The rise of the Ultimate species

Ultimate universal art!

Kirean is currently looking through the the list of traits with a thoughtful expression ”hm what should I pick? ”

Browsing Idly until I found an interesting trait its called [Adaptable] which makes ultimas capable of adapting anywhere even space ”Damn this trait is broken I can even start on a molten rock of a planet ” I said as I picked adaptable as my first trait

The first pick got me excited and fantasizing of the future while scrolling until I stopped and stared at [Intelligent] which makes the ultimas practically a super computer, ”hahaha we are gonna be broken can wait to see the face of the other races in the galaxy they are gonna vomit blood ” I start laughing while I also start to wonder how many traits can I pick, ”oh well Ill keep going till it stops me ”

So I started picking faster and faster when I realized the system isn stopping me, [telepathy] [architects] [evolvable] [combat instincts] […..

Those were the most noticeable ones I chose but believe me I took them all and the most impressive one is [evolvable] what it does is it put evolution stages to ultimas as they age and the stages go from baby all the way to elder so as a baby turns 10 he will evolve but without any physical changes their cells evolve to hold more energy until ultimas have enough energy as the universe they don need to evolve physically they all ready have every trait from every species to ever exist ”hey Im getting kinda worried for whoever is in the universe with me how is this even fair and i got the best trait from the gods [god domain] ”

[god domain] where do I start with this one well an Ultima created a world inside of themselves let me say it again THEY MAKE A WORLD INSIDE OF THEMSELVES, Holy shit this is busted so we can make worlds and never lack resources and the worlds evolve as we evolve they can maybe be bigger than the universe sadly it can only be used for resources until we find a way to do other things

I look at all the trait my species have with satisfaction, I literally took all of them haha Im so happy lets go to the [character] before I start daydreaming about the future again

[you are one lucky bastard host, you are the first to make a race so overwhelming that it bugged the system as thanks for finding a bug you can keep all the changes you made]

”Haha system don worry when I rule the universe Ill find you a hot system for you to start a family with hahaha ”


I ignore the system as Im itching to go so I look at the [character] and find out its the character of my species, well I don want my species to be narrow minded so Ill only put loyalty to the primordial of the species which is me, unity and thats pretty much it I don want one of my ultimas going about doing immoral stuff tho but I don think I have to care about this because we have every trait of every species like warlike species, benevolent ones so I don think they are going to stoop to low to do that

As I finish the [character] I start getting excited as I say ”how do I get started now ”

[host will be sent to a random universe on a planet without intelligent life forms]

”Wait so what if some aliens find me early and want to kill me? ”

[don worry host It will be hundreds of light years away from any aliens]

”Phew thats a relief I have to start all over from stick and stones to getting my species on its feet itll be to much with aliens coming ”

[host will be sent to the universe in 10 seconds]









”Damn I kinda liked this place looks like its goodbye, I hope my species don end up like how the humans did that was tragic ”



Then I lost all senses as I dream of ruling the universe with my race.

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