After a long night of playing his favourite video game, he dozed off on his keyboard… this was the last thing adam could remember after that , and now he is up in an unfamiliar place….

he repeatedly closed and opened his eyes, he didn blink ! that didn work no, he closed his eyes and opened them increasing the period he kept them closed for, and then he rubbed them until it hurt so much….all to shake off this damn illusions of his, but it was not going away no matter what he did, it was there even after a long time … so without any other tricks to deploy… he just kept surveying the prison cell that he was in, noting every single detail, wait! what ? a prison cell!? now that he thinks about it, isn that prison cell too familiar?

”what a weird dream ! ” said adam to himself …

look at that wooden door, it is so ancient and so detailed, and on either side of it there is those torchs, and looking at the bed he was sleeping on, it was just a platform, one that was made of hard polished stone, his pillow too was a cylindrical grey stone …. all of this seemed a little too real!!

after seeing his comfortable bedding, there seeped to his back and neck an aching pain, caused probably by sleeping on the stone for hours.. wait a damn minute ?? pain ?? sleeping?? the moment

he thought this, adam totally freaked out, he looked around him seeking something, and there it is , a stick, no its an unlit torch, with a piece of wet clothes wrapped on its top, of course he did not notice those details nor did he care , because all he was thinking was ”what is going on here? ” and all he wanted was to make sure of one thing, because inside of his mind he was feeling …..

” AAAiiiiiiii! ahhh !… damn, it hurts , it hurts damn it ” adam cries echoed in the dimly lit cell, and then there was a creepy silence, his hand that was rubbing a throbbing swelled forehead suddenly stopped, yes he hit himself with the torch, and now he come to now the truth all that pain amplified, and him being asleep! you can sleep in your sleep can you? … This was not a dream, this was reality , his reality now…. He somehow was transported here this place…that became all of a sudden terribly familiar ….


Everything clicked and took its place in his mind, the familiarity the bad feeling, it all made sense now, This is one of the cells in *darkest dungeon* , a game that he can be more addicted to, and there is no way he would mistake this place … Well it certainly looks more spacious more realistic and scarier, but there is no doubt about it , this is a cell in the ruins , one of the games danger zones, it was basically a dungeon where unholy undead monsters lurk …

Adams mind spined very fastly, and it hit him, if that is what he think it is, then he may very soon meet monsters in the next rooms, and there is no way in hell he can fight those things… damn!! even heroes with special abilities often died terribly in dungeons….

”What should i do what should i do ”

He will absolutely die if he met them, all of the scenes from the game when his party was wiped out came to him, and his body became cold, he felt his energy seeping away from him… there is no way he would survive that ….

While adam was overclocking his brain and making desperate simulations he heard a soft feminine mechanical voice inside his head …

”Of course you
going to survive.. ADAM ”

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