Chapter 32.2 A Different Light

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Yan Mu was curled up under the table and pricked up her ears to hear the movements above.
The look of Yu Yuan covered in blood yesterday was still vivid in her mind.
Her heart couldn’t help but throb with pain when she thought that Yu Yuan could be injured again.

She didn’t want to see Yu Yuan hurt anymore.

She lay prone on the ground and accurately looked towards Zhang Goudan’s direction. 

Then, at the moment when he rushed towards Yu Yuan, Yan Mu suddenly extended her leg.


“Bam!” Zhang Goudan didn’t expect that someone would extend their leg and trip him.
He lost his balance and hit his head on the corner of a table hard, creating an earth-shaking sound.

A gash suddenly split open on his head.

Zhang Goudan’s mouth slackened and he fainted.

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“Nlt? Ebyv zlt?” Zyd Yw nswzed’v alynv kd vkxl.

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When Yan Mu remembered, she hurriedly said, “It doesn’t hurt, the most important thing is that you’re okay.”


Yu Yuan’s heart suddenly turned into a soft mess.

The village doctor was stunned for a long time before he instructed the villagers to tie up Zhang Goudan.

When Teacher was about to start the class, he was startled to see Zhang Goudan who was all tied up1 and bleeding from his forehead.

“What’s going on here?” Teacher looked extremely puzzled.
He was cooking dumplings just now, so he came a little late.

Teacher was the only intellectual in the village, so he had a high status in the village.
The villagers didn’t dare to disregard him and hurriedly told him the story again.

“Zhang Goudan was supposed to be locked up, but he went crazy and became too strong, so he escaped when we were getting ready to lock him up,” the village doctor apologetically said, “Next time, something like this won’t happen again.”

Along with that, the village doctor also promised to take the students’ pulses for free after school, and this matter came to an end.

“Yu Yuan,” After hearing about his heroic deeds, Teacher looked at Yu Yuan with even kinder eyes, “You did a good job today, everyone should learn from you.”

Teacher looked appreciative, and his urge to cultivate talent grew more and more as he looked at Yu Yuan thoughtfully.

Yu Yuan was still holding the inkstone in his hand.
Seeing that Zhang Goudan was all tied up, he put it back on Zhou Er Pang’s table.

“It’s nothing, Teacher.” Yu Yuan silently returned to his seat. 

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“Yan Mu is also amazing2,” Teacher said with all smiles, “She’s the heroine of our school!”


Yan Mu was embarrassed by the compliment.
She shyly walked back to her seat with a small red face3.

“But you all, at such a critical time, each and every of you shrunk away, you couldn’t even compare to the courage and resolve of a sickly little lady!” Teacher turned to the other students and said bitterly4.

The other students were in the wrong, so they didn’t dare to speak.

“All of you must learn from Yu Yuan and Yan Mu,” Teacher added.
“If you cower at the sight of a madman, are you worthy to be called a proper man? How will you be able to go to the battlefield and faithfully serve our country in the future?”

What Teacher said struck their hearts and the students below reluctantly responded, “Yes.”

Teacher sighed and shook his head, then began to call roll.
After he’d called out more than half the names, Zhou Er Pang arrived late.

“I’m sorry, Teacher!” Zhou Er Pang smiled sheepishly. 

“You still know to be sorry!” Teacher was in a bad mood because of the students’ conduct just now, so he was a little angry when he saw that Zhou Er Pang was late.

“……What’s wrong with Teacher?” Zhou Er Pang’s smile stagnated and he softly asked the student beside him after he went back to his seat.

Zhou Er Pang was the leader of the children, so without waiting for him to ask in detail, the people around him competed5 to tell him about what had happened just now.

“So that’s how it is,” Zhou Er Pang was lost in thought.

Today’s class was to comment on everyone’s Dragon Boat Festival short essay along with giving out the first place award.


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When Teacher spoke about Yu Yuan’s essay, Zhou Er Pang suddenly stood up and said, “Teacher, I think that Yu Yuan isn’t only excellent in studies, but also in character.

“For example, about what happened today, even if I’d been there, I probably wouldn’t have dared to act first6,” Zhou Er Pang frankly said.
“I want to thank Yu Yuan.”

After saying that, he faced Yu Yuan and thanked him with utmost sincerity.

Yu Yuan didn’t speak or clarify anything.

After Zhou Er Pang thanked him, he just faintly nodded his head.

Zhou Er Pang was the leader of the children, so when everyone saw that he had taken a stand, and remembering what they had done, they were somewhat embarrassed, so they successively thanked Yu Yuan.

For a moment, the classroom was noisy.

Teacher was very satisfied.
He took out a bunch of dumplings and gave them to Yu Yuan under everyone’s envious gaze.

“This is the reward for first place,” Teacher said.

Yu Yuan accepted it and gave it to Yan Mu.

Yan Mu thought for a while and said to Yu Yuan, “Can I give the dumplings to everyone?”

The Yan Family’s material conditions were better now, so for the two of them, dumplings were no longer a rare thing.
But for the other children in the village, dumplings were something that they might not be able to eat for a year.


Yan Mu wasn’t a saint, it’s just that Yu Yuan still had to study at school.
If everyone could look at him in a different light, he would feel more comfortable there.

“I gave it to you, do whatever you want with it.” Yu Yuan naturally understood Yan Mu’s diligence.
He continued to look at his book after speaking.

“Yan Mu, are you really going to give them to us?” Zhou Er Pang was shocked.

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“Yes,” Yan Mu nodded her head, then smiled and said, “It’s just that after eating Yu Yuan’s dumplings, you guys can’t speak ill of him anymore.”

“One who accepts favors is unlikely to act impartially7.
If you bully Yu Yuan again, watch out for the glutinous rice gluing your mouth when you go to bed at night!” Teacher smiled and joked from above.

The students were a little embarrassed.

After seeing this, Zhou Er Pang took the first dumpling calmly.
The others were silent for a while, then they all took the dumplings.

“I’m sorry, Yu Yuan,” Someone started to whisper first, then followed by a second and third.

Yan Mu glanced at Yu Yuan and saw that although he still maintained the appearance of reading a book, the hands that were holding it were slightly trembling.
She covered her mouth and secretly laughed.

Seeing Yu Yuan so generous, Teacher admired him even more.


After class ended, Teacher called Yu Yuan over, along with Yan Mu.

But Teacher only spoke to Yu Yuan alone and left Yan Mu outside the door.
Yan Mu could only count the leaves out of boredom.

In the room, without waiting for Yu Yuan to speak, Teacher shot a question at him8, “Yu Yuan, do you want to leave the mountain?”

Yu Yuan frowned and was about to speak, but what Teacher said next made his entire body freeze in place.

—— “I can bring you to the capital.”


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Zhang Goudan has gone offline, both husband and wife aren’t people who are easy to deal with9 hahahaha

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