tted his teeth, “I’ll ask my dad to beat you to death!”

Yu Yuan coldly snorted and didn’t comment on Zhang Goudan’s words.
He no longer looked at Zhang Goudan, turned around and walked out of the courtyard door.


Yan Mu had just finished washing up when she heard a knock on the door from the courtyard.

“Who is it at this late hour?” Father Yan was washing his face and was confused when he heard the sound.

“I’ll take a look,” Yan Mu said.

“You can’t see at night.
Dad will go with you.” Father Yan hastily wiped his face.

He held an oil lamp and went out with Yan Mu to check it out.


He opened the door and found that it was empty outside.
Father Yan was about to close the door when he heard a soft cough come from a corner not far away.

The voice sounded a little familiar.
The father and daughter hesitated for a moment, then walked towards the corner with the oil lamp.
In the corner, there seemed to be a thin figure all curled up.

“Are you……Yu Yuan?”

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Yan Mu squinted her eyes and lifted the lamp to look for a long time before she could barely see the person.

“Yan Mu.” Yu Yuan’s voice was very soft, and it sounded a little weak.

“Yu Yuan, what’s wrong with you?” Yan Mu reached out her hand to pull Yu Yuan up.
Unexpectedly, just as her hand touched him, he trembled like a startled bird2.

“Ugh……” He let out a cry of pain. 

“What’s wrong with you? Did they hit you again!” Yan Mu and Father Yan’s heart suddenly jumped.

“Uncle, can I stay at your house for the night?” Yu Yuan’s lip turned white from biting and he looked extremely pitiful, “I’m afraid that I’ll get beaten again when I go back……”

Father Yan had a good impression of Yu Yuan and his heart had long since softened when he saw him so pitiful.

Before Yu Yuan could speak again, Father Yan took the initiative to help Yu Yuan into the house.

Only after they entered the house did Yan Mu clearly see Yu Yuan’s condition.


His hair was disheveled and he looked terrified.
The most eye-catching thing was the wound on Yu Yuan’s forehead, which was as big as a child’s fist and was currently bleeding.

Yan Mu’s heart suddenly tightened, “How did this happen?”

“Zhang Goudan wasn’t happy that his leg was broken, so he took it out on me.” Yu Yuan lowered his head, hiding the obscure light in his eyes.
“He scolded me, hit me and even pushed me to the ground……”

“……Also, he threw the textbook you lent me into the well.” Speaking of this, Yu Yuan sincerely felt guilty.
“I’m sorry, Yan Mu.”

“It’s just a book.
Your well-being is more important.” Yan Mu wiped off the blood on Yu Yuan’s forehead with a handkerchief.
His eyelashes trembled at her words and he buried his head even lower.

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“Do you still have that ointment? I’ll help you apply some,” Yan Mu said.

“Yes.” Yu Yuan obediently took out the ointment that she had given him.

Yan Mu looked at the ointment carefully.
Yu Yuan saw it and said, “I’m using the ointment, I won’t avoid applying it like I did before.”

Yan Mu nodded in relief, but on second thought, constantly using the ointment also meant that Yu Yuan was often injured.
In that case, it didn’t seem like anything to be happy about.

She softly sighed and carefully applied the ointment for Yu Yuan.

Fortunately, Yu Yuan’s physique was very good, and his wound stopped bleeding not long after applying the ointment.

Father Yan was worried about Yu Yuan and laid a cotton-padded mattress on the table for him to sleep first like last time.
Yan Mu was so sleepy that her body was askew after tending to Yu Yuan’s wound, so she really didn’t have the energy to think of a method to steal a kiss.

She practically floated into her room and fell straight onto the bed.

The night was silent again.
However, Yu Yuan tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep.

The wound on his forehead was still dully aching.
He had used a good amount of force when he slammed into the tree to make the wound look scary.
Seeing Yan Mu’s worried expression, the guilt in his heart grew stronger.

He sat up and stared in the direction of Yan Mu’s room for a long time.

I’m sorry for lying to you. The teenager’s lips slightly trembled.
After a long time, he let out a long sigh and sullenly laid back down.


The author has something to say:

Yu Yuan, acting pitiful: Zhang Goudan beat and scolded me.
I’m scared.

Zhang Goudan, lying on the ground and still hasn’t got up: You’re speaking nonsense!

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