“You really look like a doll.”

“The duke would be very pleased to see it.”

“I cant believe its a seven-year-olds dress.….”

Gille looked at me and shook her head in bewilderment.

Lucas let out a sigh and patted my head. Hearing that, I was also dumbfounded, so I clenched my skirt tightly.

Somehow, the dress is very pretty, but a little…… I thought it looked young for my age, but it was really seven-year-old clothes.

When I go back to the castle, I should eat well without leaving anything behind.

Theres a big difference between a year or two years older. In Korea, 7 years old is a kindergarten student and 9 years old is an elementary school student.

“Shes probably the shortest among her peers, right?”

“Well, I guess so, right?”

“Im worried that shell be the smallest among her peers when she grows up.” 

“That makes sense.”

What nonsense are you talking about?

Im going to grow up fast. Im going to grow up fast. Im going to grow up fast.

A lot bigger than those people.

“But really, the dresses I made look good on you. Youre so cute.”

Gille, who came up to me and looked at some details, such as tying a ribbon again, praised me in a very casual voice.

I wondered if he was making fun of me because the expression on her face saying I was cute was no different from when she gave me a seven-year-olds dress earlier. 

Im not really sure but I felt that way.

To sell her clothes…… Are you selling your soul?

Otherwise, how can you compliment in such a casual tone?

“Is it because black hair and black eyes have an elegant atmosphere? It goes so well with our shop mood that I want to set her up as our shops ambassador.”

“Its a shame but shes the youngest daughter of the Conler family.”

“I know….”

Gille, who looked really disappointed, grumbled to Lucas.

The two of them looked at me and seriously shared compliments about me. I felt embarrassed so I stood at the side twisting my hair.

Maybe its because its hard to see people with black hair.

I feel a bit shy and happy because I got compliments about black hair that was natural in my last life.….

Still, it was nice to hear compliments about how pretty it was.

“On the day the young lady is introduced, the story of the Conler family will change. They will say shes an angel and not a demon.”

“Im thinking the same thing.”

……theyre really making fun of me, arent they?

Theyre saying a lot of ridiculous comments. Its good to hear compliments in moderation. It feels weird to hear it overboard

“Just a doll…….”


“Angels are a little… You know.”

But I heard that my family is a descendant of demons, angel…… I thought it was a bit weird to be called that, but Lucas and Gilles expressions were unusual.

I looked at their stunned faces for a moment and began to realize what I had said.

Lets get out of here. I wanted to get smaller and go into a rat hole.

“Hmm, lets refrain from saying angel.”

Lucas and Gille, who seemed to come to their senses, began to confront me with some dresses.

Every time I tried on a dress, I heard compliments such as how cute, adorable, and how I could not work as an ambassador for the shop. My ears turned red from embarrassment.

If there was a praise hell, would it be here?

“Please wear what youre wearing now.”


“Lucas, dont go into the doll shop. What if they think shes a doll on display?”

“Youre right. Ill be careful.”

Should I really hit you?

If Lucas teases people with a smile, Gille looks serious, she keeps a straight face and talks with such a casual expression.

No, it is more annoying to do it with a smile. 

Lucas packed a few more shoes and came to me with his hands full.

Im going to grow more, so why did you buy so much? What a waste of money.

“Just wear what youre wearing now.”


“You look good.”


“Whats wrong with your expression?”

“Seven years old…”

“I see. Youre 9 years old and your pride is hurt because youre wearing a seven-year-olds dress.”

Thats not it. No, theres a reason for that.

“Im going to keep growing anyways… You have to buy so many dresses.”

“How fast are you going to grow up?”

“Im going to grow like crazy.”

“Youre funny. Grow up quickly.”

Lucas smiled and put his hand on my head as if he thought I was joking. Im not kidding. Im going to grow 10cm a year. My lower lip started to come out against my will.

When Lucas saw it, he pushed me on the back, saying I have a lot of clothes to wear in the future.

“The banquet dress will be sent to the mansion when its finished.”


“Gille Carlinne is the most talented designer in the Britina Empire. She doesnt like troublesome things, so she runs her shop here, instead of the Capital.”


“So, you can look forward to it.”

But why do I need a banquet dress?

I think Gille and Lucas had a conversation about this earlier, but I couldnt hear it properly because I was distracted by looking around the shop.

I guess its because its better to have at least one, right?

Lucas and I decided to leave the luggage in the carriage for a while and look around the city.

Giefroy recently completed a major urban plan so it was neatly organized, and the shopping district was not flashy, but had a modern atmosphere like de Elle.

As the largest city in Conler territory, there were many fruits and items that I had never seen before. I understood the pride Lucas felt earlier when he talked about the city.

As I was about to open my mouth to say my feelings about the city Lucas spoke. 

“Oh, my lady. Grand Duke Estin will be here.”


Who? Here?

My expression hardened, wondering if the information I heard was correct. I thought I could spend the day comfortably because I heard that he went to a local temple in the morning.

“After the inspection in Giovanna local temple, he decided to stop by on his way back to the mansion.”

“Oh, really…….”

It was a more volatile answer than before, but thats the only answer I could think of in this situation. I didnt even think about glaring at Lucas, who covered his mouth with his fist and laughed at me.

It was uncomfortable to see him in the mansion, but it would be more awkward to see him outside. I feel like Im going to die if I see him….

“Hmm, so I think Ill have to pick him up at the border of Giefroy”

I just looked at the hand that Lucas reached out to me as if he was asking me to go with him, but I didnt hold it and looked at Lucas face again. Then Lucas twitched his shoulders as if he was doing something while holding his hand out. I opened my mouth carefully, pretending I didnt know.

“Then can I have a look around the town until Lucas brings Grand Duke Estin?”

“By yourself, Miss Mary?”


Lucas looked at me and raised one eyebrow. He seemed bothered to leave me alone. It wasnt that I didnt know Lucass worried mind, but there were many passers-by, so I thought nothing would happen. I wanted to buy time before I faced the Grand Duke, and I wanted to walk slowly alone because it was my first time coming to such a large city after becoming Mary. 

“Cant we look together when the Grand Duke comes?”

“Its my first time in a big city like this, so I want to see it alone quietly…….”

I looked at Lucas with the most pitiful expression possible. The expression of Lucas looking at me was mixed with difficulties. It bothered me to put Lucas in trouble, but I thought it would be okay because Giefroy is the most prosperous city in Conler Territory.

“But going around without an escort.”

“I can protect my body!”

“Yeah, yeah. You can. Youre a little princess of Conler.”

Lucas said so, but he looked at me with anxious eyes. I kept persuading him. Im not saying Im going to look at the whole city, but Im going to look around a few shops. Lucass expression gradually eased by my persuasion. He must have felt a little weak when I said I wanted to see the big city and see amazing things after leaving in the mountains. 

There will be many opportunities to see it in the future, but it will probably be as Conlers little princess. But Im still more familiar with the Mary, who used to play normally rather than being the daughter of the Grand Duke. As Mary, I also wanted to experience this Giefroy.

“The escort will be here any minute…….”

“I wont go too far.”

“Yes, dont go too far. Remember where we parked the carriage?”

“Yeah, yeah. I remember.”

“You only go around that area.”

I nodded vigorously at Lucass permission. Despite my determined head movement, Lucas grabbed me by the shoulder in disbelief. The eyes I met were full of worry. It was true that I felt somewhat guilty because there were things I had done so far. 

Lucas grabbed me by the shoulder as if I was worried and kept asking me. Like a good girl, I answered with all my heart at the end of Lucass words.

“Theres nothing too dangerous here because its Conler territory, but you have to be careful, miss.”


“You really just have to look around the store.”

Lucas said he would go back right away. Lucass back riding a horse was quite cool. Thats why they call you a prince on a white horse.

Well, I dont really need it.

I waved my hand until Lucas disappeared, then turned around, folded my hands and stretched forward. Now lets take a look at the big city of Conler territory. All right, lets go.

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