Yuan’s body freeze and he lowered his head like a wilted seedling.

“……We already have this colour of bedding at home,” Yu Yuan said in a muffled voice.

“You don’t like the colour pink?” Yan Mu asked, pretending to be surprised.

Yu Yuan lowered his head and didn’t speak.
Only after a long time did he choke out a sentence, “……No.”

“Then you choose one yourself.
If you don’t, I’ll buy this pink set for you,” Yan Mu smilingly said.

Yu Yuan lifted his head and looked at Yan Mu.
Those eyes were as vividly dark as Yuhua pebbles1 submerged in water, beautiful and captivating.

Yan Mu saw unexplainable grievances in those eyes.
When she wanted to take a closer look, Yu Yuan had already turned his head away to choose the bedding.

Yu Yuan was quick at deciding, and in just a short while, he chose a set of grey bedding.
Yan Mu happily paid for it and was about to take another look, but was pulled out of the shop by Yu Yuan.

“Hey, I still wanted to look around again!” Yan Mu was dissatisfied.

“……We can come back next time.” Yu Yuan was afraid that she would buy the pink bedding, so he pulled her away as fast as he could.


Yu Yuan pulled her along.
The two of them went around a crooked old willow tree, crossed a small plank bridge, and bypassed the lush and fragrant begonias before finally stopping in front of a pawn shop.

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“……I want to see my mother’s heirloom,” Yu Yuan spoke in a hoarse voice.

Yan Mu froze for a moment, then softly sighed, “Okay.”

In the story outline, Yu Yuan’s mother had only a name– Su Niang.
She didn’t specifically write about Su Niang’s background, so everything about her in this time and space was derived from the world itself.

Yan Mu accompanied Yu Yuan into the pawnshop.
Once they entered, they saw a variety of items hanging on the wall behind the fence.
Among them was a string of jade beads that were extremely translucent, one could see it was good quality at first glance.

“How much is that string of jade beads?” Yu Yuan asked.

“That one?” The shop attendant looked at Yu Yuan’s attire, then he turned around to go back to what he was doing.
After a long time, all he said was, “Fifty taels.”

“Fifty taels?” Yan Mu was shocked.

Two taels were enough for a family of three to live for a year, fifty taels was really a sky-high price.

“That’s right.
This item was pawned by a customer, so of course it’s expensive to purchase.” The shop attendant impatiently asked, “Are you guys buying or not?”

Yan Mu glared at the shop attendant and pulled Yu Yuan out of the shop, fuming.

“Is that string of jade your mother’s heirloom?” Yan Mu asked.


She now seemed to understand why Hunter Zhang’s whole family wanted to deceive Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan silently nodded, obviously he also got a shock from the sky-high price.

Yan Mu thought for a while, then took out the remaining money she had on her and said, “Here’s the money left from selling the chickens, you take it and buy some salt.”

Yu Yuan took the copper coins, then looked up and asked, “What about you?”

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“I’ll go and have a look at the women’s clothing,” Yan Mu gave her prepared excuse.

“I’ll go with you.” Yu Yuan was worried about Yan Mu.

“Are you sure?” Yan Mu raised an eyebrow, “What I wanted to buy is that kind of personal…… female clothing.”


Yu Yuan didn’t immediately react.
He was momentarily stunned, and when he snapped out of it, his pale and handsome face suddenly turned as red as a tomato.

“I-I’ll wait for you at the village entrance.”

The young teenager’s face was hot enough to fry eggs.
He picked up the bedding, blocking Yan Mu’s teasing eyes, and left walking as stiff as a man made of wood.

Only once Yu Yuan’s silhouette had disappeared did Yan Mu turn around and walk towards an alley.

She came to a teahouse and threw out a pile of scripts with a bang.

“Call your boss,” she said to the waiter.
“I have good stuff for him to see, and if he doesn’t want it, I’ll go elsewhere.”


The author has something to say:

So, the bedding can be said to be……a pr*stitution fee???

Ahahahahahahaha (Me, whose funny bone was inexplicably hit)


Yu Yuan: Tough men don’t use pink bedding! ……Unless it’s some that Yan Mu has slept on.

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