The joker and the queen


”You cannot be serious Everest! Such accusations upon the King and Queen of Nottingham! ” Constable Tobias said with so much aggression. He couldn believe what had just come out of Marshal Everests mouth.

”Think about it my Lord. Their kingdom is in jeopardy. When the marriage happens, fifty percent of what belonged to late King Micheal will automatically belong to her…but with him out of the way, she would own everything and everyone in this kingdom, granting her former Kingdom full power ” Everest proclaimed.

”We got news of Princess Annabelles escape from her Castle ” Constable Tobias added.

”That is the only problem they have now. When their daughter is found, if they are smart enough, they would protest for her legitimate right to the throne ” Everest said.

Constable Tobias swirled his wine as he ventured into deep thought. He knew what Everest was saying could be true but the only problem was that it was not true. So he decided to play along with Everest allegations.

”I promise you, Everest, I shall not let those murderers inherit a dime from what my predecessor worked so diligently hard for ”

”Your predecessor? ” Everest asked confused.

”Yes Everest, Im going to be King. Our kingdom needs a ruler, we can leave it without a monarch ” Constable Tobias stressed.

e very right my Lord. You
e a great man, a noble Lord. You have seen this kingdom and everyone in it through thick and thin. You deserve this honorary title Tobias ” Everest said praising Tobias.

”I shall take my leave ” Everest said and then he stood up and left the Constables office.

The day of Tobiass coronation had finally approached. Ole the preacher, gathered some peasants who wanted to attend the coronation and addressed them.

”It is well known that since the death of King George, the royal family has done nothing but treat us like animals. They steal from us, overwork us and yet they take action against our revolution. But I stand here to tell us today that there is going to be a new regime. One under former Constable Tobias…now King Tobias. He has invited us to his coronation and I beg that you all be on your best behaviour. His regime entails inclusiveness that was all I was informed. Today, he wants you all to hear it for yourself. Shall we go now? ” Ole asked and they all chorused ”yes ” in agreement.

Ole and Micheal led the peasants to the Castle and as they did so, they discussed.

”The royal family is so despised here as you said. It looks as though the people have lost respect for the nobles above them, thats why they are not afraid to revolt against them ” Micheal said.

”Those men above us are anything far from nobles. Especially King Micheal, he was the most brutal of them all. Now his death has opened a new chapter for the serfs and peasants ” Ole retorted and Micheal said no more. They all got to the Castle and waited outside its gates. The guards then opened the gates and they all went in. They lingered outside waiting for the newly coronated King to bring the celebration to them.

Noble men from around the country came to witness Tobiass coronation. Also present were the Church and representatives from other countries. The Archbishop was to pioneer his coronation and as they waited for his arrival, some of the persons present discussed.

”Amaya how lovely to see you ” Lady Agatha said sarcastically as she and Queen Amaya kissed each other on the cheeks.

”Same here Agatha ” she replied with an obviously fake smile.

”I heard that your daughter escaped because she didn want to marry late King Micheal and now that he is dead she has not still returned. So it got me thinking, did she really escape because of the marriage or because of her parents lack of common sense? ” Lady Agatha asked with a grin.

”I heard your husband got married to a girl 10 years younger than you and left you with a will worth nothing ” Queen Amaya clapped back.

”At least I have the support of my sons unlike you whose Kingdom is already in jeopardy ”

”At least I have a husband ”

”Money is all that matters, and you don have any ” Lady Agatha retorted.

”My darling Annabelle will return and our kingdom will be restored to its former glory…speaking of, is your son one of the Viscount? ” Queen Amaya asked.

”Yes, why? ”

”He tried to get under my gown, give him a warning next time would you please, ” Queen Amaya said and then she left Lady Agathas sight.

”Constable now turned King, God is indeed good ” one Lady said to another.

”It all happened so fast though. Tobias could not even wait a month for this. It sounds greedy to me ” the other Lady retorted.

”You know how it is here, the problem they have with their serfs, desperate times calls for desperate measures ” the Lady replied and then the Archbishop arrived and the coronation ceremony began.

Constable Tobias undertook to rule according to law, to exercise justice with mercy – promises symbolised by the four swords in the coronation regalia (the Crown Jewels) and to maintain the Church of England. The Archbishop standing before him administered the Coronation Oath, first asking Tobias:

Is your Majesty willing to take the Oath?

And Tobias answered: I am willing.

The Archbishop then ministered these questions; and Tobias, having a book in his hands, answered each question severally as follows:

The Archbishop: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom and Great Britain according to their respective laws and customs?

Tobias: I solemnly promise to do so.

The Archbishop. Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?

Tobias: I will.

The Archbishop: Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England?

Tobias: I will.

He was then anointed, blessed and consecrated by the Archbishop, whilst he was seated on King Micheals chair. After receiving the orb and sceptres, the Archbishop placed King Micheals Crown on his head. All the nobles and clergies present swear loyalty to their sovereign; King Tobias. Then the whole congregation acclaimed their new monarch when they shouted; God save the King!

He then left the Castle wearing purple Imperial robes to see the peasants outside. He greeted them and there he made a decree.

”My people, welcome! Im indeed very delighted to have you here. It is no news that you have suffered enough hence your rebellious protest. But I relayed a message to your preacher, Ole, that my regime will be about inclusiveness. That is why I, King Tobias, declares that from now on, the serfdom policy will be abolished and the tax rate will be reduced by 30 percent ” King Tobias decreed and the immediately the crowd chanted his name at the top of their voices;

”King Tobias! King Tobias! ”

Most of the noble men murmured astonished at Tobiass decree.

”My Lord, we shall go bankrupt ” Marshal Everest whispered into his ears.

”Its part of the plan Everest, we need to gain their trust ” Tobias whispered back. After his decree, the coronation feast began. Normally, the commoners were left to eat left-overs after the nobles had eaten to their full. But Tobias gave them their own fair share. Then he called Ole to a corner and discussed with him the peasants revolution. Ole assured Tobias that the peasants would stop as long as he stands by his words and they both shook hands in agreement. Then came Micheal who wanted to speak with Tobias. He forcefully went through the guards and as they came to stop him, Tobias told them to let him be.

Micheal then went up to Tobias and looked him in the eyes proclaiming that he wasn dead and that he was King Micheal. But Tobias didn believe him.

”Hundreds of peasants come to impersonate late King Micheal. How do you want me to believe you? ” Tobias said disgusted by Micheals claims. Micheal immediately remembered when he told Queen Amaya that he had peasants impersonating him on the daily.

”I swear to you Tobias, I am King Micheal. You took care of me when my father died. Please believe me ” Micheal begged but Tobias got more irritated and asked the guards to throw him out of his castle and they did as they were told. Everyone watched what happened. They knew that Micheal was under Ole so they wondered what he would have said to upset Tobias.

”That man is never to set foot on this ground again. If he does, he shall be exiled for impersonation of the late King Micheal ” Tobias decreed sternly.

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