The cannon fodder’s revenge (BL)

1.2 Meeting my new family

A-Xuan was in a place all white. He stretched, it felt really good to be in his own body for once. He can even recall the last time he was in it. Probably 20 000 years ago. Or was it longer?

Who cares hes finally free so all the power he gave while slaving off hell get it all back. He couldn help but smirk. He looked at his forearm and an interface appeared, his eyes glistened as he touched it.

When A-Xuan opened his eyes again he was laying on a king-sized bed. The first thing he saw was equations written on the ceiling.

Before he could touch his forearm to receive the information about this world he heard a knock on the door and the voice of a woman :

”First master breakfast is ready, the family is waiting for you. ”

A-Xuan said:

”Tell them Ill be down in fifteen minutes. ”

When he couldn hear her footsteps anymore A-Xuan tapped on his forearm to receive the worlds data. After reading it all let out a small laugh, this world is going to be fun.

The shell was 20 years old known as Cao Jun Xiang or A-Xiang, and was Cao Empires first son. His parents were both from a wealthy family and it was decided from a very young age that they would marry.

Luckily they loved each other so after the marriage, both companies became one. His father was the President of the Cao Empire while his mother stayed at home.

For years they tried to conceive a child without success. His mother always dreamed to have children so they decided to adopt a child from the orphanage which ended up being A-Xiang.

They raised him like he was their son and doted on him deeply. His father raised him as the heir of the Cao Empire.

Luckily A-Xiang was smart, his IQ was 2 times higher than normal people so running the company was childrens play.

While they were in the procedure of adopting his mother was pregnant unbeknownst to them. When they finally found out they decided to still go through with the adoption.

The two babies ended up being just a few days apart with A- Xiang being older than his brother Cao Yunchen. They raised both of them as fake twins and kept secret the fact that A-Xiang was adopted.

They were genuinely excited and they loved that A-Xiang had a baby brother to play with.

Although Cao Yunchen was their biological child they were no disparities in the way they treated A-Xiang, for them they were both their children.

As A-Xiang became older they realized how different he was from other kids. He didn like to mingle, he was quite shy and his intelligence was far higher than anyone around him.

Younger his features were quite feminine as a result he was often bullied by his peers. A-Xiang had a hard time recognizing social cues so he couldn understand why they hated and mocked him.

His parents frequently asked Yunchen to look after him at school which he did with great enthusiasm since to him his big brother was his model. Every parent of his peers thought that A-Xiang was the perfect child in every way.

He was smart, always the first in class, cute, and very obedient. So every time they scolded their kids the name A-Xiang would always be heard, which enhanced the bullying.

Luckily they were smart enough not to get physical. Despite that A-Xiang became more and more withdrawn, he only felt safe at home with his parent and his baby brother who he started to count on more.

They were always together whether at home or school. When he started high school A-Xiang met Wu Jinyan and thats when his life changed for the better.

Wu Jinyans father was a Partenaire of the Cao Empire, their company always worked together. When she turned 14 she lost her parents and ended up being raised by his fathers baby brother Wu Jing.

Jinyan was a classmate and the school flower, as soon as she met A-Xiang she felt the need to be there for him and protect him. Before high school, she heard of him from her father, how he was a genius and the heir of the Cao Empire.

She also heard of the bullying he went through and felt heartache for him. As soon as she saw him she never left his side, as time went on A-Xiang managed to become more open and extroverted thanks to her help.

He started to become popular and finally started to make friends, he felt like he was finally like every boy his age. Ever since he was a kid he felt like the odd one out thats why he was so grateful for his little brother being there for him.

As time went on the relationship unfortunately wasn as close as before. Yunchen had his group of friends and started to feel resentful toward A-Xiang.

He felt like he abandoned him as soon as he became popular, at least thats what he told himself. The truth is that Yunchen fell in love with Jinyan the moment he laid eyes on her but she only had eyes for his older brother.

After high school they both entered the same university, Jinyan as well. A few months before graduating Jinyan confessed her feelings to A-Xiang.

She said that she ended up falling in love with him even though she only saw him as a friend in the beginning.

She felt like if she didn confess to him before they finish college then she wouldn have a chance in the future since he would be running Cao Empire.

Luckily A-Xiang returned her feelings, he also developed feelings for her but didn confess for fear of losing her.

After college A-Xiang took over Cao Empire. He had 35% of the shares while Yunchen had 30%. Their father did it that way since A-Xiang was the eldest and the heir of the family.

Ever since he was a kid he always had more responsibility than Yunchen, even after school he would go to the company to work.

Even in high school the new idea he brought made the company millions so it was only fair that his shares were bigger.

Over the years his father bought more and more shares to make sure that when it was time for A-Xiang to take over the company and work with his brother they would have more power than the board of directors.

Cao Empire soared to new heights under A-Xiangs leadership. The happier the board of directors was the angrier Yunchen got.

Over the years his resentment for A-Xiang grew but the tipping point was the night A-Xiang brought Jinyan home to their parents and told them they were engaged.

Yunchen felt like life was unfair to him, ever since he was a kid all he would hear was how his brother was a genius, how without him Cao Empire wouldn be where it was.

He hated how his parent doted on him more and would tell him to always look after him, which he did to end up being abandoned by A-Xiang as soon as he got friends.

If that wasn enough he stole the only light in his world and decided to marry her. Yunchen didn want to work at the company because he couldn handle seeing A-Xiangs dutiful fiancé coming every day at lunch to eat with him.

He left his job as a general manager and went abroad. While he was away he still couldn get over A-Xiang having what he cared most about, especially since news of him and his wife being so happy was constant.

A few years after he left he had to go back to China because his parents passed away in a car accident. He went back to his familial home to help A-Xiang take care of everything.

He got there first since his brother was in a business meeting further away than he was. He went to his fathers office and ended up finding a white envelope hidden under a false panel in the drawer.

When he opened it he saw A-Xiangs adoption papers, which shocked him deeply. His parents never told him he was adopted and they didn tell A-Xiang either he was sure of it. The more he thought about it the angrier he got.

A-Xiang was the person his parents doted on and cared most about, the person his parent gave Cao Empire to, the person who married and took from him the person he cared most about but he wasn his real brother.

He was just a child his parent picked up from the street. He was so furious that he fainted, when he woke up he was in his room except that it was decorated like when he was in college.

After calming himself and looking around he realized that he got back in time, It was a year before A-Xiang took over Cao Empire. He then decided that everything A-Xiang took from him he will take back, they were his to begin with.

With a cheat like knowing the future, he destroyed A-Xiangs reputation and the more time passed the more disappointed his parents became.

After making mistakes after mistakes at the company and always having Yunchen coming to save the day A-Xiang realized that someone was sabotaging him.

Since he trusted his brother more than anyone he told him his suspicions. Yunchen told him that he will investigate so the person sabotaging him wouldn find out, which he agreed to.

Yunchen got closer to Jinyan in the guise of finding out who was after A-Xiang. But the more time Jinyan spent with Yunchen the more she started doubting A-Xiang. She finally gave up on him the day she caught him in bed with a man.

A-Xiang obviously wouldn do that since he was in love with her. He was drugged by the man who was hired by Yunchen. The next day pictures of him in bed with the man spread everywhere.

The company suffered losses and the board of directors and his father decided to name Yunchen the heir after chasing A-Xiang out of the house.

Yunchen told him that he only agreed to pacify them and as soon as they would find evidence of the person after him he would give him back the company.

After being tired of Yunchen evading him A-Xiang confronted him and he finally admitted that he was the one framing him.

He didn see the point in pretending anymore since he finally managed to have his fathers complete trust and the board of directors in his pocket.

He convinced his father to retire early and he and his wife moved abroad. When A-Xiang heard everything all he could do is ask why.

Yunchen threw the adoption paper in his face and said that he took everything from him ever since he was a kid so it was normal for him to give everything back since he wasn part of the family.

He also told him how his parents couldn stand to be in the same country as him and how they regretted adopting him.

Seeing him on a verge of a mental breakdown Yunchen showed him a video of him proposing to Jinyan and her crying happily after saying yes.

A-Xiang lost it and run into the street feeling like he had lost everything he cared most about including his mind. He wasn mindful of his surroundings and got hit by a car. He died at the hospital an hour in.

Yunchen pretended to mourn him and made a spectacle of his burial to show how much he cared for him. Everyone was touched because even though A-Xiang was difficult and conceited he still loved him wholeheartedly.

That reputation was of course the result of months of Yunchens work. Jinyan was even more touched because of how much he cared for his brother and their relationship grew closer.

In the end, Yunchen ended up marrying her and running the company to the top 10 like the past life since he used every one of A-Xiangs plans.

Just because Yunchen is the protagonist he felt like it was okay for him to destroy an innocent persons life? A-Xuan couldn help but ridicule.

He hates how just because hes the son of heaven him having a second chance at life is described as counter-attacking. What was the counter-attack from in the first place?

A-Xiang has never done anything to hurt him. So what because the girl you were in love with was in love with A-Xiang that makes him the bad guy?

A-Xuan got up while tapping on the interface of his forearm. He walked to the bathroom to look at his new body.

The reflection showed a tall handsome man with green eyes and two dimples. His eyes seemed particularly gentle and moving every time he smiled. His dark hair made his green eyes shine brighter.

He carried an aquiline nose that complemented his prominent cheekbones. A-Xuan liked the shell, he looked quite similar to his original one, particularly with those two dimples.

After changing his body to the most optimal conditions he got into the shower.

Today is two days after Yunchen went back in time. Luckily he didn have time to put in place any of his plans, although even if he did that wouldn change much.

Since Yunchen loves Cao Empire so much Ill offer it to him on a platter. After Im done with it of course, but who knows if itll still be useful by then.

If A-Xiangs parents didn throw him out like dirt after those pictures got released he wouldn go as far as to destroy it but since they turned their back on him, hell do the same.

Actually, thats not true he was going to destroy them either way. A-Xiang brought millions to the company ever since he was a kid.

After school instead of going out and making friends, he worked long hours at the company. And this is how they repay him? Jinyan that black lotus is going to pay as well.

I don understand how A-Xiang couldn see that she was using him just to secure herself a future, A-Xuans eyes flashed with ridicule. Hell get revenge for him with great pleasure.

After Jinyans parents passed away her uncle Wu Jing took over the company. It was clear from the beginning that she was never going to inherit the company so she did the next best thing which was to find someone who was going to inherit one.

After the heir of the Cao Empire changed to Yunchen she went to him. Honestly, Yunchen is even more stupid than A-Xiang.

Doesn it look strange that as soon as they were rumors about you becoming the heir she started to get close to you? Love is truly blind.

After getting out of the shower he put on clothes and got ready to go downstairs. Lets meet my wonderful family, shall we?

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