Delivery room

Mei lien eyes shone her yellow eyes burned like volcano ”Don look in her eyes if you don want to die ” Li mei warned the midwives

”The head is out ” one if the midwives cried ”

”Push my lady ” Another young midwife said

”Deliver my children Mei lien you can do it ” Li mei said encouraging Mei lien

Mei lien let out an agonizing scream accompanied by the wails of a child Mei lien sighed in relief

A sudden gosh of power accompanied the childs powerful wails forcing the midwives and even Li mei to bow

”I don want a child I will bow to I will not take this one ” Li mei said

Suddenly Mei lien groaned again

”Ah my baby is coming ” Li mei said excitedly.

”Get it out of me ” Mei lien yelled at the midwives

”Breath in and out now push ” the young midwife said

The second baby was out in no time

”Its a girl ” The eldest midwife said

”Seriously are you doing this on purpose anyways keep it shes mine ” Li mei concluded sending Mei lien another beautiful smile

”Do you want to laugh let me tell a joke ahhhh ” Mei lien groaned ”I will kill you so ruthlessly the world will come to fear ME AND NO I! AM! MEI! LIEN! YOUR QUEEN!!!!!!! ” Mei lien said amidst the shouting the third baby came out not long after the fourth also came

Li mei turned pale upon hearing her words and an image flashed through her mind.

”Tch Tch Tch looks like someone hasn forgotten the life of a queen Mei lien you were a queen am the new Queen the fox listen to their leader and I am their leader ” Li mei finally said ”Don think of coming back to thus palace am doing you a favour by not killing you ”

”HaHaHa favour you can kill me Li mei you know that ” Mei lien said calmly even her smile was to calm for Li meis liking.

”Get me out if here Xinjiang ”

”Wait you have to breastfeed your children first ” The old midwife said

Mei lien looked at the childrens faces and picked the first one

”He hasn opened his eyes since he was born and no matter how we try to force them open it won budge ” Xinjiang said

”Your faith is really cruel ” Xinjiang thought

”Its OK ” Mei lien said and carried the first of the quadruplet His hand was clamped tightly ”When Mei lien carried him he seems to relax and leaned into Mei liens chest

”She carefully helped him latch his mouth to her nipple and watched him suckle he opened his eyes in a flash and Mei lien smiled internally

Authors note: 3rd part completed quite

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