The cannon fodder’s revenge (BL)

1.5 Advancing the schedule

When A-Xuan entered the dining room the first thing he felt was Yunchens angry eyes. He smiled at him innocently and left.

He read the transcript of yesterdays meeting and must be angry about the part of he and Jinyans marriage.

Yunchen feels a bit lost, a lot of things are different from his past life. For starters, they were no Xuan Tech and A-Xuan wasn already this close to Jinyan. He feels like everything is spiraling out of control.

He decided to put his plan into action as soon as possible. Well see if Jinyan will still want him once she catches him in bed with another man, he smiled sadistically.

On the way to the Wu mansion, A-Xuan couldn help but feel happy. As he planned Yunchen is going through with the plan now. In his past life, Yunchen paid a man to drug A-Xuan to assault him.

If that wasn despicable enough he posted those pictures everywhere. Awful can even represent how the original felt after everything happened.

I will make sure Yunchen founds out on his own, A-Xuan thought as a glint of contempt flashed through his eyes.

As soon he entered Wu mansion A-Xuan he was led to the dining room. There was a table full of different dishes and after looking closer he saw all his favorite ones.

He smiled as he looked at Wu Jing who was sitting at the end of the table. The smile he returned made A-Xuan feel warm. He knows that Wu Jing is the one who asked the chef to cook his favorite food.

Jinyan this self-centered black lotus doesn even know what his favorite color is let alone food. She spends all her time roping other future heirs of big companies in case she fails with him.

A-Xuan felt disgusted after reviewing all the files he got about her. She doesn mind being intimate with different men if it means securing herself a future.

At least with the originals aversion to closeness, it gave him an excuse not to be too close to her physically.

A-Xuan sat next to him instead of sitting in front of him.

”Wu Jing. ”

At his name being called out by the youth, Wu Jing felt his heart tremble.

He can explain it but he feels this intense pull toward A-Xuan. At their first breakfast together he felt curious when it never happened before.

Then every time he would drop off Jinyan he would talk to him for a few minutes but it was never enough.

He hired someone to find out everything about him because he felt curious but over time he couldn stop himself from watching the daily photos he received of him.

Every time he would see him on the screen typing on his computer working for what seemed hours he felt a sense of peace. At first, he felt very annoyed, never had anyone captured him this completely.

All that ever mattered to him was Wu Corporation and nothing else, even his niece doesn .

But then A-Xuan looked at him back for once without averting his eyes and his heart was gone. Its like he hooked his heart, as soon as he realized that he didn feel annoyed anymore on the contrary.

Over time the need to get closer became more urgent so why would he stop himself?

”A-Xuan how are you? ”

A-Xuan said:

”Im okay. ”

”I thought you would feel disappointed. ”

At those words, A-Xuan looked up and stopped his chopsticks who were flying to pick out all his favorite food. A-Xuan asked raising one of his eyebrows.

”Why would I be? ”

Wu Jing answered:

”Because I ended the partnership between Wu Corporation and Cao Empire. You
e the heir it affects you. ”

Weirdly A-Xuan didn want to lie to him so he changed the subject asking curiously:

”Since you ended the partnership you have another company in mind. Who is it? ”

A-Xuan asked him without the least bit of hesitation, which made Wu Jing laugh. At his laugh A-Xuan was stunned, he is truly the most handsome man hes ever seen. Seeing the youth stunned face made him laugh harder.

Wu Jing couldn stop himself from rubbing his head. At that A-Xuan looked at him blankly while blushing. Seeing him like that Wu Jing could already feel his body heating up, he wondered if the youth would also blush like that beneath him.

A-Xuan could feel the desire and blushed even harder, which only made Wu Jings desire stronger.

He coughed and said:

”Youve been running Cao Empire ever since you were a kid, which means you know I can tell you who my new partner will be. ”

A-Xuan bowed his head and kept picking food. At his disappointed eyes, Wu Jings heart tightened.

”Xuan Tech. ”

At those words, A-Xuan lifted his head and looked at him intently. After a few seconds, he asked:

”Why? ”

Wu Jing asked:

”Isn it obvious? ”

Looking back Wu Jing communicated with his eyes and A-Xuan quickly understood. A-Xuans heartbeat quickened, he just looked at him and it was like they were heart bubbles between them. He unconsciously smiled.

In all his previous lives he never met someone who cared or looked out for him. Even if someone knowing your favorite food seems like nothing it means a lot to him.

Now hearing him practically admitting that he did it for him makes him feel elated.

All Wu Jing could hear was his heartbeat, he was worried that the youth would deny owning Xuan Tech or reject his offer to be a partner so he was very tense.

When he saw that beautiful smile and his eyes sparkle like fireworks he felt his heart tremble again. It was like a confirmation that to be happy he needs to make the person sitting next to him happy.

Wu Jing added:

”Plus your technology makes Cao Empire looks like a joke. ”

Seeing A-Xuan not feeling worried about him knowing he owned Xuan Tech, Wu Jing felt relieved. He knows that he can trust him and that he won say a word.

A-Xuan couldn stop himself from smiling wider, he never cared for anyones praise or what anyone thought of him but at this moment he felt genuinely happy that Wu Jing appreciate his hard work.

To be fair he probably saw the hours he passed locked in his room working.

”Thank you. ”

The youth answered bowing his head.

Wu Jing felt happy seeing him care about his opinion, as he thought it isn one-sided. Wu Jing pinched his chin lightly and lifted his head.

”I like it better when you look at me. ”

A-Xuan looked at him seemingly lost.

”You have beautiful eyes. ”

After those words left his mouth A-Xuan admonished himself for saying whatever passes through his mind.

Wu jing pulled his chair closer, he smiled and said:

”Thank you, I like yours too. ”

At those words, he touched his eyes feeling fascinated.

A-Xuan looked into his eyes and could feel want and desire to possess. It was practically fanatic. He knew that Wu Jing must have some feelings for him or he wouldn surveil him constantly.

But sitting close to him and having those eyes looking back is different. Hes only a passer-by in this world and as soon as his life ends hell move on to the next world, but what if he can forget those beautiful grey eyes?

What scares him the most is that in those eyes he can see his own which reflects the same want.

The moment he first saw Wu Jing he engraved every part of his face in his mind. Ever since that he could see him every day, and when that wasn enough he would hack his offices surveillance cameras to see him.

He decided not to have breakfast with him not just because he had a lot of work but because he knew that if he got close to him they would be no going back, and he still need to make Jinyan pay.

Despite knowing that he couldn stop himself from speaking to him for a few minutes each time he dropped off Jinyan.

In any case, he won sacrifice his work for a crush or whatever it is, so nothing can happen. Distance is the best solution.

Wu Jing asked:

”You wish to marry into my family? ”

At those words, A-Xuan was startled.

Isn it too soon to talk about marriage? Seeing his startled face Wu Jing smiled and said:

”Yesterday your father said that you and Jinyan are planning to get married. ”

After those words, he looked at A-Xuan intently wanting to see the slightest change in his facial expression.

”So, are you? ”

Wu Jing looked at him threateningly as if to say: If you dare say yes you
e dead. A-Xuan asked with a smirk:

”Shouldn you be more worried about your future with Mrs.Wang? ”

The whole world knows that Wu Jings father made an agreement with Wang Inc. Wang Zi Wei and Wu Jing have been engaged ever since they were kids.

Papa Cao has been around Wu Jing ever since he was a kid and thinks that he won go through with the marriage but in the original timeline Wu Jing did end up marrying her so he obviously doesn believe what he said yesterday.

Wu Jing immediately stiffen and looked back not knowing what to say. At that A-Xuan was very satisfied, he dared to comment on my situation while he has a fiancé.

Plus its better to nip this in the bud so hell be free to exact his revenge on Jinyan without having to betray someone elses feelings. No one can stop him from that, plus hes 100% sure that Yunchen will put his plan in motion tonight.

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