Chapter 29 Quibble

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“Zhou Er Pang liked this five-coloured cord and asked me for it just now,” Yan Mu frankly said.

Just as she finished speaking, she noticed Yu Yuan’s breathing stagnate, so she hurriedly explained, “Don’t worry, I didn’t give it to him.”

Yu Yuan imperceptibly breathed a sigh of relief, then turned his head and gave Zhou Er Pang a long stare.

“Little bast*rd, what are you doing?” Zhou Er Pang felt so uncomfortable under Yu Yuan’s sharp gaze that he suddenly scolded him awkwardly. 

Yu Yuan still hadn’t said anything yet, instead, it was Yan Mu who grew upset first and said, “Don’t call him that way, he has a name.” 


“His name is Yu Yuan,” the girl seriously said, word by word, while looking at him.
Her eyes were clear and brilliant, like the galaxy in the night sky, so beautiful that they could make one intoxicated. 

Zhou Er Pang felt even more uncomfortable.
However, since he had the mentality of a teenager, he couldn’t admit that he’d made a mistake, so he remained stubborn.

“So what? Everyone calls him that,” he retorted.
“He doesn’t even know who his father is, so isn’t he a b*stard?” 

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Mbl nsadlap sq Hbsw Oa Vydt’p xswvb vokvnble.
Tl pweeldzu qlzv zkjl vbkp iwyaalz oyp rskdvzlpp.

Jwv kv oswze cl vss bwxkzkyvkdt qsa bkx vs fwpv tkhl kd, ps Hbsw Oa Vydt vbswtbv sq obyv bl nsdpkelale y talyv kely.

“Tlal’p vbl elyz, Mlynbla byp yppktdle wp y Paytsd Jsyv Wlpvkhyz lppyu.
Rq Zw Zwyd pnsalp bktbla vbyd xl, vbld R osd’v nyzz bkx y c*pvyae yduxsal,” Hbsw Oa Vydt pxkzle lhkzzu yde pyke.
“Tsolhla, kq Zw Zwyd’p pnsal kp zsola vbyd xkdl, usw’zz byhl vs cl qakldep okvb xl.”

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Gqvla vbyv, bl vbswtbv qsa y obkzl yde yeele, “Zsw yzps byhl vs tkhl xl vbl nszswaqwz nsae sd uswa oakpv.”

“Ls.” Mbkp vkxl, kv oyp Zw Zwyd obs prsjl qkapv.
Tl pvsse kd qasdv sq Zyd Yw rasvlnvkhlzu yde nszezu alflnvle Hbsw Oa Vydt’p rasrspyz.

Mbl vlldytla’p cynj oypd’v casye, yde nswze lhld cl pyke vs cl y zkvvzl vbkd.
Jwv clkdt rasvlnvle clbkde bkx, Zyd Yw wdlmrlnvlezu qlzv y pldpl sq plnwakvu.

This kind of feeling was wonderful.
And it was mixed with a hint of inexplicable emotion.


“Why not?” Zhou Er Pang was unhappy.
“I’m talking to Yan Mu, what does it have to do with you?”

“Yan Mu isn’t an item.” Yu Yuan’s gaze was very cold, like polar ice and snow.
“She has a mind of her own.
She can be friends with whoever she wants to and no one can force her.”

“You!” Zhou Er Pang was furious.
Only what Yu Yuan said was so reasonable that even Zhou Er Pang himself couldn’t refute it.

Yan Mu’s heart surged with warmth.
She tugged at Yu Yuan’s sleeve and whispered something in his ear.

“You want to agree? No way!” Yu Yuan’s reaction was greater than she expected.
The teenager sadly lowered his head.
His current demeanour was as meek as a little sheep, the complete opposite of his fierce appearance from just now.

His fingernails dug into his palm.
Yu Yuan took advantage of Yan Mu not looking to fiercely glare at Zhou Er Pang. 

He was like a newly unsheathed sword, blade flashing with a cold bloodthirsty light.
Zhou Er Pang’s body felt a chill at his gaze, and he had the vague impression that he’d seen Asura from hell.

But when he fixed his eyes on him, Yu Yuan’s head was lowered and he’d returned to his obedient and cold look, as if everything that had happened just now was just Zhou Er Pang’s illusion.
Zhou Er Pang rubbed the goosebumps on his arms and his heart suddenly felt somewhat regretful and annoyed.

“Don’t be angry.” Yan Mu tugged at Yu Yuan’s sleeve and swayed it.
She softly said, “I want everyone else to know that our Yu Yuan is very excellent and not a b*stard.”

Yu Yuan frowned and reluctantly accepted Yan Mu’s statement, but disapproval was still written all over his eyes. 

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“Moreover, Yu Yuan is actually really smart, so I don’t think he’ll lose.” Speaking up to this point, Yan Mu couldn’t help but reveal a proud smile.

Yu Yuan is the male lead.
He’s my favourite character.


When Yan Mu wrote his persona, she generously gave Yu Yuan all the most beautiful character traits.
He was the only protagonist, no matter in the book or in her heart.

Yan Mu was Yu Yuan’s most loyal follower.

So, Yan Mu unconditionally believed in Yu Yuan’s capability.
And she hoped that he could use these abilities to improve his life.

She unconditionally hoped that Yu Yuan could live well.
Yan Mu’s expression was soft, her gaze as gentle as water.

“……Alright.” Yu Yuan looked away, and the tips of his ears were slightly hot.

The confusion, depression, and uneasiness at the bottom of his heart instantly disappeared.

Yan Mu’s words seemed to still linger in his ears.
They were like a magic spell that wrapped around his heart, little by little.

For a moment, Yu Yuan’s heart ached and itched, and his entire body along with his heart seemed to be soaked in spring water. 

However, when he looked at Zhou Er Pang, the warmth in his eyes suddenly turned much colder.

“Alright, I promise you,” Yu Yuan reluctantly said.

He actually didn’t mind what people thought of him at all, and the reason he agreed was purely not to waste Yan Mu’s feelings.

He just wanted to make Yan Mu happy.
With this in mind, Yu Yuan’s gaze towards Zhou Er Pang looked even more impatient.

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“……Why did you promise so reluctantly? I’m the best student in the academy.” Zhou Er Pang was so angry with Yu Yuan’s attitude that he almost stomped his feet1.

“You won’t be soon.” Yu Yuan brushed past him and nonchalantly sat beside Yan Mu to read.

Zhou Er Pang was fuming with anger2, but in front of Yan Mu, he was embarrassed to say anything else.
He could only furiously return to his seat.

He didn’t believe that he could be surpassed by Yu Yuan, an unskilled person who had only attended school for a few days.


As usual, Zhou Er Pang’s essay was first-class3.
He complacently smiled, his eyes full of pride.

“I told you that Er Pang would win.” There were already impatient people around him that had started to flatter him.

“Of course.” Zhou Er Pang lifted his chin.

Actually, Zhou Er Pang wasn’t fat.
On the contrary, he looked somewhat handsome.
There were two reasons why he was given that name.
First, one would be easier to raise if given a lowly name4.
Second, he was no less than nine catties5 when he was born.

Zhou Er Pang’s family was quite well-off.
He was born handsome and was good in his studies, so he had received a lot of favouritism both at home and in the village.
There was always a group of people who were flattering him, just like now.

Being flattered this way, Zhou Er Pang felt even more smug and complacent.
He arrogantly went to find Yu Yuan.

“Little b*stard, where’s your paper?” Seeing nothing in front of Yu Yuan, not even a piece of paper, Zhou Er Pang suddenly felt happy.


“Teacher still hasn’t returned it yet,” Yu Yuan indifferently said.
His expression was calm, without any panic or gloom to be seen.

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“Hahaha, it must be because it was so poorly written that it was held back.” Zhou Er Pang was overwhelmed with joy, he covered his stomach and laughed for a while.

Yan Mu who was by the side slowly said, “Can’t it be because his writing was too good, so it was held back?”

She knew Yu Yuan’s IQ very well and had really seen his efforts. 

Yu Yuan is the best!

Yan Mu glared at Zhou Er Pang and talked to Yu Yuan, ignoring him.
Zhou Er Pang felt somewhat uncomfortable seeing the both of them being so intimate, as if no one else was there6.

He was about to speak when he saw Teacher excitedly enter the classroom.
Teacher was holding a piece of paper in his hand, and as soon as he entered the classroom, he excitedly said, “There’s a student who wrote his essay extremely well.
It’s the best I’ve seen since I’ve started teaching here.”


Remembering Yu Yuan’s empty desktop, a bad premonition suddenly surged in Zhou Er Pang’s heart. 

Could it be that…..
N-no, it can’t be!

Zhou Er Pang started to panic.
But Teacher’s next sentence ruthlessly shattered his delusion. 

—— “Yu Yuan turned out to be the best writer! Everyone must learn from him.”


The author has something to say:
Yan Mu: “You’re not allowed to call Yu Yuan b*stard!” —— (You’re not allowed to bully my son!)

Yu Yuan: “Yan Mu isn’t an item, she has a mind of her own.” —— (You’re not allowed to bully my wife.)

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