The joker and the queen


The coronation was over and everyone was back to their Castles and cruck houses after witnessing the drama that unfolded at the palace.

Marshal Everest accompanied by some guards came to Nottingham Castle to take out integral antiques and expensive collections and also to inform their royal household workers to resign as Phillips and Amaya would not be able to afford their wages with money or in kind. Then he offered the workers who agreed to resign vacancies at the Hover Castle. When his men were done collecting all the collectables, they left Nottingham, leaving Phillips and Amaya with almost an empty Castle, though they still had surplus food and pieces of furniture. Only royal household workers refused to resign and those were Isabel; Princess Annabelles chambermaid and one of the guards; Timothy, the one who questioned Isabel when she helped Annabelle get out the castles gates.

Phillips and Amaya sat by the fireplace with Isabel and Timothy standing before them.

”How has our life come to this my Lord? First, our daughters escape and now this, I don know if I can continue to live like this anymore ” Amaya lamented.

”Its just Phillips now my love. We have been stripped of our title ” Phillips declared in a sad tone.

”Im sorry to interrupt my Lord, but you will always be King Phillips to me and her majesty will be Queen Amaya. Despite those horrid accusations, I believe in my heart that you two are not capable of killing King Micheal… Trying to seduce King Tobias maybe but murder, never ” Isabel said a bit nervous.

”You didn need to add that last part Isabel ” Amaya said almost annoyed.

”Thank you Isabel and Timothy for deciding to stay with us ” Phillips said thanking them.

”Thats the least we could do your highness after what youve done for me and my late family…my wife and children in heaven would punish me if I ever turned my back on your family ” Timothy said.

”Same here, you both helped my sister and I when things were going rough for us. For that, I am forever in your debt ” Isabel said as she genuflected before them.

”Its nice to hear all these talks about loyalty but it still doesn take away the fact that we are poor now, no money, no servants, nothing. If this is a dream I want to wake up so badly. If you would excuse me ” Amaya said as she stood up from her chair and went up to her room.

”If you would excuse as well ” Isabel said then she left for the kitchen. She took as much food and fruits from there. Then she went up the stairs to bring a black sack that she would use to tie the food and fruits. She passed by Amayas room and noticed the door was left open. As she was about to close it, she saw Amaya standing on a stone seat built into the castle walls next to a wide opened window. She was about to jump when Isabel called out her name.

”Your majesty please, do not jump. I beg of you! ” Isabel yelled afraid for the worse.

”But I do not have a choice Isabel. Id rather die than be condemned to this poor lifestyle. I was a Queen and now Im just a commoner living in an empty castle ” Amaya said turning back to look at Isabels face.

”Your majesty, please, theres a reason to live, for your daughter ” Isabel said but Amaya wasn convinced.

”Even if she were to return, no man of royalty would want to marry her. Honestly, Id like it if she stayed wherever she was than face the shame that is her family ” Amaya said about to jump when Isabel called out again.

”Your majesty please ”

”Isabel can I just jump in peace! I want to die. This life is not for me ” Amaya said annoyed and then she came down from the stone seat and left her room.

”What happened you no longer want to jump? ” Isabel said confused as she watched Amaya leave her room.

”Yes Isabel, you won. I should have just jumped the moment I got on top of the seat instead of waiting for dramatic suspense ” Amaya said annoyed. Isabel then made the sign of the cross thanking Jesus for not allowing her to make the jump. After that, she got the black sack and tied all the food and fruits in it. Then she headed for her elder sisters house.

When she got there, she knocked on the doors and Annabelle now called Maria opened them. Annabelle was surprised to see her. They hugged each other and then Isabel showcased all that she had brought for them.

”Isabel my little sister, you never disappoint ” Guadeloupe said with a huge smile on her face as she ransacked all that Isabel brought for them. Isabel then took Annabelle outside so they could have a private conversation.

”Annabelle the situation with your parents is bad. You need to come home ” Isabel said worriedly.

”Isabel, I do not plan on returning home anytime soon or even at all. Besides, my parents murdered my supposed to-be husband and she tried to seduce King Tobias, how do you want me to go back to those shameless people. From now on, I want nothing to do with them ”

”Your mother tried to kill herself ” Isabel said trying to convince Annabelle but she wasn moved.

”It does not bother me, tell her to try harder next time. After all, she didn miss when she killed Micheal ” Annabelle said without remorse.

”So you really think your parents had something to do with his death? ” Isabel asked Annabelle but she didn respond.

”You know, you act as though you were moved about the death of the man you never wanted to marry, when really, deep inside that heart of yours, his death gave you freedom. Have a nice day your highness ” Isabel said and then she took her leave ashamed of Annabelle. Annabelle went back inside almost in tears, she tried to push them back so that Guadeloupe wouldn see them and she was successful.

”What were you guys talking about? ” Guadeloupe asked concerned.

”I was just thanking her for everything you both have done for me so far ” Annabelle lied.

”You don need to thank us Maria, you are family…plus you agreed to be my maid so… ” Guadeloupe jeered and they both laughed.

”Speaking of maid, I need you to go get me bread from the bakers shop. You could ask for direction, its not that far ” Guadeloupe said as she gave Annabelle some shillings for the purchase of the bread. Annabelle took it and began her journey to the bakers shop. She asked for directions and was given some. She finally got to the bakers shop. There she saw a young man waiting for the baker as well and they engaged in a conversation.

”You look oddly familiar, do I know you? ” Annabelle asked the man.

”I do not know you ” the man replied.

”Oh, Im terribly sorry for coming at you like that. I know it sounds awfully attacking for a stranger to walk up to you and say such ” Annabelle said a bit nervous.

”Do not worry, I am not offended ” the man replied.

”Can I make your acquaintance… Im Anna… I mean Maria, and you? ” Annabelle asked nervously.

”Micheal ” he replied.

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