Rooster screams in the morning to announce the rising of the sun.

The crickets and birds and other animals in the area wakes with chirping noises similar to a symphony lead by the conductor.

The coolness that the nighttime held is now being lifted by the heat of the sun.

Mist rises from the ground making the earth eerie and mysterious.

On a worn out house where the foundation of the walls can topple over a slight push, sitting a kid without a care of the world.

His eyes are averted to insects on the ground.

Ants desperately looking for food to feed the queen. Cockroaches that are so eager to eat but are hesitant from danger.

Flies that only knows to buzz their way around whatever food they can get.

Worms that are using their whole body to get their way into survival.

And maggots that magically appears in everything thats rotten and dead.

The kid only stares blankly and tries to understand his life.

Though thinking about it only makes his mind run in circles and comes to the conclusion of its pointless.

While he is sleepless and ponders on life.

A putrid smell comes reeking from the corpse of a dog thats barely holding on for life.

He looks at it and observed insects instead of the dog.

Ants, flies, worms and maggots are already eating away the flesh of this poor dog.

Dying from hunger and damage it received from the people.

People that are disgusted by the sight and smell of it.

People that felt like they have more value than the stray dog.

And while the kid was observing this scene his father wakes from the horrible smell and started yelling in anger.

”What is that smell? ” While glancing at the dog and his kid. He got up from his bed and kicked the kid in the back so hard that the little boys face hit the body of the dog.

The flies and other insects scattered for a few seconds and continues to feed off the poor dog disregarding the presence of the kid.

The kid is so weak from hunger and sleepless nights that he only moved slightly to not be directly on top of the dog.

His father laughed at the sight and walked away from the door.

The kid got up after mustering enough strength to walk a few steps on the road who is also desperately looking for food.

After walking for so long he reaches a house with garden of fruits and vegetables.

His attention is diverted in two.

Looking at the food while also looking at the insects that are feeding of the fruits, the flowers and vegetables and the same conclusion came to his mind.

The bees are lining up on the flowers to sip nectar and feed the queen. Fruit flies that are eating off the fallen goods. Worms that are also scavenging their food.

And while hes standing there the owner of the house finds him suspicious.

The owner grabs the tool and warns the kid, that if he doesn move he will be hit.

As the owner rushes towards the kid.

The wife of the owner stops him and proceeded to push the kid by his arm.

The kid whos in the verge of feinting wakes from his day dreaming and slowly tries to move away.

By the time the couple realizes the state of the kid. Their guilt took over before they can even muster to help out the kid.

After a few more minutes of walking the kid averts his attention to some lively kids playing in the distance.

As he felt this sensation of jealousy and sadness his tears started falling down his face.

In his mind how does a thirsty and hungry kid like him has so much tears left in his body?

He proceeded to walk towards the road and witnessed a violent scene of people just fighting each other.

Blood from every inch of these peoples body is continuously flowing as if they resemble a stream of fountain.

Unfazed from whats happening he continues to walk past them and gets to the forest where the road ends.

He looks around and finds himself lost.

”Hey kid what are you doing here? ”

Followed by a different voice.

”Just grab him and put him with the others ”

Instead of following what the other guy said he grabs the kid by the hair and slit the kids throat.

And the two ran away into the forest.

The kid felt everything. The pain, the warm blood dripping down his body, the feeling of coldness started from his feet that rapidly went all the way to his hands and head.

He thought to Himself what have I done to deserve all this pain? Why di….. .

His body dropped at the roots of the tree.

And his last cold breath left his body.

His soul is filled with emptiness. Can you imagine a person who wants nothing of this world.

Not a Gold or a diamond or dreams or goals or any person in his life that could at least give him the want to live and continue.

His soul is defined as curious and empty which is the very definition of a void or a black hole.

An object so dark yet has the power to pull everything in its surrounding.

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