After Xenas fathers death,

Just hours ago, when I was packing my belongings, a flurry of images flashed through my mind. I was caught between grief and joy. My father died only a few days ago, but my mother says her new husband has agreed to let me live in their home. Though my mothers husband is presently on a business trip and I only spoke to him on the phone a few minutes ago, I can hear how nice he sounds, and he even welcomes me to his family, saying that he would be pleased if his two sons and I were friends.

Actually, I was surprised because my mother had not informed me that I had a half-brother. Perhaps because she visits her father in the hospital less frequently and we don talk much. And Dad hasn talked much about her either.

What I was feeling on the inside was all in the middle. I was a little happy and a little sad. Whatever happened to me after that, I hope my father was merely looking down from above.

I sigh. I knew just by looking at my mother that she was a serious person who could not be joked with. She was overly serious. Perhaps this is why he abandoned his father. because my dad was the type of person who would never want to be surrounded by frowning faces. And, as usual, my mother maintains a poker face.

My mothers automobile came to a halt in front of the most massive gate Id ever seen in my life; it was a golden high gate with two massive statues of lions side by side.

My mothers car beeped, and the big gate opened slowly. On the other hand, I was just staring up at the enormous house. However, as I looked to the far side of the house, which was rather dark, I observed a female standing there, and I had to swallow hard since the girls ears were quite large.

Even though I was used to it, I couldn help but feel nervous. Since my father and I arrived here in this town, Ive realized I have a sixth sense and can see things that others cannot.

But I used to ignore them to pretend I couldn see them. And they have faith.

I understood immediately that what I was witnessing wasn normal. When I returned my gaze to mum as she got out of the car, I heard her tell the person she was speaking with to gather my things and set them in the room that the maid had prepared for me.

I exhaled a sigh. This is it, I told myself. Id finally have the family Id always wanted. Regardless of the fact that the cost was my fathers life,

Despite her harsh expression, I nodded and climbed out of the car as my mother beckoned. When the servant, who I imagined was dressed in a maid uniform, unlocked the massive entryway to the mansion, my eyes were filled with wonder. What makes the inside more appealing than the outside? All I can say is that mom lived like a queen, from the expensive feature paintings to the jars and enormous vases in every room, to the great staircase and wonderful chandelier. I won blame her for living with my father

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