A month passed and during that time A-Xuan renamed his company and already released the first line of products. Xuan Tech specializes in high-end products from smartphones, connected watches, and tablets, to computers.

Everything Cao Empire sells, Xuan Tech does. The only difference is that their product is high-end with technology far superior.

Every one of their product has an option of a tactile holographic display, and their processor is 20 times faster than any other brand. A-Xuan patented everyone of his creation to make sure they wouldn fall into the hands of his competitors.

Since he had so little time he made all the plans for his new products during class. He couldn very much do them after since he had to work in Cao Empire.

After the products were publicized on different platforms, the sales blew up. A-Xuan wasn very shocked but what surprised him was the fact that the sales doubled after Lin Siyi and Jia Fu posted on their social media the brand.

Lin Siyi and Jia Fu are both actors, they seemingly fell in love on the set of their last movie. They both have millions of fans who worship them. After their posts, plenty of them checked the site and fell in love with the products.

A-Xuan was pretty skeptical, he couldn understand why those people would help Xuan Tech without anything in return until he did some digging.

Turns out Jia Fu is a childhood friend of Wu Jing so he did him a favor. When A-Xuan discovered that he couldn stop himself from smiling happily.

Ever since he ate breakfast with him he has seen Wu Jing since he would always drop Jinyan home after school but they only had short conversations.

A week after his breakfast with him and Jinyan A-Xuan started to feel like someone was following him.

His every move was watched, and even found cameras in his room. He acted like he hadn seen them and tracked the person behind it all, Wu Jing.

When he found out he didn take them down or confront him about the surveillance, he acted like he didn see any of it.

After hacking his computer he saw how thorough his investigation of him was. Wu Jing already knows that he owns Xuan Tech and wants to destroy Cao Empire.

Honestly, A-Xuan doesn mind him knowing. He knew that he wouldn say a word of it and his intuition proved him right since he even helped him in secret.

During that month Yunchen tried his best to destroy every plan A-Xuan made for Cao Empire.

Originally every time the original would create a new product or a plan to increase sales Yunchen would tell him that he would bring it to the company.

He would change the plans beforehand and then fix the problem when the mistake was discovered. He did the same thing so, of course, A-Xuan would give him the plans happily every time.

But before that, he added a virus in the file so if anyone tried to modify it even after they saved the file it would go back to the original setting.

After a couple of weeks, A-Xuan could see Yunchen getting frustrated which is exactly what he wanted, to force him to advance his plans.

During that time A-Xuan was purposefully in an ambiguous relationship with Jinyan, not saying they were together nor denying it.

She kept inviting him to breakfast with his uncle but A-Xuan was too busy making sure every one of his products was flawless.

The start of a company decides everything, if after the release of their first products people find the smallest mistake their reputation wouldn be able to stand it since they
e new in the market.

But seeing how a perfectionist A-Xuan was he felt pretty confident about all of it. After the release of the products, the company was bound to be on the map so he chose someone who would work openly while he worked behind the scenes.

The face of the company is named Fulong Nan. Thankfully he chose the right people so everything went very smoothly.

While Xuan Tech was soaring Cao Empire was doing the opposite. Especially after a famous tech fanatic YouTuber posted a video comparing the products of both companies.

Papa Cao was so angry his face turned red. The board of directors started to get worried so he put in place a meeting with all the board members and their biggest partners.

Every person in the conference room was sitting feeling bitter, they arrived 30 minutes ago but they are still waiting for the last partner to show up.

Wu Jing does as he pleases doesn he? A-Xuan thought and his eyes flashed in amusement.

Wu Corporation is very old and its reach is huge, just having them redistribute even one of your products is sure to make you millions.

Ever since Jinyans father was alive Wu Corporation would always redistribute every one of Cao Empires products.

They are their biggest partner and the one that makes them the most money. Losing them now would be like having their oxygen supply cut off.

They lost 40% of their clientele in the past two weeks because of Xuan Tech so they can afford to lose Wu Corporation. They would wait for Wu Jing even a year if it means having them as partners.

When A-Xuan heard a sound he lifted his head and saw Wu Jing coming in with three bodyguards and an assistant.

”Hello, I hope I didn make you wait too long. ”

Wu Jing sat without feeling the least bit sorry for making them wait and his eyes reflected dullness. Papa Cao said:

”Not at all Mr. Wu, we just arrived. ”

The boards members and the partners: ”… ”

”I know that you
e all worried about the decrease in our sales, but with our new line of products being released in a week, this will all be history. Xuan Tech is just a new company while weve been on the market for decades. ”

People are always curious about new things but theyll soon get over it and realize that Cao Empire has years of experience and is much better, Papa Cao reassured himself.

While he was speaking Wu Jing was looking at A-Xuan and thought if he didn know that he was adopted then at this moment he for sure wouldve realized it.

How can he think that releasing new products can compete with their technology? How can a person be this dumb? Wu Jing asked:

”I assume you
e using the same technology that you have used in the past for the new line? ”

At this question that obviously was not A-Xuan smiled and looked at Wu Jing. He looked back and then turned to look at Papa Cao like he was a fool. Papa Cao couldn stop himself from stiffening.

Clearly that was the case… Wu Jing said with ridicule:

”Even if you launch a new series of products it won change a thing. Xuan Techs technology is at least 20 years ahead of yours and its processor faster. Youll never be able to compete with them. ”

A-Xuan watched as Papa Caos hands tightened into fists. His face was red with anger and humiliation. Wu Jing didn leave him the least bit of face.

He calmed himself and asked through clenched teeth:

”What are you trying to say, Mr. Wu? ”

”Isn it clear? Our partnership was open-ended meaning I can dissolve it at any time and I think its the perfect time. ”

At those words, Papa Caos heartbeat quickened. He can lose Wu Corporation he absolutely can . Even if he has to debase himself he will.

”Mr.Wu, how can you say that? Your brother and I left the partnership open-ended because we knew that we would never put an end to it. We even thought that it would last even after A-Xuan took over Cao Empire before marrying Jinyan. ”

A-Xuan couldn help but smirk while looking at him with ridicule. You
e so desperate to have your company be successful that you
e willing to sell your son?

The original always told his father that he thought of Jinyan as a friend for fear of him using their relationship as a chess piece. It was also one of the reasons he never confessed to her.

Wu Jing turned to look at A-Xuan and felt solace seeing the ridicule in his eyes.

”Im not my brother and this is business not personal. Come today our contract is terminated, well deliver back every unsold product. ”

Without waiting for a response Wu Jing got up and left. When he reached the door he turned and looked at A-Xuan.

”Come to my house tomorrow morning for breakfast. ”

A-Xuan nodded. After his confirmation, Wu Jing left.

The whole room was flabbergasted. They thought Wu Jing would give face to Cao Empire with their long history, not to forget that Papa Cao is his elder. After the meeting ended everyone left except for A-Xuan and Papa Cao.

You could feel his angry aura, he slapped his fist hard on the table.

”That Wu Jing! Im your elder and this how you talk to me? How dare he? His brother and I had a deal and he dares break it. ”

What kind of fool would rely so heavily on one partner? No matter how big he is you have to have a plan b in case something happens. Hes supposed to have years of experience and he couldn even think of that?

A-Xuan thought as his eyes flashed with mockery.

”Tomorrow at breakfast you have to make sure that Wu Jing doesn cancel our agreement. ”

Papa Cao said that not caring if he would feel uneasy. How could the original not see that Papa Cao cares more about his company than him?

A-Xuan felt pity for him.

”Father no matter how much I want this I can force him to do it. Furthermore, why would you even bring up Jinyan? You know she has no say in the company. ”

”She will inherit the company in the future, Wu Jing only cares about the company he will never marry or have children. I know him. ”

Hearing that A-Xuan felt bitter and a complicated emotion passed through his eyes.

”That doesn mean he won in the future, plus I already told you I only see Jinyan as a sister. ”

Papa Cao walked closer to A-Xuan and grabbed him by the shoulders.

”Son, do you want Cao Empire to go bankrupt? ”

”I don ! ”

A-Xuan answered indignantly. At that Papa Caos eyes flashed with satisfaction. Of course, he knows perfectly what he has to say to make his son do everything he asks him to do.

If he has to marry Jinyan for his company to prevail then hell make him no matter if he loves her or not.

”Then tomorrow at breakfast convince him by any means possible, do you understand? ”

A moment of silence passed and A-Xuan answered:

”I do Father. ”

At those words, Papa Cao smiled greedily. He knew he was right to continue the process of adoption even when he found out his wife was pregnant.

She couldve had a girl and it wouldve been impossible for her to run the company. But he felt reassured knowing that even if A-Xuan wasn blood the company would prosper under his leadership.

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