The joker and the queen


As Isabel packed some foodstuff to go give to her elder sister and Annabelle, Timothy watched her.

”Thats awfully too small to give to the orphanage don you think Isabella? ” Timothy asked sternly.

”Mind your own business Timothy ” Isabel said capriciously and Timothy backed off. When she was done with the packaging, she made sure no one would sight her leave the castle and when she was sure no one was watching, she left.

Timothy then went to complain to Phillips and Amaya about Isabels behaviour.

”Your royal highness, I know we are not supposed to be turning against each other but I feel as though this needs to be said. The day princess Annabelle went missing was the day Isabel escorted her supposedly long-lost cousin who I never saw coming in, out the castle gates. I had suspicions that day but I realized that you two have been so faithful to her family, so she would never betray you…but then again she was closer to princess Annabelle so who knows ” Timothy confessed. His words jolted Amaya into memory lane…


”Your majesty, please, theres a reason to live, for your daughter ” Isabel said but Amaya wasn convinced.


”When I was about to jump from my window side, she stopped me, insisting that I had to be alive for my daughter ” Amaya said as she realized maybe Timothy might be right.

”You were about to kill yourself?! ” Phillips and Timothy chorused in amusement.

”Its in the past now boys. Let us focus on this present problem. So what Timothy is saying, is that maybe just maybe, Isabel knows where our daughter is? ” Amaya asked smiling.

”Isabel! ” Amaya yelled angrily but she got no response.

”She must have left the castle ” Timothy suggested.

”Follow her. You can take the only horse we have left in the stable. Make sure you find our daughter Timothy ” Phillips begged and Timothy assured both of them that he was going to bring Annabelle home. He quickly went to the stable, hopped onto the horse and set out to find Isabel.

Annabelle had just woken up from slumber to meet Guadeloupe staring at her.

”I awoke late, I am terribly sorry Guadeloupe. I will make it up to you somehow ” Annabelle said nervously in such a hurry.

”Stop it Maria. You
e my cousin not my maid. I know you being my maid was an agreement we made just so you could stay but really, just stop it ” Guadeloupe insisted.

”Okay…so, why were you staring at me? ” Annabelle asked confused.

”Ive been looking for a way to tell you this. I know you said you two were just friends but…that man that walked you home the other day… ” Guadeloupe said nervously.

”Micheal? What happened? ” Annabelle asked curiously.

”Well, he…he…has a fiancee ” Guadeloupe said. Her words put Annabelle in deep shock.

”But you said you were just friends with him right, so theres nothing to it, right? ” Guadeloupe asked nervously.

”Yes…yes of course. Why would I be upset when we are just friends ” Annabelle said laughing so Guadeloupe would believe that she felt nothing serious for Micheal. Guadeloupe was about to get up from the bed when Isabel entered the house.

”Just when we were about to run out of food. What would I do without you Isabella? ” Guadeloupe asked hypothetically as she went to hug Isabel and collect the foodstuff from her.

”Isabel…good day ” Annabelle said with a smile but Isabel ignored her.

”Is there a problem between you two? ” Guadeloupe asked noticing the hostility between Isabel and Annabelle.

”Theres none sister. I just don feel like talking to hypocrites this morning ” Isabel said rather apathetic.

”Hypocrites? ” Guadeloupe asked confused.

”Isabel ” Annabelle moaned rather bleakly.

”Ill have to go now. Goodbye sister ” Isabel said and then left abruptly. She was halfway gone when Timothy sighted her. He had kept his horse in a farmers stable and began his search for Isabel on foot. He grabbed her to a corner and covered her mouth with his hands tightly so she wouldn scream.

”Where is Annabelle? ” Timothy whispered arrogantly.

”What?! Why would you think I have Annabelle you ignorant fool?! ” Isabel cursed angrily after Timothy had removed his hands from her mouth.

”I know you helped her escape from the castle that day ” Timothy claimed.

”Let me go now else I shall scream and everyone will come to my aid ” Isabel threatened and after many contemplations, Timothy let her go.

”I will never betray the royal family. I swear to you, I do not know where she is ” Isabel lied calmly and then she took her leave. She then realized that she couldn visit them any longer. Of course, Timothy didn believe her. He decided to stick around the village for a while. He settled down in an inn in the village for the night. The next morning, he went in the direction he saw Isabel coming from in search of Annabelle.

Annabelle went to Pa Simons bakery to help out in any way she could like she normally did. She mopped the floors while Pa Simon prepared the dough for the bread.

”Have you heard the news? Micheal is getting married ” Pa Simon said to Annabelle.

”I heard Pa Simon. Shall we not speak about it? ” Annabelle said sadly.

”Do you love the young bloke? ” Pa Simon asked but Annabelle refused to speak.

”These past days I have seen the way you two look at each other. I might be wrong, but theres more to you and Micheal than what you two let yourselves see ” Pa Simon said and spoke no further. Micheal came in and apologized for coming late.

”No worries son ” Pa Simon said brushing off his apology.

”Annabelle, how was the night? ” Micheal asked with a smile on his face.

”Fine Micheal…if you would excuse me ” Annabelle said bleakly as she carried the mopping bucket filled with dirty water out so she could throw the water away. He was surprised at her rather indifferent attitude and chased after her calling out her name but she refused to turn back. Timothy saw Annabelle and marvelled at how and where he saw her. She didn look like she were a princess at all. He thought it wise not to grab Annabelle in public as people would think otherwise. Suddenly, he lost sight of her but he saw Micheal who had just called out her name returning to the bakery. He followed him secretly.

Elliot after witnessing what just happened, went to Pa Simons bakery to make mockery of him.

”You had better get my 20 shillings ready Simon ” Elliot jeered and then he left. Micheal came in angrily and asked Pa Simon what he had told Annabelle.

”I did not inform her of something she didn already know and the next time you come to me shouting at the top of your voice, Ill remind you that I hired you and that you work for me and not with me. Understand boy?! ” Pa Simon stressed angrily and then Micheal came to his senses and apologised and Pa Simon forgave him.

”How did she know then? ” Micheal asked.

”Do you love Annabelle, Micheal? ” Pa Simon asked.

”We are just friends sir ” Micheal said with a trace of hesitation in his tone.

”Then why do you care? Go to the storage room and get me some extra flour ” Pa Simon said and Micheal did as he was told. As he went there, Timothy took it to his own advantage and got there waiting for him. Immediately Michela got to the storage room, Timothy locked the doors and punched Micheal in the face.

”Wheres the princess? ” He whispered arrogantly so nobody would hear them.

”The princess?! ” Micheal asked confused as he put his hands on his face where Timothy had just punched him.

”Im no fool boy! And why do you look familiar? ” Timothy asked as he punched Micheal in the face again.

”Ouch! That hurt! Look, shall we be reasonable gentlemens here? I swear to you, I do not know where the princess is ” Micheal said in pain but Timothy got angrier. He then rose Micheal high in the air.

”I have no idea what you called that lady you were running after but her name is Annabelle and shes a princess who escaped on the day of her introduction to the late King Micheal. Im sure you already know all that part. Now if you don get her to come back with me this instant, you
e going to be a human stag. Understand? ” Timothy threatened and then he dropped Micheal down to the ground. He was shocked at what Timothy had just said. Annabelle had lied to everyone about her true identity. It had then meant that he was to marry her if she were truly princess Annabelle but now that he was practically a nobody, it didn matter.

”Clock is ticking… ” Timothy said as he left the storage room.

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