when adam thought about getting out of the cell that he was in, the room suddenly lit up again, and with new torches catching fire every passing second.. adam was awed not only because of the mechanism but by the system ability to simply read his mind … seriously why even bother talk to him in the first place …

adam was thinking of the existence that is the system and its mind blowing abilities, but he kept following the path on the ground … a path like the ones used on the airports at night in his mother world, it didn take him long to reach the other side of the platform, he felt it in him, this was a hight of 1.5 metres, but he felt he can easily just jump through it, it was a weird feeling, it was like he bounty-hunter inside of him is the one who thought that, he trusted that feeling and jumped without slowing down at all, it was like a breeze to him now, and even when running at his highest speed which did apparently increased, he didn feel that tired, a door soon came to his sight, the same as the entrance door, this was the exit, it opened before he reached it, and didn slow down one bit, he wanted to get the hell out of this place as soon as he can, the door led to another corridor, running and taking twists here and there …he eventually was in front of a giant double door, he knew that one, it was the entrance to the dungeon… it looked easy enough but if it wasn him probably any other person would take more time to find his way through the maze of rooms and corridors, his guess was that this was a level 1 ruins dungeon, but it was surprisingly empty… no monsters and no treasures…..

adam pushed the door and it opened without any resistance, what leaked from the other side was surprisingly not any sort of blinding day light, because it wasn day outside..

the first thing that met adams eye was a moon, not red not a blue moon either, i was the simple bright white moon he is used to…

the moment he put a step outside the door he heard the system bell ….

” now that the host is outside the dungeon you can choose one weapon or piece of equipment from the bounty Hunter class set of gear… ”

a list was soon in front of his eyes

” [chain-axe]: {type}: weapon -{ attack}: 6 – {level} : basic (0) …..etc

[chainmail armour]:{type}: equipment(armour) – {defence}: 10 .. {level}: basic (0)

” [flash bomb]: a bag of 10 small flash bombs, when thrown it explodes on impact, and release a disturbingly high sound, and blinding light … {level} basic(0)…. etc ”

there was a lot of data there, the bounty hunter in his basic form, had an armour a weapon a bag of flash bangs, nails as traps to hinder and bleed the enemies, marking bombs to mark the enemy with a unique smell that can be tracked by the hunter.. and more

adam didn care for the moment he was in the forest and the bounty-hunter inside him didn think its safe yet, so he chose the only option he had, and it was the chain-axe of course, he needed a weapon first because he can fight barehanded, the other accessories won do , he considered actually going for the armour, it was a good and a durable one but it was a bad idea, because armours main use is to buy more time untile you dispose of your enemies, but if you don have the means to do so in the first place, armours are just worthless….it will just extend your suffering.. well lets not be that negative thinking like that is depressing ..well what ever. chain-axe it is ..

” host has chosen chain-axe level(0) please confirm your choice ”

” confirmed ” said adam in his mind, he was in the wilderness and it was night time so making noise was not the best thing to do here, and SORA can hear him anyway …

”choice confirmed ”

particles of light appeared out of nowhere and they converged together slowly, the weapon took shape soon, looking at his hands he was now holding the iron-white chain-axe , adam could now feel its wight, and another vague sensation.. like he had acquired a new limb, he can feel the wind blowing slightly against the axe itself … it was a new experience for adam….

out of his daydreaming (time was night actually) he looked back from where he came out, and he could see the ruins, old traces and remains of a human city… most of it buried underground and overshadowed with shrubs and greenery, the ruins and he himself, was both in the middle of a thick forest …

sitting on top of one of the trees, adam now had the time to examine his state panel…

the idea of him wanting to do that was all it took for SORA to act…


[ name ]: Adam – [Age]: 25 years

[race] : human – [class] : bounty-hunter

[level]: 0 … exp( 8/50)


[attack]: 7 (+6)

[agility]: 4

[vitality]: 7 [Hp]: 18 (vit×2 + defence)

[stamina] : 28 (vit × 3 + stg)

[defence]: 4 (damage on every non crippling non lethal hit is reduced by 4 )

[Accuracy]: the chance to hit a target that is in attack range : 80%

[Crit rate ]: the chance to cause critical damage on attacking:6%(class and level {0}) +4%(weapon)

[Dodge rate]: the chance to avoid a direct hit, 8% (agility × 2 )

[critical hit]:the numbers for the bounty-hunter

at level 0 are : 250% to 350% basic damage

[crippling hit]: a hit that cut off a limb or sever an organ, it is automatically considered as a critical one with maximum damage application ignoring defence rate, and damage reduction…

[lethal hit]: a hit that directly kills an enemy (beheading non undead enemies, crushing enemys heart or brain{for enemies that has only one}, totally destroying vital functions ….etc )

{passive skills}:

[SORA (system AI)]: level 0

[growth of the survivor]: (special) grow stronger the more hurdles you overcome(killing enemies and doing quests are included)

[bounty-hunter]: (class passive) for the right amount ..the bounty-hunter is willing to hunt down : monsters and humans alike + 15% to attack vs humans and monsters (soulless entities not included), +35% attack power to the first attack when you are first to land a hit

[hunter senses (class passive)]: hunters wouldn be hunters if they where to be hunted down that easily, you can sense any danger that threatens you ( can be clouded or isolated)

[axe-chain wielder (class passive)]:

a mastery for a special weapon that is unique to the bounty hunter, allows you to feel the weapon like its a limb of your own, and gives you damage bonus, the effects are more powerful in higher masteries

level {0}(1%)(basic mastery)

{active skills}

[ dooms axe(level 0)] : you put your whole bodys wight behind your axe causing 150 % basic damage, +40% critical hit rate, if hit target has +10% chance to be stunned for 1_3 seconds, +40 % chance to be interrupted (active skills on activation will be cancelled)

charge time : 1.5 seconds

cost: the skill drains from your stamina (4 pts)

penalty: 15% less basic accuracy

[flying hook]: if the bounty hunter were to let his prey escape he would not earn his living, you swing the chain on your weapon, and release the hook flying into your targets limbs, or stab the hook through its soft parts, if the target is chained you can move it or immobilise it, the effectiveness of the skill is based on the balance between the hosts and the targets wight and strength ..

charge time: 2 seconds

penalty: 20 percent less basic accuracy, 60% less basic attack power

cost : it takes more precision so it takes more of your stamina (5 pts ), 1_5 pts for every second the target is immobilised (held down)

[sudden uppercut]:what if the bounty_hunter bit more than he can chew, he would certainly perish if he didn have a way to get away with it … a sudden explosive upper fist attack

, if the target is in attack range +15% basic accuracy, if target hit 120% chance to stun the target for 2_4 seconds, 140% change to interrupt target

penalty: -80% attack

charge time: Non

cost:drains from stamina( 5 pts)

adam was familiar with most of these attributes but still felt that this state panel is too long, and to realistic and detailed, it didn miss even lethal hits, there was a lot of information there, and he now understood why the system chose him..someone who knew the game too well, others would absolutely be confused and would take longer time to adapt and digest all this data…and certainly there was new things here even for him, it was like the system didn let up any little detail ….

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