”Mei lien come here you pathetic animal ” A fat man yelled

”How may I help you master Guo ” Mei lien asked bowing slightly

”Where have you been your portion of the mine is still not dug have you gone crazy do you want to ruin my life these is a special delivery to the future Queen we have only a few days to the royal twins 4th birthday are you….. ”

”My children birthday are coming soon and I have plans for them so please do not disturb me unless you want me to tell Ningning and minmin to destroy your mine before it even starts making profits from diamond if you will please excuse me I have things to do ” Mei lien concluded arrogantly

She as always been proud of her children especially her son his aura causes people to shake.

Her youngest daughter minmim is not as powerful as her son but she is very destructive

Because if these two treasures she was nicknamed the Queen of the mine

Her children have helped her acquire the respect she deserves in the mine

But there is no good without a bad despite ningning handsome features he has to go to places wearing a blindfold because of his eyes his two coloured eyes makes people so enchanted they do whatever he orders as long as they don break eye contact when he gives the order.

It got him in trouble when he told one of the workers to go and report to master guo how hungry they were he was almost stoned and labelled as a witch

Since then he has to wear a blindfold thanks to his power he has a sixth sense that helps in determining if danger is near or not

Its been four years Mei lien left the palace and life hasn been a bed if roses ningning has always been her rock he was to smart and sensible for his age always calming her anytime she loses control of her emotions he knows about his little brother and sister in the palace and he knows a little of what his mother went through before she was allowed to leave the palace with he and his sister

Ningning constantly reminds are that he will help her take revenge

And that revenge would soon be taken

In the palace

The clicking of shoes could be heard through the quiet hallway a little girl walked elegantly past every servant that walks past her silently acknowledging them with a nod

She stopped in front of a double faced door and gestured for the eunuch to make know her presence

The eunuch was about to do that when Li mei burst out of the door angrily her eyes contorted in disgust when she saw the little girl but it only lasted two seconds so no one noticed ”Xingxing are you here to see your dad why don you come back later mother and father just had a fight and father is in a bad mood ” Li mei said sweetly

”Id advice you not to say that lady Li mei my father is always ready to see me ” Xingxing said proudly before entering her fathers room

Four years its been four long years yet Xingxing has not called her mother not Even once it is quite an embarrassment especially to the public. Xingxing has been asked severally why she doesn call Li mei mother and her answers still ring in Li mei hear

”She doesn fewl like a mommy father feels like father Yady yi mei doesn fewl like a mommy ” she said in her cute baby voice her yellow eyes dancing with wisdom that day Li mei cried in public to see if Zhang muchen would acknowledge her but his words were more cryptic

”I guess my daughter doesn want a concubine has her mother I will get you and your brother a mother soon I promise ” he said that day with so much determination and hatred even the whole courthouse felt the hatred from both father and daughter

Authors note :so should I hurry the revenge plan or slow it down

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