At that time Aaron, was trying to travel to the future, using his handmade time machine. But when he was in the future, he really did not expect that the earth had been destroyed. And he could not find a single person in the future, because of the destruction of the earth.

Aaron, and hes getting desperate. Because it seems that life in the future has been destroyed, because of something that he does not know. Therefore, he tries to find out the cause of what will happen in the future, something that he can seem to save. And Aaron wondered if he could find another human, in that future life. And why life in the future seems hopeless.

Aaron, he really doesn know how to start his future adventure. But because he has succeeded in creating a time machine, he tries to find out how he can solve all these problems.

”Why is the earth falling apart like this, huh? And I really didn expect it, if the earth was torn apart like this. I really never thought, if the life that I thought could prosper in the future, was already shattered to pieces and in every pieces like this. And it looks like I really have to do a rescue, regarding the existence of this earth, before something I don want to happen. But how huh, how? ”

”Would I be able to do all that alone? I wish I could have done it all! ” Aaron said in his heart, as he looked at the earth in a shattered state, as if only rubble remained, from skyscrapers, which had collapsed. And he really doesn know how to solve all the problems hes really facing, right in front of his eyes.

Aaron was then he then immediately traveled to the world in the future. And Aaron is trying to find another human. Perhaps he could find the existence of another human in the future. But it seems that after he walked almost all day, he found nothing.

Until one time, he finally walked through the rubble of a skyscraper, which was obsolete. But it still looks solid on it. Although the building may be overgrown with wild plants, which are not maintained. But indeed when he tried to go deeper into the building area, suddenly a shooting tragedy occurred, between one person and another.

And that really made Aaron even more confused, because he didn know how to deal with all the things that suddenly happened in front of his eyes. Aaron, hes just trying to become a human being who can survive under any circumstances, even though the circumstances in the future may be completely foreign to him.

Suddenly from behind his body, Aaron was surprised by a middle-aged man, who asked him to shut up. Because there was a shootout between them in the building. Aaron then he obeyed the orders of the middle-aged man. Because he didn want his life to be in danger. And fortunately, the middle-aged man had a kind heart.

That middle-aged man, he was here trying to explain to Aaron, that

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