In the forest of tenebris which is dark in Latin, lives those that are only capable of living in the harshest of environment.

This forest is the most mysterious area in the whole continent.

It is beneath the surface level of the earth and sun shines only atop the trees.

A singular river that narrows down as soon as it merges in the forest.

The forest is so big yet hidden that it was fabled that it can house five great kingdoms.

Great kingdom=mongol empire.

The reason why its fabled to be so large is that because it slopes down halfway and it goes beneath the earth.

For centuries different challengers and brave people male/female tried to explore tenebris.

None of them came back.

In the beginning of the slope there is a hobbit house but in a bigger build and angled in a weird fashion.

Instead of having a door it has a camouflaged rock like hatch.

In a mile radius not a single moving creature can be found.

Trees and plants around this area is withered and cursed.

The soil is murky in color and it seemed to be very toxic.

This is where the witch lives.

She is more like a scientist/ doctor than an actual witch.

Her research is the humans that reside in the forest and other living creature in it.

The baby that she found is one of her most prized possessions due to the lack of interaction she had in the forest.

Day by day she grew very fond of the baby.

She realized that the baby has an affinity to darkness.

The baby can digest anything from poison, toxins, flesh and bones.

Even though her intentions are right the actions she had taken so far are definitely wrong and would be immoral to a normal human.

She fed the baby with human blood and meat. Other animals blood and meat. Toxins and other poisonous herbs and materials was mixed in the food.

However, even with all this things shes done the baby survived and continued to grow.

She also experimented on how great this babys survival abilities and tendencies to overcome unknown threats.

The experiments consisted of putting the baby in and out of box full of centipedes overnight.

If the baby is alive and well for 24 hours she will bring him back up and observe.

The most gruesome out of all the experiments is that she would dissect the baby wide awake and she would add or remove different organs.

In a year the baby managed to walk and talk.

The baby managed to move around freely in the witchs house.

To her surprise the baby will concoct his own food with whatever is lying around the kitchen.

And the baby progresses faster than anything that shes ever seen in her lifetime.

She ended up stopping all the experiments and just wonderfully watched over the baby.

On her notes she described the meals and free time and other physical changes that this baby had. Drawing and illustrations of how this baby looks like and adoration she have to the baby.

While reading a scroll about deities, she found a name that is very fitting to the baby.

Whiro the lord of darkness

The baby is portrayed as unusual for a typical human.

He has red eyes, white hair and has weird smile that looks unnatural.

His complexion is pale due to being hidden out from the sun.

The most amazing detail the witch noticed was how fast the baby was growing physically and intellectually.

Whiro is much more capable than that, however his consciousness is still that of a baby.

Whiro can only handle moving around for so long before running out of energy.

His focus can last up to 5 hours before going back into a sleep state. However In his sleep state he managed to use this time for a different purpose.

Whiro made his own world in his dream and in his world he made a tower so big it can fit the Eiffel Tower.

This is where he stores his knowledge.

At the moment he could barely fill one bookshelf.

He spends his time here to learn and make sense of his current life.

To make an observation on how things operate on this new profound world that hes living in.

Both the dream world and the real world is still a big mystery to him but because of his past life the only thing he knows is to observe and learn from there.

There are times where hes wide awake for more than 5 hours and would go outside the house into the deeper part of the forest.

Right after witchs territory is where the chimera resides. They were her past experiments. They all have amazing intellect however due to their appearance they prefer to hide.

Whiro went past that area and went even further.

The further you go into the deep forest the better appearance the living beasts and animals would have.

But they are labeled on level by Whiro and the further deep you go down the forest the more dangerous it gets.

Whiro categorized it into 3 different areas.

Witchs gate>> her area is what contains the forest from wreaking havoc to the outside.

Middle earth>> this is where chimeras live and other normal looking beasts and animals reside.

The paradise>> this is lowest point of the forest and also the most unknown section. Even the witch only managed to explore it 3 times in her life and one of them is due to Whiro goin there.

Whiro as a baby would return food five times his size and drag it to the witch.

This was the reason the witch would let Whiro do his own thing.

They would rotate the hunt.

Whenever Whiro is sleeping she would prep food.

Whenever shes not around then Whiro would hunt.

Days passed where Whiro is in the witchs gate just waiting.

The witch didn come back from the paradise.

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