Chapter 30 Bring to an End

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Zhou Er Pang was completely dumbfounded.

In Zhou Er Pang’s family, although his mother, Aunt Zhou, was a widow, she attached great importance to her son’s education and taught him how to read and write when he was eight years old.

Yeah, full literacy.
While Yu Yuan, who had just started to study at school, perhaps couldn’t even recognise all the words, so how could he write an essay? 

Yu Yuan must have copied his essay!

Zhou Er Pang was blinded by rage and immediately stood up and shouted, “Teacher, Yu Yuan must have cheated!”


As soon as he spoke those words, everyone in the school was in an uproar.
Teacher had been praising Yu Yuan for his studious hard work on the platform, so he looked very displeased at being interrupted by Zhou Er Pang.

“Zhou Er Pang, do you have evidence?” Teacher asked.

“This……” Zhou Er Pang suddenly froze.

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Mlynbla oyp ps ydtau vbyv bl oydvle vs zywtb, “Ebu es usw nyal ycswv bso svbla rlsrzl jdso bso vs alye?”

Hbsw Oa Vydt rlapkpvle, bl vwadle bkp blye vs zssj yv Zw Zwyd yde pyke, “Ohlausdl jdsop obyv Twdvla Hbydt kp zkjl.
Mblal’p ds oyu bl oswze vlynb usw vs alye yde oakvl.
Mlzz xl, eke usw nblyv sd vbkp lppyu?”

Mbkp Hbsw Oa Vydt kp ynvwyzzu y rlapsd obs nyd’v pvyde vs zspl.

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Yan Mu was so angry that she wanted to curse.
She was about to stand up and defend Yu Yuan, but the teenager gently grabbed her wrist.


“Yu Yuan?” There was still anger in her eyes, and her small face was flushed red with indignation.

Yu Yuan’s gaze was soft, as if the person that had been slandered and wronged wasn’t him.
He turned to Yan Mu and curled his lips.

It was as if the snow had melted in spring and all the birds had returned to the forest.
All the beautiful things in the world combined weren’t even the least bit as moving as Yu Yuan’s smile.

Yan Mu’s mind went blank.
She was so blinded by his smile that she felt dizzy, unable to tell up from down.

Yu Yuan actually smiled…… 

This was the first time she had seen him smile.

Yu Yuan looks so handsome when he smiles wuu wuu wuu wuu wuu.

Yan Mu pulled and twisted at her sleeve.
Her delicate face turned red with excitement and she was unable to stop herself from being intoxicated by Yu Yuan’s critical beauty hit.

Yu Yuan stood up, and in front of everyone, he recited the essay from beginning to end while facing Zhou Er Pang.
Zhou Er Pang looked at the paper, he had actually recited it without a single mistake.

After reciting, Yu Yuan also clearly stated the sentences quoted in the essay, as well as the sources of the sentences and his own understanding of them.

Although his opinions were slightly unripe, they were still considered top-notch among his peers.

Teacher nodded his head along as he listened, with visible satisfaction on his face.


Zhou Er Pang sat down dejectedly.
Actually, he knew he was being unreasonable.

He had seen Yu Yuan’s writing.
It was forceful and strong, which obviously showed that he had a solid foundation.
It was impossible to learn Chinese calligraphy overnight.

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Zhou Er Pang gritted his teeth, he was still unreconciled.

“Where on earth did you learn to read and write……” Zhou Er Pang asked.

Yu Yuan was stunned.
Countless memories flashed in his mind in an instant, finally stopping1 at the image of his mother, who was dressed in brocade with her expression gloomy.

He stood still and pursed his lips, looking as if he didn’t want to elaborate.
The surrounding students were about to start clamouring, but were frightened by Teacher’s sudden and violent scolding. 

“Zhou Er Pang, that’s enough.
Hurry and apologise to Yu Yuan.” Teacher’s face was cold and he looked really angry.
The students were immediately frightened into silence2.
One by one they shrank their heads like a flock of little chicks.

Zhou Er Pang felt guilty, and for now, he didn’t dare to be rash.
He lowered his head, awkwardly went to Yu Yuan, and apologised seriously. 

“I’m sorry, Yu Yuan.” Zhou Er Pang wasn’t bad by nature.
After his stubbornness had passed, he had already snapped out of it, “It’s my fault.”

He also looked at Yan Mu and said with some shame, “Yan Mu, what I did today was wrong, don’t be angry.” 

He thought for a while, then added, “I’ll fulfill that bet.”

Yan Mu was still angry so she ignored Zhou Er Pang and lowered her head to do her own thing.
Zhou Er Pang looked to Yu Yuan for help, but found that he had also sat down to read. 


He helplessly looked to Teacher with a look of pleading, only to see Teacher holding back a laugh.
He had also turned his head and picked up his book, ready to start the lesson.

The crowd looked at Zhou Er Pang with sympathetic eyes, but because of Teacher’s authority, none of them dared to speak.
He dazedly stood still, suddenly feeling like a fool today.

He scratched his head and returned to his own seat.


As soon as school was over, Zhou Er Pang immediately intercepted Yan Mu and Yu Yuan.

He didn’t say anything either, just shoved something into Yu Yuan’s hand then turned his head and ran.

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Yan Mu’s reflexes were slow.
By the time she reacted, it was over.
Yu Yuan held the packet and didn’t speak.

Yan Mu curiously leaned over to take a look.
A few strands of her hair stuck out from the top of her head and brushed against Yu Yuan’s jaw. 

Yu Yuan lowered his head and looked at the top of the girl’s head.
There was still that familiar sweet scent, and his heart inexplicably beat faster.

Yan Mu opened the package and found that it actually contained three small dried smoked fish.

“Ah, I remember now.” Yan Mu slapped her head and the unruly lock of hair also bounced along, “Zhou Er Pang’s mother is Aunt Zhou, and the rice fishes she raises are delicious.”

Yan Mu’s mouth watered as she spoke.


“Since you like it, then keep it.” Yu Yuan lowered his eyes.

“No,” Yan Mu hesitated for a while, and pushed the package back to him.
“This is another person’s gift for you.
If you haven’t forgiven him and still feel angry, then I can’t eat it.”

“Silly girl,” Yu Yuan softly said.

“What?” Yan Mu blankly looked up, and that unruly lock of hair dangled in the air and continued to stand up stubbornly.

“You eat it.” Yu Yuan shoved the package into Yan Mu’s hands.
“I’m not angry.” 

In Hunter Zhang’s house, what kind of ridicule and insults had he never heard before? After all, Zhou Er Pang was just a child.
To Yu Yuan, what he said today didn’t hurt him in the least.

Seeing that Yan Mu still refused to eat, Yu Yuan took the lead and picked up a small dried fish to have a bite. 

Seeing him eat, the stone in her heart was finally lifted.

Her eyes arched into a smile and she started to eat as well.

As expected, Aunt Zhou’s rice fish is really delicious! 

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Yan Mu squinted her eyes in enjoyment like a sunbathing kitten.

Seeing Yan Mu’s look, Yu Yuan looked away and secretly revealed a smile.

This harmonious atmosphere lasted until both of them saw Zhang Goudan.
Unexpectedly, Zhang Goudan was carrying a firewood knife, and with his lame leg, he stood in the middle of the road like a local tyrant.

“……What do you want to do?”

Yan Mu shoved the small dried fish in her hand into her mouth and blocked herself in front of Yu Yuan protectively.

“What do I want to do?” Zhang Goudan’s expression was gloomy.
He gritted his teeth and looked at Yu Yuan with hatred in his eyes.
“Did you plant those flowers behind the house?”

Yu Yuan’s gaze lingered on the firewood knife for a moment, then he pulled the dazed Yan Mu behind him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Yu Yuan arched his body, poised3 like a beast.

He turned his head and whispered to Yan Mu, “In a moment, find a chance to run.
Don’t look back and run as far as you can.”

Yan Mu’s heart skipped a beat and her clear eyes filled with panic.

“What about you? What will you do?” Yan Mu worriedly asked.

“I’ll be alright.” Yu Yuan’s expression was calm, but his nails had dug into his palm.

Remembering everything that happened in Hunter Zhang’s house, he couldn’t help but close his eyes and let out a long breath.

When he opened his eyes again, his expression was as sharp as a hawk.

Hunter Zhang’s family had deceived and abused him for so many years. 

It’s time to put an end to it.

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