Chapter 34 Wound

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Yan Mu subconsciously wanted to run, but her motor nerves weren’t good enough.
As soon as she took a step forward, she tripped over the dead branches in the grass.
But unexpectedly, she managed to dodge the wild wolf’s attack. 

She lifted her head and shouted with all her strength, “Yu Yuan! Run away!!!”

The teenager, who’d been frantically looking for her close by, froze and turned his head to look at her.

Yan Mu didn’t know what Yu Yuan was thinking.

She just wanted Yu Yuan to live.
If he died from the wolf’s bite, then she would fail her mission and would be unable to survive alone.


However, if Yu Yuan went back to the village to ask for help, then even if she was torn apart by the wolf and only had one breath left, as long as she got Yu Yuan’s kiss, she could still come back to life. 

But Yan Mu’s eyes widened as she saw that not only did Yu Yuan not flee, but he was running towards her.
She suddenly felt anxious.

“Yu Yuan! Don’t worry about me! Run quickly!”

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It was hard to imagine how much force Yu Yuan had needed to stab it in.


Only after Yan Mu had crawled out from underneath the wolf’s body did Yu Yuan loosen his foot from its back.
He forcefully pulled out the dagger, then kicked the wolf away.

With Yu Yuan’s movements, a large spray of blood splashed on Yu Yuan’s body.
He simply wiped the blood off his face and crouched down to stab the wild wolf a few more times.

Yan Mu squatted aside and took some time to recover from the shock.
She turned her head to the side and looked at the blood-soaked teenager.

“Didn’t I ask you to run away quickly?”

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Yan Mu didn’t know what kind of expression she should use to face Yu Yuan, so she could only stiffly pull out an ugly smile.

The teenager silently wiped the dagger clean, tied it back to the strap on his waist and used his clothes to cover it.
His clothes were baggy, so the outline of the dagger was hidden. 

After finishing, Yu Yuan lowered his head and whispered, “That day, when Zhang Goudan rushed towards me, didn’t you also not run away?” The teenager lifted his eyes and looked at Yan Mu.

It was already dusk, and glimmers of bioluminescent light rose from the underbrush, hovering in mid-air.
The teenager’s dark eyes reflected the light, creating a sense of breathtaking beauty.

Yan Mu was suddenly speechless.

She stood up and handed the herbs she had picked to Yu Yuan.

“Look, is it this one?” Yan Mu asked in a hoarse voice.
She had screamed too loudly just now, so her throat felt like it was on fire.

“It’s this.” Yu Yuan took the herbs and put them into the basket he carried on his back. 


Warm wolf blood soaked his clothes, the fabric clung to his skin and the smell of blood filled his nose.
Yu Yuan frowned and wanted to take off his soiled clothes, but he gave up on the idea in consideration of Yan Mu.

“Come on, let’s go back.” Yu Yuan took Yan Mu’s hand.

In an instant, Yan Mu felt an exploding sense of security.

The sickly, humiliated and ostracised teenager seemed to have grown up.
Even though the teenager wasn’t fully-fledged yet, he still tried his best to protect her under his wings.   

Yan Mu wiped the wolf’s blood off her face and nodded at Yu Yuan, smiling. 



The village doctor had waited for a long time but still didn’t see Yan Mu and Yu Yuan, so he suddenly felt a bit worried.

However, there was a person with a broken leg wailing in the east wing and a pregnant woman having a difficult birth and requiring induced labour in the west wing.
In the main hall, there were several with colds, fevers, and runny noses.
The village doctor was extremely busy and just couldn’t get away.

Only after he had reset the patient’s leg and helped deliver the pregnant woman’s baby did Yan Mu and Yu Yuan belatedly arrive.

The village doctor was startled when he opened the door.

Yu Yuan was covered in blood, and even Yan Mu’s body had many wounds.


Out of his subconscious fear towards the teenager, the first thought that came to the village doctor’s mind was——Had Yu Yuan killed someone?

Cold sweat seeped out of the village doctor’s forehead and he unknowingly took a few steps back.

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Yu Yuan’s gaze took in the village doctor’s rejection and he couldn’t help but inwardly sneer. 

Yan Mu could see the village doctor’s fear and she hurriedly said, “Don’t be afraid, we just killed a wolf.”

Killed a wolf? The village doctor was startled and his gaze towards Yu Yuan became even more afraid.

“Here are the herbs, you can try them one by one,” Yu Yuan faintly said, as he didn’t bother to pay attention to the village doctor and handed the basket over.

There was so much wolf blood splashed on the basket that some of it had solidified into dark red clots of blood.

The fishy smell of blood rushed straight to his head.
The village doctor covered his mouth and subconsciously wanted to vomit.
He ran outside the room and threw up for a long time before he recovered.

The young man’s sinister eyes were still imprinted in his mind, and with his whole body covered with the fishy and dark blood of the wolf, he looked extraordinarily like a bloodthirsty Asura.
The village doctor’s hand that covered his mouth slightly trembled.

He took a while to mentally prepare before straightening his back.

“Are you alright?” Yan Mu looked at him, slightly worried.

The girl’s facial features were beautiful and elegant, and her wet almond eyes were reflecting the moonlight.
It was a stark contrast to the Asura-like teenager beside her.


“Yan Mu, you……”

Out of a sense of village kinship, the village doctor planned to advise Yan Mu to stay away from Yu Yuan, only to meet the teenager’s cold and sinister gaze.

That gaze was like a wild beast defending its prey in its mouth, not allowing the slightest violation or possession by others.
The village doctor’s body went cold from that sinister gaze and he became completely silent.

His face paled and he turned around to handle the herbs.


Yan Mu and Yu Yuan stood by the bed, waiting for Father Yan, who had drunk the medicine, to wake up.

Aunt Zhou was originally sitting beside them, cracking melon seeds, but her appetite was spoiled by the sight of two people covered in blood, so she went out with the basket of melon seeds.
Before she left, Yan Mu heard her secretly scolding Yu Yuan for being a jinx.  

Yan Mu was furious.

If it weren’t for Father Yan laid up in bed……

Yan Mu angrily wrote down a big sum for Aunt Zhou in her little notebook1.

Yu Yuan glanced at the sulking Yan Mu, then handed her a cup of tea.

“Drink the tea,” Yu Yuan said.
Yan Mu drank it in one go, and only then did she feel the fire in her heart become slightly extinguished.

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Now that she had calmed down, Yan Mu felt that the wound on her back was dully aching.
Not only did it hurt, but it also felt a little itchy, probably because the wild beast’s claws weren’t very clean.

……I won’t get rabies, right? Yan Mu seriously thought it over while reaching out to scratch it.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t very flexible, and there was a spot she couldn’t scratch no matter what.
So the young girl looked at Yu Yuan pitifully.

“Yu Yuan, help me.” She pouted, her moist almond eyes were like a clear spring.

Being watched by Yan Mu, Yu Yuan’s heart skipped a beat.
He took a sip of water somewhat uncomfortably to hide his loss of composure.

Seeing Yu Yuan just drink water and ignore her, she felt even more unhappy.
She held her small teacup and looked at him with resentment.

The corner of Yu Yuan’s mouth twitched.
In a trance, he seemed to see dog ears drooping down on Yan Mu’s head. 

He shook his head to chase away the strange association from his head.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable?” he asked. 

“Here,” Yan Mu pointed at the wound on her back, “Help me scratch it.” 

Yan Mu sat on the stool while Yu Yuan stood behind her to examine her back.
The wolf’s claw had torn open a little thumb-sized slit on the back of Yan Mu’s clothes.

Through the opening, Yu Yuan could see that Yan Mu’s wound was somewhat red and swollen, there was a little dirt on it, and it seemed to be inflamed.

Yu Yuan asked for a piece of cloth and ointment and carefully cleaned Yan Mu’s wound.

When the cold cloth pressed against the wound, Yan Mu hissed in pain.
Eyes reddening, she lifted her head to look up at Yu Yuan while biting her lip and said, “It hurts, be gentle.”

Her voice was hoarse, pulling on one’s heartstrings and making them quiver.

“……Alright.” Yu Yuan’s eyes darkened, the movements of his hands became gentler.

After cleaning her wound, Yu Yuan threw the cloth into the water basin. 

With a splash, water sloshed out of the water basin, wetting the floor.

“Hurry, help me scratch.” The wound itched like it was crawling with ants which made Yan Mu feel extremely uncomfortable.

Yu Yuan complied, he reached out his fingers and gently rubbed the skin next to the wound.

“Yes, that’s the spot.” Yan Mu’s itch seemed to be scratched and she instantly flopped on the table and hummed in comfort.

The girl’s skin was fair and delicate, as if even a blow or flick could damage it.

Yu Yuan lowered his eyes, and his hands unconsciously exerted more strength. 

As Yu Yuan applied ointment on the wound, his ointment stained fingers swirled on the skin near the wound, and the fair skin turned an ambiguous pink from being rubbed.

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Yu Yuan suddenly retracted his hand and coldly said, “It’s done.”

He looked away, hiding the hand behind his back, silently concealing the embarrassment in his eyes.

“Oh.” Yan Mu straightened her back, feeling like it wasn’t enough.
She looked towards Yu Yuan, “Are you injured?”

“No.” Yu Yuan turned his body away, avoiding Yan Mu’s line of sight.
He picked up another piece of cloth, scrubbed it clean, then changed it for Father Yan.

“Yu Yuan, my father will be fine, right?” Yan Mu looked at him worriedly.

Although the village doctor had said that Father Yan was no longer in serious condition, she was still worried as long as Father Yan didn’t wake up.

Yu Yuan lowered his eyes, reaching out his hand to take Father Yan’s pulse.

“It’ll be okay, he’ll wake in a moment.” Yu Yuan retracted his hand and helped Father Yan tuck in his quilt properly.

“So you really do know medicine,” Yan Mu said in surprise.

She didn’t remember giving Yu Yuan this attribute.
It seemed to be another world-derived bug.

“Mmm……” Yu Yuan lowered his head and faintly said, “My mother taught me.”

“Who on earth was your mother?” Yan Mu clicked her tongue, “To own such an expensive string of beads, and also be literate with medical skills.”

She was practically a god-like woman.
The strangest thing was that such a powerful woman was actually the sister of Hunter Zhang’s wife.

Why does it feel like this has something to do with Tiannan and Haibei……

Yan Mu sighed.

“…… I don’t know either, she never told me.” Yu Yuan’s mood seemed to have lowered.

For a moment, Yan Mu didn’t know how to comfort Yu Yuan, so she could only silently hold Yu Yuan’s hand.

The two looked at each other, in mutual silence. 

Until a familiar voice broke the quiet.

—— “Daughter, why are you and Yu Yuan all covered in blood?”


The author has something to say:

When I was writing, I glanced at my silly dog, who was jumping around with its little short legs and tongue hanging out of its mouth, panting like an idiot. 

In short, the silly dog looked nothing like a wolf, it’s hard to imagine these two creatures have the same ancestor hahahaha

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