The survivor’s system : Lost in the darkest dungeon world

The secret of the hamlet biggest minaret!!

waking up from his deep sleep, adam stretched his muscles, and peeked out from his window, what met his eyes was waves after waves of humans, wearing different kinds of clothes…. washing his face then sitting in his study desk, he pulled out the papers he wrote yesterday, scanning them and nodding, yes he wrote there everything he knew about the game . every detail he could recall, from the simplest ones to the most serious and impactful, be it truths, unique and legendary trinkets, monster types and the way to fight against them, the most dangerous entities one might cross in dungeons and a lot more, this was important because living in this world will definitely make him forget a lot of things and details, and his now vivid colourful memories will only become more distant and vague with the passage of time…. putting the papers back into the inventory adam put a new blank one on his desk, he was going to use it studying his system, understanding in the process the similarities and the differences… willing his detailed version of the state panel to appear adam started looked at it with a serious expression on his face…

states panel :

{information }:

[ name ]: Adam – [Age]: 25 years

[nickname]: vandaxe

[adventuring rank]: seeker

[race] : human – [class] : bounty-hunter

[level]: 0 … exp(28/50)

{ main attributes} : (can assign state points)

[vitality]: 7


[agility]: 4

[defence]: 4 (damage on every non crippling non lethal hit is reduced by 4 )

{secondary attributes}: (can assign state points)

[attack]: 7 (+6)

[Hp]: 18 (vit×2 + defence)

[stamina] : 28 (vit × 3 + stg)

[unassigned state points] : 02

some changes were made in the panel but not much, his identity as an adventurer, and 2 unassigned state points, and also the rise of his experience points…

now that he look at it there is something interesting here, to make sure he is right adam asked :

” SORA i noticed that stamina has a connection to strength i did not hear something like that before ”

immediately the answer came :

” Host, as i told you before this is a real world not a game, the system is a way to quantify this reality, but i will admit it, we couldn do it perfectly, about your question i think you know that is impossible to have a rise in strength without a rise in stamina, they are linked …like a lot of attributes… and hidden attributes… ”

” The system will try to fix any shortcomings it has and will update continuously… well also be taking any suggestions you make into consideration… ”

as expected… so the system is just a way to simplify things huh okay i get it now…

”SORA can you please tell me about all the attributes related or linked to each other on my state panel? ”

asked adam after thinking for a bit

” of course, lets begin with strength and agility, why do you think increasing strength doesn increase agility ”

adam tried to find an answer but he was clueless, certainly won having stronger muscle make you move faster??

” i don know !! ” said adam

” let me tell you host: agility is indeed speed, yet it is not ”

” agility is the ability to maneuver the battlefield … but its more about reflexes speed at short distances and periods of time the ability to change course suddenly , to evade attacks and a do lot of other things, shortly, agility is your accelerations potency and its control, it is the ability to respond.. and it has nothing to do with maximum speed , so it is related to your nerve system and Weight and reflexes ”

adam was enlightened he understood, it made a lot of sense …

” SORA please continue ”

” okay host, now lets talk about vitality … it is a very important attribute, it is the combination of a lot of traits and characteristics of the body, Constitution for example.. is how ready your body for power and speed, let me tell you this, you can have a strength attribute that is more than twice you vitality (constitution) because your body wouldn be able to support such strength, the same thing applies for agility, you can have more than twice the number for the same reasons .. ”

” vitality also has a link to pain tolerance , body defence, Hp and Hp recovery, stamina and its recovery , and even poison resistance ”

” to not complicate things host must know that in this world vitality is the main attribute, all the other attributes revolve around it or have something to do with it, mental power which is a hidden attribute and the pillar of the rare class mages power, can indeed be rised with different ways but it can be more than three times of the vitality, and rising vitality will definitely make your mental power rise ”

writing everything that looked important, adam knowledge of the world he found himself in was growing …

”SORA can you reveal my MP (mental power) ”

” of course ”

[MP]: 7 ( mental power is a hidden attribute, which is related to race, training, and level , with every 4 vitality points you gain one MP point, mental power is the energy needed to cast spells and resist mental attacks ”

” host what do you think the defence attribute means ”

his mind on high gears adam answered

” well it is my ability to block attacks, or is it just a damage reduction passive? ”

” Host is half right half wrong, defence actually has nothing to do with your skill at defending against attacks, its simply a type of resistance, physical damage resistance, your body will resist damage up to 4 points, more than that and you will receive the additional value, vitality will give you 1 point in defence for every 4 points … ”

nodding his head adam decided that he knew enough about attributes now

” SORA assign one point to my vitality and one point for my agility…and thank you we will stop here lets continue some other time ”

adam thought his reflexes are a great asset for him in battles, and since hitting 8 in vitality will rise both his MP and defence he would not skip the chance this early in levels, because every point counts, for strength he doesn need it too urgently, going from seven to eight will basically change nothing … well he would get one point in stamina but that rise is really insignificant….

closing his state panel adam put the page he wrote inside his inventory and went out for breakfast, it was one of the free… well pre-paid meals provided by the guild…

while he was eating his breakfast.. he noticed a young man standing by the door, he seemed looking for someone … seeing adam his eyes lit up and he came directly at him… adam stopped eating and looked at him .. removing his hat and bowing in respect saying

” Hello i apologize for the inconvenience, this is a message from the mayor, can you please show me your adventurer ID ? ” giving the man his ID and curiously looking at the man taking out a little box, in which was a blue sponge, putting some ink on the ID with the sponge.. he stamped it on a beautifully written page, taking out another clean sponge he easily cleaned the blue ink on adam ID card, it was somehow removable, after he was done he took out a latter from his chest, he gave it to adam and bowed one last time before giving back adams ID, and then stored the paper that he stamped just now and left the inn…

looking at the latter in his hands adam thought it was beautiful, the wax seal on it took the shape of a blue flying bird, he put it in his pocket .. he will read it after finishing his breakfast…

when he stood from his table…willing to go back to his room, adam suddenly was faced with a middle aged man looking at him closely with shining eyes, adam was taken aback but relaxed when he recognised who it was , he was in another set of clothes, brown long boots, black pants and a black suite… what is this idiot doing .. is he going to some party, before adam could say anything solyman the head cleric of the bloody Valkyrie said

” your highness i w——- ”

” your high what!? ” screamed adam … seriously whats wrong with that guy

” ahum … s… cough … ah van..daxe i heard you are somewhat new to this town so i had an idea ”

he stopped to catch his breath and compose himself, damn he can get used to it, the great man if front of him was like a mountain in his eyes, if not for him wanting to be called that way he would not call him with his name alone … he must help him adapt to the town … and the best way is to see all of it from that tower, he must not waste the chance, they must go before the guarding shift of the guard he bribed is over ….

” mmm and what is your idea then.. solyman you are acting weirdly … or perhaps you are just weird ” said adam looking suspiciously to the cleric

” I actually want you to see all the town and tell you about all the districts and places in the hamlet this will help his highn…. ahum sir vandaxe to plan his stay and adapt faster to the life here ”

” mmmmm okay actually that will really help, i got a tour guide yesterday, they showed me around the place a little but thats not sufficient i guess ”

hell i was almost outclassed damn it, iam glad i asked him now….. this man maybe someday our hope after all …

that axe…. iam sure about it, no one uses that anymore… he must be an ancient class,and not any ancient class , now even if he isn who i think he is ..i wouldn lose anything anyway ….

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