insisting on showing him around, the guards never stopped thanking him, some of them even wept saying they have families to feed, the leader whose name was noah kept calling him sir … it was somewhat troublesome for adam, he didn want to stand out so soon, at least not before he knew a thing or two about people in the town…

one person in particular couldn stop crying even after they reached the town gate, her name was Stefanie a newest recruit at the guard forces ….

after stefanie calmed down a bit, they entered the town, adam was in another world of his own, because he can see the glaring system messages that came as a surprise to him, he really helped them for the good of his heart he just couldn let them die …

” ding: hidden quest cleared ( save the guards) ”

”congratulations host won the following rewards ”

” you got 12 exp points, 2 healing potions, one stamina potion, one flashbang bomb ”

” inventory feature is unlocked ”

[inventory] (3/8)

adam was really surprised because he can remember there being a healing potion in the game version of this world, in fact there weren potions at all, not that he knew about

and he even got an inventory ? this was a very handsome reward… closing his eyes he can feel the items he got in there and know he can conjure them anytime he wanted….

returning back to reality adam followed after the guards … and they walked him through the most important facilities of the town, from the adventurers guild to the best inn there is, the leader ”sofiane ” even wrote a letter of recommendation for him, he can just show it around and he would get better treatment from the towns folk …

saying goodbye to them he thought they was to clingy, but it is to be expected, he was their benefactor, they couldn just let him go like that, it wouldn feel right for them, it wasn untile he told them he was touched by their hospitality and that they already helped him so much, only then did they reluctantly let him go, he refused their money of course, he wasn that dump, it is for that money they are going every day outside the gates, facing dangers that are unimaginable for ordinary people, his heart ached, it didn need a genius to know that guards died frequently, they knew they may die the next day …

after standing in front of the adventurers guild for sometime, he walked through a thick iron door, he went to the only counter he saw there and what met his eyes was an old lady, with an eye patch on her right eye, he felt a shiver when she looked at him, her eye scanning one spot in particular, she was looking at his weapon, he felt pressured but he didn show it on his face , getting closer to the counter he asked while acting as normal as he could

” excuse me .. i want to register myself as an adventurer.. what should i do ..? ”

the old lady looked at him knowingly like she was saying nice acting after waiting for more reaction from him, she then looked at him boringly and yawned covering her moth with one hand and giving him a piece of paper with the other ….

adam felt nervous, but his worries was dissipated when he noticed that he can read what was written on the paper … he was afraid this world writing would be some sort of weird symbols, fortunately it wasn , what he got on his hand was a form to be filled with some of his information …

real name : … nickname: …..

main weapon : … magic : …..

monsters slayed: ….

family : ….

adam read the paper then looked at the counter but the old lady wasn there, he felt confused, another woman was there, she looked at him and said: ” how can i help you sir ? ”

” about the nickname is it necessary? and i can use magic is that okay? ” asked adam

with a weird look on her face the woman patiently answered

” about the nickname it is a must, no one but the guild will know your real name, so you can use the nickname as your daily name, at least when you interact with other adventurers …

and not having magic is okay .. not everyone can use that, actually most can use it, so its not a problem ”

adam nodded and looked back at his paper, thinking of a cool nickname and dumping the pen he was given in ink he wrote :

real name : Adam nickname: vandaxe

main weapon : axe magic : non

number of monsters slayed and their level : 1 mutant pig level 1

family : non

mmmm that should do it, the number of monsters killed maybe lacking but he can help it, he felt that they wouldn appreciate lying to them so he didn , for the nickname he was prod of himself for coming up with such a cool name… hahahaha i knew i had great talent, i love you so much great ME!!

for the weapon adam choose to keep his chain hidden…

giving the paper back to the woman at the counter he didn wait long before he was given a card and a purse of coins …

” thank you for your registration sir, you are now a seeker adventurer … this is your payment for the month you will be doing 3 dungeon missions every month, the guild will cover your treatment if you
e injured and compensate your family if you died …well seems you don have relatives in the town … but you can latter fill that part, choose someone you know to take your belongings or you can choose t donate them to the clinic of the church ”

”ding: hidden quest completed(register with a guild)

”ding: you got 3 exp points ”

”ding: you got 20 bloody nails ”

scratching his head adam thought

it is good to have those hidden quests but is it just me or those rewards are a little too stingy, i mean 3 exp points?? common what is that am i even supposed to level up like this, and i know level up requirements will only become steeper from now on…

” understood host, exp reward will be removed from hidden quests, you will only get items from now on, thank you for your feedback ”

maybe because its too insignificant a reward, adam didn care if he lost it, and also he thought that probably without exp rewards the items reward would somewhat boosted, whatever he did not care…

back to the topic at hand, Adam was more concerned about the dungeon delves, he understood how things worked it was not too different from the game, mortality rate was pretty high, and seriously this was troublesome he was not afraid of dungeon diving, he was just told that he will be assigned to a party, and he was afraid they would be either weaklings or cold blooded bastards…huh sigh okay there is no helping it …. after some thought adam asked

” excuse me miss if i may ask, going up in the ranks will that change the number of dungeons iam asked to delve to? ”

” ahh of course sir for apprentice adventurers it is twice month, and for veterans it is once , for masters and above, they answer for distress calls from cities and will be called for the dungeons several times a year ” the woman was watching looking into space grimacing, scratching his head for a while before he asked her, she didn understand this weirdo at all, whats with those sudden mood shifts, but she didn comment, she now understood was her boss ment when he said common sense didn apply for adventurers …

not knowing what the receptionist was thinking about him, he was back to his own mind palace, he was actually thinking about the power system in the guild, he understood that system, it was to be expected that gaining more power means gaining more freedom, and also more authority, but won necessarily be more safe, they will have more powerful foes and crazier high leveled dungeons to clear, because of that … adam now knew he must always be more powerful than his adventure rank make him to be, he won tell the whole truth about his kills, and he will show ordinary skill and power when in the dungeon with other people…

taking his ID card it read [sir vandaxe.. adventurer seeker] the card has a wooden colour and pattern to it, but still somehow elegant, that shows how much humans value even the weakest of the adventurers…he left the receptionist with weird looks on her face, like she had just seen some unique creature, or an alien …..and went to the inn he seen previously with the guards

from what adam observed and from his game knowledge there was six levels for everything even for skills and equipment

the ranks were like this :

level 0 adventurer——-> seeker

level 0 equipment or skill (spell)—> basic

level 1 adventurer ——-> apprentice

level1equipment or skill (spell)–>intermediate

level 2 adventurer——-> veteran

level 2 equipment or skill (spell)—> advanced

level 3 adventurer ——-> master

level 3 equipment or skill (spell)—> master

level 4 adventurer ——-> hero

level 4 equipment or skill (spell)—> heroic

level 5 adventurer ——->champion

level 5 equipment or skill (spell)—> epic

level 6 adventurer ——-> legend

level 6 equipment or skill (spell)—> legendary

wether there was something beyond the legend rank in this world adam didn know … but one thing he was certain of , this world has way more secrets than he expected ..he can feel it, people in this world maybe living in a world going towards ruin, but thats the same reason he is not going to look down on them… something was telling him humans has something to do with their world dilemma…..

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