Chapter 33.2 Snake Venom

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It was enough for the village doctor to be by Father Yan’s side.
She couldn’t do anything, so it would be useless for her to stay here.
It was better for her to look for herbs with Yu Yuan so that they could return sooner and Father Yan could be cured faster.

At her words, Aunt Zhou snorted once again.
Yan Mu fiercely glared at her but ignored her.

The village doctor thought for a while, then wrote a list and handed it to Yu Yuan.
While Yu Yuan was reading the list, he took the opportunity to observe his expression.

He saw that Yu Yuan only glanced at it lightly and stuffed it into his clothes, not showing any puzzlement or confusion.
Immediately, the doubts in the village doctor’s heart grew even more.

So many herbs, but Yu Yuan actually recognizes all of them…… 


The village doctor suddenly felt that the teenager in front of him was frighteningly unfathomable.

“Yan Mu, why don’t you stay behind? It’s enough for Yu Yuan to go alone” Well-intentioned, the village doctor tried to persuade Yan Mu to stay away from Yu Yuan.

“I feel uneasy letting Yu Yuan go alone,” Yan Mu shook her head.

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“And Aunt Zhou sends rice fish to our house every month.
If she hates me, why would she still send them over?” The more Yan Mu thought about it, the more she found it strange.


“……Maybe she just wanted to send them to your dad, not you,” Yu Yuan faintly said.

“So, Aunt Zhou’s taken a fancy to my dad?” Yan Mu was dumbfounded.

No wonder! No wonder Aunt Zhou was so diligent in looking after Father Yan!

“Aunt Zhou still has a son of her own, and he’ll need money to marry and study in the future.
If you’re alive, you’ll take a large sum of your dad’s money, so how can she be happy?” Yu Yuan said.

Being ostracized and insulted since he was a child, he had long seen through the dark side of human nature.

Only Yan Mu.
Only Yan Mu was different.

Yu Yuan lowered his eyes, hiding the raging emotions within them.

As the two spoke, they arrived at a small hill.
Yu Yuan had sharp eyes and found a herb from within a thick clump of grass.
He told Yan Mu to use it as reference to find more of the same.

Yan Mu nodded and hastily pulled up her trouser legs, preparing to work, but she was once again called by Yu Yuan.

“Apply this.” Yu Yuan was holding the insect repellent ointment that the village doctor had given them in his hand.

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“Oh,” Yan Mu nodded and was about to take the ointment when Yu Yuan squatted down facing her.

The hastily pulled up trousers legs were carefully folded.
Yu Yuan opened the lid and carefully applied the ointment on Yan Mu’s ankles and calves.
A cooling sensation came from her legs.
The teenager’s eyes were focused and his movements were gentle.


Fingers gently brushed over her skin.
Yu Yuan looked concentrated, as if he was caressing a precious piece of jewelry.

His fingers had calluses, bringing a numb and ticklish sensation where they touched.

Yan Mu couldn’t help but cower, but Yu Yuan grabbed her ankle.

“Don’t move.
It’s better to apply all of it,” Yu Yuan said seriously.

“Okay.” Yan Mu bit her lip, trying to suppress the shuddering feeling.

After applying it on her calves, Yu Yuan applied the remaining ointment to Yan Mu’s arms.
There was still a little bit of ointment left.
He looked at her white and slender neck and his Adam’s apple rolled slightly.
He suddenly looked away and handed the ointment to her.

“Apply it on your own neck.” The tips of Yu Yuan’s ears were slightly red.

“What about you then?” Yan Mu asked.

Yu Yuan had applied almost all the mosquito repellent on her.

“When have you ever seen me bitten by insects?” Yu Yuan laughed at himself.
He was born as a low-life and a jinx, so even mosquitoes didn’t bother to bite him.

“It’s better to apply some.” Yan Mu thought for a while, then took Yu Yuan’s hand, “Even if the insects don’t bite you, I’ll feel at ease if you apply the ointment.”

The movements of the two people had startled the fireflies who were resting during the day. A few fireflies flew out from the underbrush and circled in the air, emitting a faint fluorescence.

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It was late afternoon and the glow of the fireflies wasn’t obvious in the daylight, so Yu Yuan didn’t find them at all appealing.
However, Yan Mu’s eyes that reflected the fireflies were extremely beautiful.

A soft sensation came from his hand.
Yu Yuan lowered his eyes and watched Yan Mu applying the remaining insect repellent onto his hand.

“What about your neck?” Yu Yuan pursed his lips and asked. 

“Well…” Yan Mu smiled, then smeared the ointment on her arms and rubbed them onto her neck. 

Yu Yuan had applied a very thick layer for her, so spreading it onto her neck wasn’t a problem.
After applying the ointment, she took the herbs that he’d given her and looked for them.

Seeing Yan Mu’s figure, he silently lowered his head and started to look for them too.


Yan Mu finished picking the last herb.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead and excitedly stood up.
But when she saw her surroundings, she was stunned.

Just now she’d been looking for herbs in a meadow, but now, she was in a forest.

“Yu Yuan?” she tried to shout out.

It was empty and no one answered.


A faint wolf howl came from the forest, an eerie wind blew through, and the places that had been applied with ointment were so cool that it could make one shudder.

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Yan Mu’s body shivered and she tremblingly turned her head.
In the deep and secluded forest, there was a pair of green eyes watching her.

Yan Mu squeezed the herbs and froze in place.
She took a step backward but the pair of green eyes also followed her and moved a step forward.

Yan Mu’s mind was running wildly as she tried to recall the information that she’d read before.

She’d seen a documentary on the science education channel and knew that wolves were animals that lived in large groups.
They were cautious by nature and generally, they wouldn’t attack humans easily.
Only old wolves that were ostracized by their pack would wander around human villages to pick up strays.
Right now, Yan Mu only saw one wolf.

She couldn’t differentiate whether it was an old wolf or not, but she could definitely tell that the wolf was thin and looked like it had been starving for a long time.
This kind of wolf was the most dangerous.

A drop of cold sweat dripped down Yan Mu’s forehead.
She slowed her pace and gradually walked back down the path she’d come from.

Yan Mu used her peripheral vision to glance at the wolf as she walked.
It followed her closely and slowly emerged from the forest.

It bared its eerie white canines and stared at Yan Mu while salivating.

Yan Mu didn’t dare to run fast for fear that it would stimulate the wolf’s hunting instincts, so she could only move slowly.
Fortunately, although this wolf was hungry, it still hadn’t completely lost its mind.

It followed Yan Mu for a long time and never attacked.
She slowly retreated back to the underbrush that she had first come from.

She could vaguely see Yu Yuan’s figure.
He seemed to be frantically looking for her.

She grinned happily and was about to make a sound when she saw the wolf suddenly lunge at her!


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