The expressions on the faces of the vassals of the Grand Duke Conler who hastily gathered because of the new imperial order in the Conler mansion were not very good.

The Conler family was more loyal to the royal family than any other noble families.

Their family contributed to the founding of the empire and shared its history. The current Lord, the Grand Duke, brought the empire to its heyday. They are powerful enough to keep the royal family in check.

No, Conlers family could have overturned the imperial family with the Imperial Revolution.

However, the public thinks that the Conler family is acting like a loyal dog to the imperial family.

“I know how much loyalty the Grand Duke has for the empire, but even so…….”

“But its an order from the imperial family.”

The imperial order, that came down from the royal family, could only be said to be forced.

The village where the barrier was released lost its livelihood due to the appearance of the beast, the order was to relocate the people of the village to the Conler territory. 

These people were of the age of Count Safia, so Grand Duke Conler had nothing to worry about.

Although Conlers territory is as blessed as the archipelago, it was a different story to suddenly move the residents of a fairly large village.

Of all things, the situation was not good because it hasnt been long since the Conler territory was reorganized according to the land plan.

So, the vassals gathered at the meeting secretly wanting Estin to reject the imperial order.

“If they are going to relocate the village people, isnt it okay to move them to Count Safias territory?”

“I know the emperor trusts the Grand Duke very much, but…….”

Baron Loredan was so angry that Baron Albany stopped him after looking at Grand Estin. 

But Baron Albany also appeared quite doubtful about following the order.

Even in the war of words of the vassals, Estin was just sitting on a chair leaning against it, maintaining his unique expressionless face.

In fact, Estin also knew that the imperial order from the royal family was unreasonable.

Perhaps the royal family thought that it would be good if he accepted it, and if not its fine. 

It was impossible to know what the ridiculous “binding” that the royal family and the Conler family had formed at the time of founding of the empire. That intangible thing had been passed down from generation to generation.

However, it was a request of his grandfather, whom Estin respected so much, so he had no choice but to follow it.

It was Estins kind of long-cherished desire to break this binding off on his own pedestal and make his sons free from the imperial family.

Estin patted his fingers gracefully on the armrest of the reclining chair a couple of times.

“Take it.”

“Grand Duke!”

“A certain amount of probation is possible.”

“Its impossible.”

“We shall clear the shallows on the coast of Padula.”

No one could argue at the cold-hearted Estins voice.

The Padula coast had already been discussed as a necessity of pioneering projects, but it was pushed back by other priorities.

The Padula coast is close to the Karana Ocean, so if the area is reclaimed and another port village called Padula is created, it can have great fun in terms of trade and exports.

The largest empires in the Kaya continent are Britina and Larvian, but the Lacom Kingdom in the south, across the sea, is said to be developing various spices.

Tesca and Padula, the largest port cities of the Lacom Kingdom, are quite close, perfect for pioneering new routes. Perhaps if the spice could be imported from the top of the Conler and sold, it would be quite popular among the precious aristocracy.

He had an idea.

Lukas nodded quietly from behind, thinking he is truly the head of Conler.

Actually, Estins refusal to refuse the imperial order was more obstinate than shallow loyalty.

The royal family knew that and was annoyed, so they kept making ridiculous demands to the Grand Duke of Conler.

But Estin, who sat on top of his head, somehow fulfilled the order and threw it into the royal family.

But the people below him are the one suffering. 

But, this time, a not-so-bad solution came out, and the vassals expressions werent as serious as before. No, it was rather bright.

“Great, but didnt you just solve the familys greatest wish.”

“Thats right. Youve finally found your youngest daughter.”

“You have to announce it soon.”

Baron Loredan, who was the angriest, changed the subject as if he was trying to evoke the awkward atmosphere.

Perhaps the Grand Duke didnt know that his youngest daughter was the talk of the town most people were curious about. 

But it was also a topic that could not be easily talked about. 

The big reward for Mary Conler and the background of the Duke of Conler.

Even though it was a position that everyone wants to covet. People were not easily misled

It was because the “Conler” family is rumored to be descendants of demons.

It was self-evident that the end of those who tricked them, regardless of good or bad luck, would be disastrous.

But there is always someone who is blind and foolish.

There was a marquis family who brought his daughter. He darkened her eyes and hair with black magic.

Enraged by the family who tried to deceive him with crude tactics, Estin destroyed the family of the marquis.

After the incident spread to the public, people stopped talking about the youngest daughter of the Conler family.

“Well, shes still in recovery… Its your birthday in six months, so why dont you have a party and announce it?”

The servants looked disappointed at Lucas careful suggestion.

It was because they had a great desire to quickly show off the one and only daughter of Conler.

Now that they have found Conlers daughter they finally regained Conlers pride.

Estin, who was listening quietly to Lucas, nodded.

“That would be a good time.”

“Then Ill take that as it is.”

The vassals, who could not erase their expressions of regret, rose from their seats.

Lucas approached Estin, who was still sitting and contemplating after all the vassals had gone.

“Ill be back with Master Gilbert as soon as possible regarding the reclamation project. It would be better for Miss Mary to see the three young masters at once.”

“I suppose so. Do it.”

He meant that he would bring Gilbert Conler, who is currently attending the institutional academy, because they need quite a lot of magic in the pioneering projects.

Estin nodded.

The direct line of the Conler family had a strong mana, so the magic tower is keeping them in check but doesnt give them any support.

Thats why whenever there was a need to use magic, the three Conlers son, who attend the academy, used to go to and from their parents house during the semester.

“And heres some good news this time. It is said that Ramanicho from the Krill region produced a very good super recovery agent. I was worried because it was a tricky plant, but as many as 10 bottles came out. Five of them will be sent to the mansion.”

“Thats great.”

“But what are you doing?”

Nowadays, the biggest concern of the Britina Empire was medicinal herbs.

As the food, clothing, and shelter are well met as they are currently having the most prosperous period, “Eat well and live well” was spreading like a trend within the empire. 

In particular, tricky plants like Ramanicho do not come out well from other regions, so they paid a lot of attention to decoction of herbs, starting with cultivation, but Lucas was happy all day because good news came out.

Lucas felt like he had lifted some of the big burdens he had today.

But despite the good news, Lucas was concerned about Estin, who was still not happy. 

Lucas, who had been watching closely as an aide to Estin since he was young, was also like a brother to Estin.

So, he could understand how Estin was feeling just by seeing his expression.

That shady look on Estins face was something Lucas didnt see very often either.

Its not that he doesnt like this situation, but that expression only comes out when he faces an unresolved problem.

But that expression was rare because there was no problem he could not solve.

It was perhaps natural that Lucas voice came out more carefully than usual.

“Its strange.”


“Why cant I feel magic from my daughter?”

Grand Duke Estin smoothed the well embossed eagle on his chair.

The eagle has long been a relic of the Britina Empire from one generation to another.

It was the best symbol for the Conler family, which was mixed with the blood of demons.

Estins low voice brought a big shock.

Lucas, who was smiling all the time, also slightly hardened his expression.

For some time, a bleakness filled the office.

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