adam felt anticipation build up inside of him, he wanted to see the town and compare it to what he knew about the hamlet, and most importantly find people to ask about the world, and maybe even find some hammer some of this world common sense into his head…

from the hill he could see some of the towns buildings, and guess what, it was not like the hamlet he knew …. it is to be expected though, so he kept inching closer into it, untile he could see the giant stony wall from between the trees of the forest that was becoming sparser the closer he got the town, maybe it should be called a stronghold..because it was just that…. there was watch towers on the wall corners, soldiers moving nonstop on the walls, but adam didn like this one bit, because this was not a good sign at all, the differences between the hamlet he knew and this!! was like the difference between heaven and earth, it didn even have a wall in the game, and that confirmed one thing, this hamlet was in more danger and under more pressure than the one in the game, and shortly, this world was way more danger ….

with that in mind adam kept his guard up, it will take some time to reach the wall, so he needed to be careful… eyes scanning around him he suddenly stopped .!!! what is that!!!, he heard something moving to his right ….

adam didn even get to spare a glance when the bells in his head flared… huup, he rolled out of the way, and not even a moment passed before he heard the impact of something metallic cracking the tree behind him, making enough distance adam could see a rusty spear stuck in the tree, soon after , he heard it, the beast cry that was disturbing, and the sound like horses hooves galloping against the ground, it was fast, adam could make out a shadow jumping out of the bushes directly heading for him, but that was a foolish thing to do, this was the simplest pattern of attack, instinctively, he lowered his body, and flexed all of his muscles, the moment he was going to make impact against the creature, the bounty hunter was not in the collusion course anymore, he deftly jumped out of the way in the last moment possible, his axe didn evade the impact though…

Baam!!! adam felt the impact in his right arm, and the crushing sound of bones was heard, not his but the beasts skulls, Barelly hanging to dear life, the beast was now lying on the ground, greenish red blood and brain matter leaking out of his head… and after three rugged breaths, it stopped moving … it was died ….

adam sighed in his heart , damn that was dangerous, and great , it felt great man, am i that Powerful now ? this things momentum was more powerful than a bull !!! he was looking at his shaking hand, he can very vividly recall the sensation of that terrible collusion force… that monster if he remember it right, is a mutant that depends on his momentum to overwhelm sometimes even physically stronger enemies…

taking a look at the beast adam ignored the system messages for now, the beast with a pig head and long fangs, was a mutant humanoid monster, it walks on its hind legs and uses some rusty weapons, that 1.7 metre high humanoid mustve been enraged because its spear didn find its mark, how stupid, its to be expected from a level 1 monster ….. if he was right than its name is ” mutant pig ” the animal it mutated from, this beast uses the momentum it gathers form running for long distances, and thats probably why he was able to hear it coming for him… if it was just a little bit more smart it wouldve been several times more dangerous..

a tug from his mind, made adam move out of that place, the bounty hunter knew the dead beast will attract more beasts in several minutes, running carefully closer to the ever more apparent wall, adam checked his system notification

” Ding: a lethal hit is delivered ”

” ding: you killed a mutant pig level one ”

” ding : you got 2 exp points for the kill ”

” you got 3 bonus exp points for the lethal hit ”

” ding : a minor hurdle ( first encounter) has been overcame ”

” randomising reward ”

”ding : host got the active skill [inspect: basic level 0] ”

”ding host got 2 bonus state points, host may distribut them however he likes ”

adam felt happy, this was his first survivor system reward it was the first hurdle, but a minor one huh

” host may not know it, but the severity of the hurdles are relative to the host, usually first encounter is not a minor hurdle but the host is more composed when he is in fighting mode than he thinks …. ” SORA said …

” Moreover this hurdle was an avoidable one caused by the host so it is a lower rank ”

well if you put it like that there is no helping it, more composed huh, ” wait what do you mean caused by the host huh ” ” avoidable my ass hey answer me!! ” adam knew how that come to pass, it was because of him shouting of happiness, how foolish, screaming on top of your lungs on top of a hill at that, if thats not inviting danger then what it is, damn just how dangerous is this broken world…. sigh whatever iam moving out .. damn it how many times iam going to put my ass on fire ….

after walking for ten minutes adam did not encounter any other foes, well he didn invite any …. but he heard some shouting in the wall direction, his heightened hearing sense also caught the sounds of roaring beasts and mitalic clinging noises, he fastened his pace and eventually he was in a battlefield… five wolves was slowly cornering a party of what looked like three human guards, one of them was wearing a more advanced armour, the other two looked less fancy in comparison, a lot of wolves were dead on the ground, and getting closer, he can see another guard behind the men, she was severely injured but still still conscious, she was saying something to them,

”——–old you —– and go ”

”you ha—to esca— hurry ”

getting closer adam was happy he could understand there language…

”shut the f**k up thats an order soldier!!! ” the guard in advanced armour roared at her and than began barking orders

” regroup regroup, van you take the right side, danny the left is yours, let them come through the middle if they are tired of living, don let them attack from multiple fronts, keep them at bay ”

the effects were immediately apparent, the wolves were struggling to find an opening…

getting closer adam could see hesitation on the wolves, those giant beasts has a remarkable battle instincts and they can co-operate and fight together….more importantly their stamina was way higher than that of human beings, so the battle was not any less desperate for the soldiers, keeping up will certainly delay but won change the outcome….

on a distance of 10 metres the slightly bigger leader wolf was able to spot adam, if not for the stink of blood that was lingering in the area it would have discovered him even faster, the other wolves were oblivious though, but the alpha couldn back down now, it had lost a lot of wolves it can give up that simply, so it probably needed more motivation…. and this is exactly what adam was willing to give it ….

taking out his chain and attaching it to his axe, adam began spinning it around, and it was getting faster and faster, all while moving forward closer to the wolves..which were between adam and the guards, the guards on the other hand had the wall behind their backs and it is what helped them hold out all this time, the gate was not on this side of the wall though, so no one came to their rescue , the town probably didn catch wind of the incident….yet

the sound of the spinning chain was really hard to miss, it was making whistling sounds which were intimidating so it did not take long for all the individuals in the battlefield to notice him, and that is what he was aiming for, the wolves were suddenly discouraged, the alpha wolf was not stupid, he could smell blood on this human, and he could feel that he was a hunter like himself, on the other side the battle was not coming to an end any time soon so it gave its signal without hesitation, its pack pulled back one by one the big guy stood there waiting untile it was sure its kin escaped safely, than it let out a menacing howl and vanished in the same way its kin took… pretty smart! adam remarked a part of him was actually wishing for the wolf to make a rash decision, he is a bounty hunter after all, he would never say no to more juicy exp points….

silence prevailed for a moment than

”ooooooh horayyyuu ohhhh ”

the guards began cheering, and hugging each other, they didn believe they got to live another day, they already accepted their death when the alpha wolf showed up in the middle of the battle ambushing there friend, and it all snow balled to this …. Their certain death, wolves were stupid mobs, they kill them in the tons evey now and then, and that is exactly what they been doing when the big guy joined the fun … they were glad to have this chance of a new life …..the injured guard woman behind was weeping soundly … she was more ready than others to die, but being the cause of her colleagues deaths was just something.. unbearable….

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