As soon as A-Xuan entered the dining hall he saw his wonderful family in the middle of a discussion.

He couldn help but squint his eyes like a hunter looking at his new preys.

”A-Xuan sweety did you sleep okay ? ”

A woman sitting around a big mahogany table asked as she smiled sweetly.

She had long brown hair, a pretty face, and a beautiful smile. If you forgot the fact that she threw away her son like trash you would think shes a gentle person eh.

”Hello, Mother I slept very well thank you. Father, brother. ”

A-Xuan put on A-Xiangs textbook smile and went to sit in front of his father.

He lifted his head from his journal and smiled at him. He immediately noticed the resemblance between him and Yunchen.

While he turned to look at this wonderful protagonist he saw that he was already looking at him with clear resentment in his eyes.

As soon as he got caught he smiled.

”Brother, what took you so long? Ive been waiting so the driver can drop us at the university. ”

A-Xuan said:

”You didn have to wait for me, Im stopping at Jinyans house to eat breakfast with her and her uncle. Shes been wanting us to eat together for a while so why not today? ”

A-Xuan smiled as he said that and his smile got brighter the moment he saw Yunchen stiffen.

For a while now Jinyan has been asking the original to meet her uncle, which she once asked in front of Yunchen.

The original agreed and as soon as she left Yunchen dissuaded him saying that them meeting before anything happened between him and Jinyan would ruin the relationship.

The original knowing nothing about romance believed him since he thought he was helping him.

As A-Xuan got up to leave he said :

”By the way don wait for me at lunch, Im eating at a restaurant with Jinyan. Mother, Ill see you tonight, Father Ill see you at the company. ”

A-Xuan left not wanting to be with them a second more.

As Yunchen watched his departing back he couldn help but feel unsure. In his last life, A-Xuan listened to his advice which ended up delaying him and Jinyan from being together by a few months.

Why would he decide to ignore his advice now when he would usually do everything he would tell him to do?

It doesn matter its just breakfast, it doesn change the fact that Im going to destroy everything he holds dear including his relationship with Jinyan.

Shes going to be his, everything will be his. I won miss this chance I got. Yunchens eyes flashed with determination.

On the way to Jinyans house, all you could hear in the car was the sound of the keyboard from A-Xuans computer. Before being able to take down Cao Empire he first needs to make money rapidly so he can have his own company.

With his system, itll only take a few days to get the money to buy a company. He thought it would be best to start from scratch but that would take too long and he only has a couple of weeks.

So it would be best to buy an established company that isn public yet. After that, hell start selling high-tech products and make them public once its convenient.

Itll be easier to compete with Cao Empire if he makes the same product as them but better.

They would be since this is just modern times and he knows technology from thousands of years in the future. Before arriving at Jinyans house A-Xuan found the perfect company.

He got out of the car and knocked on the door. The house was grand, more than Caos mansion. No wonder Papa Cao kept the partnership with Wu Incorporated even after Jinyans cold uncle took over.

After being led by a woman A-Xuan entered a dining hall. As soon Jinyan saw him she ran and took him in his arm.

”A-Xuan Im so happy you finally accepted my uncle and Is invitation. ”

She didn forget to press her breast against him. A-Xuan couldn help but feel disgusted. Hes gay so none of it was inciting to him.

Thankfully having to follow a few thousand scripts from a few thousand different lives made him the best actor. He smiled shyly with a slight blush while he put his hands around her waist.

After a few seconds, he wanted to let go because he felt someone looking at him but Jinyan tightened her hold. He lifted his head and met beautiful grey eyes. They weren just beautiful they were also angry.

It was a man in his early thirties, tall with black hair and a chiseled jawline. His 3-piece suit, pursed lips, cold grey eyes, and severe aura gave the impression that youll never be able to get close to him.

Like an immortal standing on a mountain watching from above the rest of the world. A-Xuan couldn help but look at him fascinated.

Wu Jing looked at the youth hugging his niece. He knows its A-Xuan but he felt like his aura was different. Even his eyes seemed different, they seemed to be brighter.

The couple of times they met A-Xuan would always avert his eyes, but now he was looking at him straight on. He felt like he was the only person in his eyes and it was somewhat interesting.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and started to descend the stairs. At the sound, Jinyan let go of A-Xuan and smiled even more brightly when she saw the slight blush on his face.

She finally felt like her plan to reel in A-Xuan is working. In the past, he would never make physical contact and even when she would hug him, he would never hug back let alone have a reaction.

But this time its different he hugged her back and hes blushing, she smiled satisfactorily. Hell finally be mine soon, after all the time I put in I deserve to get what I desire.

A flash of greed passed through her eyes which didn escape A-Xuan.

”Good morning Uncle, you remember A-Xuan? ”

When Wu Jing reached the table he looked at his shallow niece with disdain. He honestly can understand how someone as smart as A-Xuan can see what she is up to. In any case, it isn his problem and hell stay out of it.

A-Xuan looked at him and smiled.

”Wu Jing. ”

Wu Jing couldn help but stare a bit longer at the youth in front of him.

He felt a bit moved to see him smile like that.

”A-Xuan. ”

They all sat around the table while the cook started to put a few dishes on the table. While Wu Jing was reading the paper A-Xuan couldn stop himself from looking at him.

He saw Wu Jing in the originals memories but he didn think he would be this handsome.

The couple of times he met him he would immediately avert his eyes so he couldn get a good look at him, now that he finally can he certainly won stop himself.

Everything about him is seductive especially those grey eyes, its like you
e getting sucked in. While in a trance A-Xuan heard Jinyan saying something about getting something from the kitchen.

Wu Jing turned his head to look at him, he could feel his eyes on him. It wasn like he tried to hide it, A-Xuan just wanted Wu Jing to look at him with those lovely grey eyes just for a little while.

Wu Jing looked back after feeling the youth looking at him and he got that feeling again like he was the only person in his eyes.

He liked that feeling more and more. They just looked into each others eyes without saying a word until Jinyan came back.

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