In the afternoon, when Yan Mu and Yu Yuan had just reached school, they heard someone loudly badmouthing her and Yu Yuan.

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“Did you guys see that? That b*stard is really calamitous.
Whoever’s with him will be unlucky and Yan Mu is proof!” The voice belonged to the top student of the school.
Yan Mu remembered his name was Zhou Er1 Pang2. 

Today, Yan Mu didn’t even have her textbook anymore,” another student agreed and continued, “I already advised Yan Mu a long time ago.
I told her that Yu Yuan is a star of calamity and anyone involved with him will be unlucky, but she didn’t listen.”

The classroom was chaotic with conversation and laughter. 

She glimpsed at Yu Yuan and seeing his steps stagnated, she knew something was wrong.


Wanting to protect the teenager’s mental health, Yan Mu tugged at Yu Yuan’s sleeve, trying to pull him away.
Unfortunately, she had too little strength and he didn’t even budge. 

Yu Yuan stood still as a mountain without the slightest intention of moving away.

“Let’s go,” Yan Mu softly said, “Staying here is too troublesome.”

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…… Mblu nswzed’v alyzzu ts bsxl, aktbv?

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Jwv qsa psxl alypsd, ds sdl kd vbl nzyppassx eyale vs prlyj.
Zw Zwyd nszezu pxkzle, vwadle yaswde, yde zssjle yv Zyd Yw.

“Rv’p bsv swvpkel, bwaau yde nsxl kd.”

The coldness on his face still remained, but his gaze turned gentler the moment he saw Yan Mu.


For a moment, Yan Mu thought she saw the powerful minister from the future.
The ruthless and authoritative minister who stood in the court, under one man and above all others.

But once her eyes regained focus, the person in front of her was clearly just a thin and weak teenager.

This teenager had still been crying and trembling in front of her last night.
But today, he straightened his not-so-sturdy chest and bravely stood up to the mockery and gossip.

Like a plum tree that gathered snow on its blossoms in winter, but sprouted soft buds in spring; Like a small swimming fish that became a whale riding and cleaving the waves3. 

Yu Yuan seemed to have grown up.

Yan Mu inexplicably felt relieved.
She smiled sweetly at Yu Yuan then went together with him to their seats and sat down.

Since tomorrow would be a day off for the Dragon Boat Festival, when Teacher came, he didn’t talk about any class material and only emphasized the origin and traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival, along with some interesting stories about Qu Yuan. 

The other children were noisy and didn’t want to pay attention to class as it was almost a holiday, so only Yu Yuan and Yan Mu were listening attentively.

After more than half an hour of lecture, the afternoon class was dismissed.
Yan Mu finished organising her things and waited for Yu Yuan to go home together as usual, but realised that he was talking to Teacher about something.

After waiting a while, Yan Mu saw Teacher suddenly reveal a satisfied smile and then let Yu Yuan leave.
She was curious in her heart, so she asked Yu Yuan what they had discussed along the way.

“I told Teacher about Zhang Goudan and asked him whether I can continue attending school.” Yu Yuan walked beside her and thoughtfully adjusted his walking pace to match Yan Mu’s speed. 

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Ever since last time when Yan Mu bumped into Yu Yuan’s back and had a nosebleed, he always walked by her side, never at the front.


“Then?” Yan Mu asked with curiosity.

“I told Teacher that I’ve memorised the whole textbook.
He didn’t believe me, so I recited out loud in front of him,” Yu Yuan said.
“Then, Teacher agreed to let me continue attending school.”

Children in the village were rarely diligent in their studies, and those who could memorised the textbook were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns4.

Yu Yuan could indeed be said to be hardworking.
Another inexplicable feeling of relief welled up in Yan Mu’s heart and she said to him, “In order to celebrate you continuing to attend school, let’s eat something good tonight!”

“……No need, it’s not like it’s a big deal.” Yu Yuan couldn’t take it anymore and looked away.

“Why not? You’re so smart, you’ll definitely become a big shot in the future!” Yan Mu said only half-jokingly5.

Yu Yuan remained silent but the tips of his ears flushed slightly red.
He unconsciously wanted to speed up his pace, but was worried that Yan Mu would bump into him again, so he slowed down extremely unnaturally again.

After quite a while, Yu Yuan softly said, “Only you would think that I’d become a big shot in the future.”

“What?” Yan Mu couldn’t hear clearly.

“Nothing.” Yu Yuan turned his head away, not wanting to let Yan Mu see his expression.
“What are we going to eat tonight?”

“Wuu……” Yan Mu pondered, “What do you want to eat?”

Yan Mu felt somewhat guilty when she thought of her preparation to launch a night attack on Yu Yuan.


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She was ready to make a good meal as a small compensation for him.

“…… Anything is fine with me.” Yu Yuan didn’t have any preferences for food.

But upright men are afraid of being pestered by women, Yan Mu was too good at annoying people.

Yu Yuan couldn’t stand being asked non-stop.
He was silent for a moment, then muttered, “Steamed egg.”

“Just steamed egg?” Yan Mu asked.

“Yes,” the corners of Yu Yuan’s lips curled up in an indistinct curve and a bright light flickered in his eyes as if he was remembering something, “Steamed egg.
If there’s cured meat, then finely dice and add to the bottom of the bowl……”

“It’s okay if there’s no cured meat,” Yu Yuan quickly added, as if he was afraid of causing trouble for Yan Mu.

“Don’t worry, there’s still a strip of cured meat, leave this to me.” Yan Mu pretended to be confident and patted her chest.
Unfortunately, her body was too thin and weak.
She couldn’t stop coughing after just a pat.


Tonight, I definitely must kiss Yu Yuan.

Yan Mu secretly made up her mind.



In ancient times, there wasn’t much entertainment, so it was almost time to go to bed after eating.

This time, Yan Mu had learned from her previous experience.
These last few days, she closed her eyes and practiced walking around several times when no one was paying attention.

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Now, she was able to walk in the dark from her room to the table where Yu Yuan slept.
In the dead of night, Yan Mu stuck her ear on the door of her room and listened for a long time, but she didn’t hear any movement outside.

Seems like Yu Yuan is asleep. Yan Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

Relying on memory, she skillfully avoided one obstacle after another until she came to Yu Yuan’s bed.

She reached out her hand and tried to touch him.
The teenager drank several cups of realgar wine tonight and was now sleeping soundly. 

Yan Mu successfully stroked his face.
She slowly lowered her head.

Her hair slightly brushed against the teenager’s face, causing a slight itch.
Yu Yuan frowned and let out a muffled grunt.

Yan Mu was startled.
Like a frightened rabbit, she stood in place, not daring to make a move.

“……Yu Yuan?” Yan Mu tentatively asked, after not hearing any movement from Yu Yuan for a long while.

The teenager was breathing steadily and didn’t respond. 

Yan Mu’s heart calmed back down.
She took a deep breath, mustered her courage, and quickly lowered her head.


She planted a kiss on the teenager’s gorgeous lips.


The author has something to say:

Guess whether Yu Yuan is asleep or awake? (Dog head)6

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