From the most popular inn in the hamlet came out a fine dressed cleric opening a way in the sea of people for a young man in a set of white and blue clothes, he was nothing out of the ordinary, he was actually the definition of the word -average- you would even miss or lose him in the waves of people, his eyes were brown with a short black wavy hair and a tanned yellow skin, he was not what you would call a tall guy either, barely 1.79 metres .. or maybe 1.8 , they kept swimming against the current of human bodies until they reached a duel horse carriage .. the well known cleric literally dashed to the door opening it and letting the young man mont the carriage, then he himself entered closing the door behind him, people who knew the cleric seemed puzzled, what the hell?! who is that young man, for the crazy cleric of the bleeding Valkyrie no less!! to be treating him that way …. when they tried to recall who the young man was and asked each other about him, they were shocked, because no one knew who he was, the curious people by the inn doors couldn help themselves, so an operation to scout information was about to start, hey this was their job ..they basically do nothing, their only goal of living was to know everything about everyone, and of course gossip about them nonstop and put a lot of bullshit and imagination into the mix , don be mistaken! those were not professional informants of some influential dark organisation, or agents of any state or government… those were only jobless people so don freak-out, two things be sure that you would find no matter the world or the unverse you are in, grass and those people …

oblivious to the huge sensation he caused among the townsfolk, adam was trying his best to keep his breakfast in his stomach, his seat was hitting his butt so hard in a different angle every time, after the feeling of nausea was ingrained in his mind and stomach, and felling his butt became numb, adam could then see they were slowing down, not long after that, the carriage came to a stop… and the weirdly familiar feeling of something ending without you feeling any relief swept over him, he couldn put his finger on it … mmm this familiarity, i think its just a normal case of deja vu, of course his mind would reboot from all that dancing in the carriage , hell..he thought he was lucky his mind didn shutdown completely! , it must be it(they say deja vu happens when your mind reboots) whatever, lets look at what we have here , a tower?? no! wait isn that a minaret? and not any minaret its a spiral giant one, like the malwiya of Samarra !! fantastic… i always wanted to see that wonder of architecture…

what was so special about a malwiya was its practicality, you follow the spiral and thats it, you are going up, climbing the minaret, while also walking in circles around the giant tower, so you get to see everything around you while just walking and looking ahead of you!! and every time you get to see the same parts of the town or city but from a different altitude, those spiral towers are a heaven on earth for photographers, they would kill for a ride anytime of the year!!! …

like a child Who found a new toy, adam was excited he didn even hear what solyman and the guard at the entrance to the malwiya was talking about…. he felt the feeling of rising up the spiral without you feeling you are at that much of an altitude just to be surprised the next moment to see the same building you saw a moment before but this time it seems further and smaller, it was a mind blowing experience at least for adam …

deciding he played around enough , adam gave sol a look and it was all it took for the cleric to activate tour guide mode

” firstly i will be talking about this tower we are ascending, this a very ancient one, it was here even before the hamlet itself, you may be asking what is so special about it … but i will tell you… this building is only a landmark, it is a good watching tower indeed but … the real treasure trove is what is beneath the minaret. ”

” before you ask … this place is not safe lets talk about it when we reach the top, ahum now to the town districts, it is basically split into six parts, the first one is a circular zone around this tower we
e ascending, if you look carefully you will notice a little tower with a red flag on top of it, those are the borders of this area, we call that zone the beast district… ”

mulling over his thoughts solyman made a little pause if several seconds, adam didn say anything he was just listening carefully and interestingly, he would look in deep thoughts sometimes and he would nodding and making mmm and humm sounds some other times… solyman would stop now and then to catch his breaths

” the beast zone actually is a secret for the common people, only the town officials and the mayor, and adventurers with high ranking know about this …the wide spread name for it is actually the first district, all people know it with that name, and it is a military zone… it is off limits… ”

adam was surprised by that statement …

” solyman.. why did you bring me here .. and tell me those secrets?? and who the hell are you ? ” adam has some theories about what this place was, but he was puzzled… how could a cleric in an inn walk to a place like this unhindered… no one even stopped them on the way… could he be a secret official of the stat?

looking at the man in front in a different light adam put his palm on his axes handle and activated his inspection skill…

[[solyman : human , pseudo_class: fire-mage

level : 2

skills: apprentice fire element sense, firebolt, fireball, firewall, basic dagger mastery …..]]

adam became more tense this man is more powerful then him… he needs to be careful…

maybe he has to attack first …

like he could see through adams thoughts solyman said

” you don have to worry at all iam most probably weaker then you, do you know why ?? ”

adam didn let his guard down, but he tried to look casual… with an indifferent face he looked calmly at solyman and said:

” do tell ”

” because we lost a lot of our legacies trough wars with monsters, your class is a genuine one while mine is just a fake, we don really have classes, ours are a desperate remakes, we indeed invented the mage class but it is not without its flows, sir adam… ”

solyman was watching adam reaction, he was not sure that adam has a real class but he could feel a weird suppression to his MP flow … maybe because he was a mage , but he can feel it … and moreover that weapon, the curved duel edge axe, it was not used by humans anymore… all what he did was for making sure, leaking this information may got him killed but he was determined…

adam didn know how he should react, the man in front of him didn lie about being a fake class, but to trust him adam will test him some more

” so tell me sol what is your fake class called what are your abilities, and level, and also why do you think you can beat me, why do you think i have a class .. ”

adam was looking at the mansq eyes, to solyman it felt like being stared at by a predator, he got the impression that he wouldn live to tell the tall if he lied or hid something …. it wasn about dying he would gladly die for the sake of keeping the stat secrets from its enemies but he actually wanted to be honest here from the very beginning ….

” sir vandaxe i won lie to you about anything i promise… i am an apprentice rank fire-mage pseudo class, ive got three spells … fireball fire bolt and fire wall… i use a dagger for close range defence, for the reason i can beat you … there is three reasons actually:

the first one is the limitations of pseudo-classes, every one of them has a considerable limitation to it, for mages, we need to chant out loud our spells incantations, the most basic fire-bolt spell of the fire element needs at least 4 seconds for the incantation, 3 for the most talented, gathering the MP to charge the spell and aiming the spell would need 3 seconds , 2 for the most talented mage, so its 5 to 7 seconds to cast the spell.. not just that, moving while casting is very difficult only veteran mages can walk while attacking, running or evading attacks while casting is out of the question… champions can do it, and we have non in the hamlet …. the more complicated and huge spells like fire-wall is a Powerful one, but it must be cast by a veteran or at least two apprentices, and they have to chant in sync , using a longer incantation …. then gather MP and aim, two minutes are required for all of this, and the problem is that monsters can instinctively feel it , they will attack the casters the moment they begun chanting…. ”

adam has his mouth opened wide, being a gamer he now knew how flawed the class described was, what is that, can mages be any useless??, the time of casting is a huge enough limitation.. but seriously they can move while casting??… why even bother coming up with this pseudo-class .. adam felt sorry for them, but he can see how they may use mages, they need to be protected so thats what parties are for or they would useful in defending castles cities and towns with walls…

and that was only the first reason why that man can not face him …

looking at adam bitterly he continued:

” the second reason is simple, even ancient ranger classes was hopeless when facing melee classes in close quarters…. and now that mages can cast instant spells you can imagine how larger the gap became ”

adam remembered solyman having a dagger mastery he wondered why he had that at the time, but now he understood that the mages would usually need to resort to melee in this world … the time limitations made this weakness of the mage class more apparent ..

” the third reason is this : when ordinary classless people face those with pseudo-classes, they become sluggish, their attacks will become weaker and slower, they will miss a lot more, and they will feel anxious…. we call that suppression, it also happens when the classless face monsters, or when a pseudo- class faces a higher ranked pseudo-class or a lot higher ranked monster , now about real classes … against those ! pseudo-classed people like me are actually only ordinary people who know some tricks and have some battle experience, thats all, i can feel the suppression in my bones sir adam, and that is with a gap of two ranks between us, and you don even know how to use your battle intent to pressure others … now do you imagine the gap between me and you ”

” i may as well be a farmer facing a dragon ”

solyman seemed now sure he was right he didn tell adam but when the young man entered battle more, the feeling of suppression became more suffocating

”and thats actually counts as an answer for your last question, i can feel the suppression is from you because mages has more powerful senses others will just feel it but won know the source exactly, your rank has to be at master to be giving me this feeling, which you
e not, so you being an ancient or lets say a real class seemed to be the only other explanation for me ”

adam was stunned …. so suppression exits here huh, but it is not that weird, even animals back in my world would feel suppressed when facing an animal that is higher in the food chain, they won necessarily face them in the first place, they would just escape, no matter if they were more physically mightier or not, a moose will escape a wolf, even if it can send him to the afterlife with just one simple headbutt..

more importantly he needs to do more research about this battle intent thing, and try not to direct any kind of hostility or attacking intent to anyone… he must try to control it

well he would ask SORA about it latter … now lets see what secret this tower holds ….

looking at sol adam said

” Okay sol i believe you, i indeed have a melee real class, but i won disclose any more about it ”

smiling broadly solyman said :

” Thank you for your trust sir vandaxe, and i will advice you, you need to hide that axe of yours when in town, it is the bounty-hunter signature weapon, its a symbolic one and you may find some pieces owned or used by some people, but sensitive people will be already suspicious about you because of suppression, the chain-axe will only confirm their doubts, thats not all, don use your class skills in front of other people, at least those you don trust, you don know who dark cults agents are, they maybe anywhere in any occupation of society…. ”

hiding his axe in his bag , and marking another topic he needed to research(dark cults) adam was not too concerned about spies, he has the inspect skill, and from hearing solyman, it looks like people don have the skill, he looked back at sol waiting for the last secret to be revealed .. sol didn disappoint… and began explaining right away…

” in the past a number of dark cults and intelligent beasts laid siege to the town, but we were able to survive for seven months do you know how we did it ? ”

” monsters can be eaten by humans, well most of them …. eldritch monsters will corrupt those who eat them ,the dark miasma will eat away their bodies and souls, the corrupted rarely survived, and if they did they will become monsters, unholy monsters are undead… mutated monsters are poisonous and blighted creatures with deadly diseases,

the only ones who can be eaten by humans are beast monsters, a lot of them are inedible, but we can kill enough to eat …. and thats where that place comes, under this magnificent tower theres a dungeon, one with only beasts inside of it … it was our lifeline, but that came with its own risks, we need to frequently control the population of beast monsters inside, monsters that was kicked away by more powerful ones will seek the surface for territories, thats why the zone around the tower is off limit.. this malwiya minaret is a genius piece of architecture built to hide and guard the hamlet dungeon ”

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