The joker and the queen


A noble little prince ran down the halls of the Hover Castle as the maids and the usher tried to stop him from bringing the castle down. He pushed down trays, shattered the finest of tea cups, and spilt liquids on the floors that were just freshly mopped, he then bumped into the laundress who had just finished washing up the castle sheets, towels and tablecloths. The whole clean laundry fell to the ground where he had just spilt some liquid, trying to pick them up she stepped on a piece of glass and fell to the ground angry to the core. She wanted to spank the little prince but she remembered she was in no place to do so. So she gave him a little Pat on the nose.

”Naughty boy ” She said jamming her teeth together faking a smile. He saw his father coming so he ran towards him and his father; the king lifted him high up in the air reigning his little son with praises. He got him down and led him to his chamber. He read him his favourite poems of all time – Lamour interdit, which was in French meaning forbidden love. It was a tale as old time. Whenever it was read to him, hed start imagining. His imaginations ran wild. He was happy, he was content and most of all, he loved to love.

Ten years later he was all grown, 17 years of age. It was the third day before the Ides of March; March 13th, when a piece of tragic news struck the castle. The King fell very ill. The castles doctor was called in to diagnose the king but he couldn tell what could possibly be wrong with the king. Next was the castles chaplaincy. He was called to pray for the king but the king wasn getting any better, so he deemed the cause of the kings sickness as divine retribution for leading a sinful life.

No one had told the prince about his fathers illness. Whenever he asked about his father, the Constable; Tobias always told him that he was going to be absent for some length of time. He became worried about his father. Every time hed try to look into his fathers chamber to see what was actually going on but once the chambermaids sighted him, they shut the door locked. He had had enough of the household staff of the castle, so he went to confront the Constable.

”I demand to see my father Tobias! ” Micheal ordered. The Constable was shocked that the prince at such a young age dared to speak to him in such a manner.

”As I said, hes going to be away for some period of time ” Tobias replied sternly.

”I might be young but Im not stupid. Please Tobias, what has happened to my father? ” Micheal begged. His plea touched the Constables heart, so he let him into the kings chamber. Young prince Micheal was broken when he saw his father stricken down by the hands of death.

”Father, it is I ” Micheal proclaimed calmly as he sat by his fathers side

”Micheal….. ” The King whispered as he struggled to speak.

”Yes father….why didn you let them tell me about your illness. Im your son, I deserve to know ” Micheal demanded calmly.

”Micheal….. Do you remember…do you remember that line…..that line from Lamour interdit ” the king asked frailly.

”Le héros est tombé et son amour était toujours là ” Micheal replied.

”The hero fell and her love was still there….son, the mighty have fallen but the love I have for you my son.. ” he coughs and then continues.

”….the love I we have for each other, this great country… shall never fall with it ”

”Father please, I beg of you, do not speak like this ” Micheal plead then he turns to the castles doctor and asked how much time his father has left.

”Less than two days your highness ” the doctor proclaimed sadly.

”Doctor, would you please excuse the boy and I while he speaks to his father ” Constable; Tobias suggested politely. The doctor had excused them leaving only Tobias and Micheal alone with the king.

”Father, would you like me to have one of the maids get you your favourite flower. The one that we go to put besides mothers tombstone? ” Micheal asked sadly.

”It would be better if you go get it yourself your highness it would mean much ” the Constable suggested. Micheal nodded in agreement and left to get the flowers. As Micheal was leaving the Chamberlain; Sofia was arriving.

Minutes later the Constable rushed out of the kings chamber shouting. He called the attention of everyone present in the castle. They all rushed to the kings chamber. The Chamberlain; Sofia sat in the corner of the room sobbing and shocked. The King had always been good to her, so it was so saddening seeing him dead. Soon after, Micheal came back with the flowers. He saw everyone gathered in the halls next to his fathers room. He tried to rebut the truth of the matter, at least what he thought had happened but his heart only kept on racing and racing as he ran through the halls with the flowers in his hands.

”Your highness! ” The Constable called out but Micheal turned a deaf ear and entered his fathers room. There he saw his fathers lifeless body. He couldn believe his eyes. He went up to him and hugged him whilst his fathers body was on the bed. Micheal cried out. He begged his father to come back to him. The castles household just watched him sadly because there was nothing they could do to resurrect his Royal Majesty; the King.

Ten days later, the castle notified the public about the kings death. The chapterhouse of the cathedral rang a bell, summoning the community. The priest had told them about the death of the king. Most of the peasants were in shock and some were in deep worry. The King had just promised them that he would abolish the serfdom policy and now he was dead. At the sixth hour, they all came out for a procession in honour of the kings death. At the beginning of a very long line was the family of the relative of the late King George, his household staff and then the commoners. They were all dressed in black. All the commoners had to offer was their condolences and hoped that the next in line would grant them what the king would have before his sudden death.

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