ty hunters class special weapon, the axe and chain, adam put his hand on the weapon and it turned into particles of light then disappeared without a trace…

Before he could make any reaction, he felt an acute pain in his head, and a huge number of scenes was transmitted into his mind, they were like memories but not exactly that, they were more like training and fighting experiences and some postures and -chain_axe- wielding techniques, a lot more knowledge was imprinted into his mind, and it did not end before adam screamed more then he did in all his past days combined, he was sweating ,crying, salivating, every liquid was leaking out of him, seriously! It was too painful, the time refused to budge it elongated strangely, and it was like he needed to savor the taste of that prickling maddening pain he was lucky he did not pie himself or even something worse…

it eventually ended but he didn feel glad at all, don tell me this is how it feels to be raped …

ahh what am i thinking about now, i need to focus …get a hold of yourself adam.. breath in … breath out … breath in …breath out… breath in….

After adam calmed down and sorted out most of his knowledge he looked at the yellow flickering window on the side of his vision …

[ -Main class has been chosen !

-Main class has been acquired successfully!

do you want to hear the survivors system introduction?]

Before choosing to hear anything he caught his breath and calmed his racing mind, then he sat on the floor and said ” yes ” and he heard SORA voice once more

” Welcome host this is the survivors system, because of the immediate danger this procedure was delayed, now listen carefully ”

” through tens of years of experience the system came to know that the ones who impacted the world the most were those who lived long enough in the first place, so do not be burdened or mistaken, you are no hero,

you basically have one objective in all this ordeal ”

”And that is to survive ”

”Survivors system will help you in some ways but it won fight instead of you, you would become stronger the more ordeals you survived , that is the main principle of this system ”

” One of the helps the system can provide is the statues panel , it will keep you informed about your current states , your body and mental condition ,your missions progress , and will answer some of your questions ”

” Last remark : there is noway you
e going to power up in the middle of a fight, not with help of the system, so don underestimate any enemy and certainly .. don get yourself killed too fast ”

adam was helpless ” hey what is this mocking language seriously, do you have to rub salt on my injuries?! ” said adam not exactly waiting for an answer he was just talking, he needed to say something ….

the system never answered

adam was back to his composed self after some time, he had no choice …

”Sigh … Of course i don want to die, and no shortcuts huh … How harsh ”

Adam understood what all of this meant, he must be very careful, the system and the one behind it don look that concerned about his safety , he can be relying on them too much…his survival will depend on his deeds, and the first deed to do now is to get out of here …..

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