zhang’s son, Dog Egg Zhang, had been explicitly and implicitly bullying Yu Yuan.
He even instigated the children in the village to ostracise Yu Yuan.

After transmigrating, she had been lying in the room for half a month because she was very ill.
But even inside the house, she could still hear the sounds of the whole Hunter Zhang family abusing and insulting Yu Yuan every day.

“Exactly.” Father Yan let out a sigh, “After chopping firewood for the whole morning, he was beaten as soon as he got home, and he didn’t even have a bite to eat.
This child is really pitiful.”

Yan Mu’s face grew paler and paler and she pursed her lips.
She found a small crack on the short wall and peered through to look at Hunter Zhang’s house.

“Little b*stard, you only know how to eat and live for free all day long.
I ask you to wash the dishes, and you purposel

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