gymnastics, full of vitality.

“……Yan Mu?”

Yu Yuan’s voice rang out behind her.
Yan Mu turned around and found that Yu Yuan was coming out from the living room while brushing his teeth. 

“Good morning Yu Yuan!”

Yan Mu’s gaze at Yu Yuan was so burning that he took a step back in embarrassment.

“What happened?” The tips of the teenager’s ears turned slightly red, but he tried to maintain his composure.
He was so nervous that his hand holding the cup turned white.

Yan Mu smiled mysteriously and didn’t speak.
Then, in front of Yu Yuan, she firmly jumped on the ground a few times.

“……Your leg has recovered?” Yu Yuan took a moment to realise, and was so shocked that he even swallowed his toothpaste.
His expression went from worry to shock, and from shock to joy.

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He hurriedly rinsed off the toothpaste, but his handsome lips couldn’t stop curling upwards and even his eyes seemed to light up.
It was rare to see him expose his emotions like this.

“That’s right!” Yan Mu moved closer and said with a smile, “Look at my complexion, isn’t it much better?”

“Yes.” The teenager nodded and seriously said, “Your complexion looks ruddy.”

As they spoke, he smelled the sweet fragrance once again.
He suddenly remembered the sensation on his lips last night and his ink-black eyes darkened even more. 


Yan Mu was a little uncomfortable being stared at by Yu Yuan, she was about to speak when she heard Father Yan’s surprised cry.

“Daughter, has your leg recovered?” Father Yan was washing his face, and when he saw Yan Mu jumping around, he was so surprised that he overturned the water basin.

The water had splashed all over Father Yan, but he didn’t mind at all.

“This is a joyous occasion!”

Father Yan was celebrating so happily3 that even Yu Yuan couldn’t help but smile.
In order to celebrate Yan Mu’s full recovery, Father Yan decided to take the two of them to the marketplace.

Yan Mu thought for a while and finally asked Father Yan to choose a few roosters to bring along with them to sell.

Father Yan borrowed a donkey and brought Yan Mu and Yu Yuan with him to the neighboring town.
Although it was said to be a neighboring town, the distance was actually not close.
The three of them hurried but it was already afternoon when they arrived.

Without waiting for Father Yan to support her, Yan Mu jumped down and landed with a pow.

It was so comfortable to have a healthy body.
Yan Mu stretched her body with a smile.

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Yu Yuan stood behind Yan Mu.
Seeing her expression, he silently retracted his extended hand.
Although he knew that her body had recovered, he couldn’t change his body’s conditioned reflexes.

Plus, Yan Mu’s recovery was too strange…..

Yu Yuan was worried in his heart, but he didn’t outwardly show it and just silently followed behind her.


Father Yan wanted to inquire about the price of grain this year, so he let Yan Mu and Yu Yuan wander around.
Yan Mu sold the chickens, then dragged Yu Yuan straight to the shops4.

“I want to buy this!” She said while pointing towards a set of blue bedding.

“Yu Yuan, do you think it looks good?” Yan Mu turned her head and asked.

Yu Yuan didn’t expect Yan Mu to suddenly ask him and froze for a moment before answering, “Just buy what you like, there’s no need to ask me.”

“Who said that I’m buying for myself?” Yan Mu smiled and said.
“This is for you.”

“Me?” The little teenager was stunned for a moment and looked up at Yan Mu in disbelief.

Yan Mu couldn’t restrain herself from rubbing the little teenager’s soft hair.
Yu Yuan was a head taller than her so she stood slightly on tiptoes.
From his angle, he just happened to see her pink lips.

Yu Yuan’s ears instantly turned red.
He took a step back, looked away, and asked in a small voice, “Why do you suddenly want to buy me bedding?”

Yan Mu rolled her eyes, looking at the little teenager in front of her, she couldn’t help but think of the magical effect that his kiss had brought.

So, she looked at Yu Yuan and sincerely sighed, “Because, you are my lucky star!”

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