p between light and darkness will only widen and it will eventually lead to the destruction of this world… ”

Adam was somewhat not very surprised to hear some of the answers, but he was shocked to hear others, he was especially burdened by his mission, because he played the game, he knew how harsh and dark this world is, he was basically in a hardcore difficulty mode.. when he die even once … Hell he can even afford to take critical hits…..

”One last question ” said adam to SORA

”Go ahead but be fast we need to move now ” said the Ai without a shred of emotions in its voice…

”So …. How similar is this world to the game i used to play? ” Asked adam hurriedly…

” If you think this world is like darkest dungeon you are half right ”

” This is a world , a reality , and the game you played is just a leaked simple demo in your gaming terminology … and even the content you saw and played is not necessarily true, and that is to be expected games of your timeline are not advanced to the point they can simulate a world easily.. ”

” Shortly .. don go depending on what you know from the game without first making sure they are legit, don bet your life on them … You are going to re-discover the world … and find the differences and similarities yourself … Now then shall we be off? ”

”Wait one last question: can i go back to my w— ”

” No you can ”

”But what if… ” before adam could spell his misgivings he was shut down

”Ding : a new objective is set, delaying the introduction of [darkness survivors system] ”

” Ding: you have 10 seconds to exit the room ”

” Ding : failing to comply will result in the hosts death ”

”Damn, so sudden ” screamed adam while his feet were already dragging the door closer to himself..

”9 seconds ” ”8 seconds ”

” 7 seco— ”

” Ding: objective updating ”

Exiting the room adam was -as he expected- standing in long corridor, on both sides of it were rooms, a lot of rooms, or should he call them cells prison cells?? whatever.. everything around him was built from the same gray polished stones he saw in the room behind him, he was not seeing anything new, this was indeed inside one of the dungeons in the ruins zone …

”Ding : new objective .. find the golden door ” came the system again after seconds of silence

This time, adam moved, he don want ever to see one of those timed death messages …. and again, the objective was simple enough, because he soon found a door with a golden colour, when he touched it … it opened with a creaking noise, but unexpectedly, there was no shining light or teleportation or anything, it was dark … He could not see anything beyond the door, it was in a way … Magical, even when he tried to keep only an inch between his eyes and that veil of darkness, he still could not see beyond the door…

Before any other death message appears, he took that last step through the entrance, and guess what, he was able to see what is inside now…

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