I was thinking hard about where to shoot, when I heard a beautiful voice like a fine wind right next to me. I turned my head slightly to the place where I heard the sound, wondering what that meant, and a boy who looked my age was walking along my steps.

When did he come?

No matter how distracted I am, how did you hide your presence like this and come to me?

“Who is it?”

It was clear that the people who took me had the same thought. They hid me behind them, wary of the boy. The boy gave a friendly smile as he made eye contact with me behind them.

Why are you smiling? 

Do I look like Im in the mood to smile along? I really want to spit at his smiling face, but that kid was the only one who could save me right now. I responded to the smile with the most pitiful eyes. I bet my odds as that faint hope 

“Who is he?”

But the people who took me, snorted as if the boy who looked my age seemed easy. I dont have much faith either, but…….


“Are you trying to be an apostle of justice?”

“Apostle Of justice?”

The boy asked back innocently, as if he were asking about what they meant, in their derisive sarcasm. In response, the hope I had on the child disappeared a little again.

“Didnt you come to us to save this child?”

“Oh, right.”

He shrugs his head and responds lightly as if he is asking what is so obvious about the weasels point. The little hope that disappeared springs up. Isnt this a proper torture of hope?

No, if you really wanted to save me, a little more… How should I say it? With dignity! Shouldnt you take out a knife and threaten these weasels?

Am I asking too much for someone who is being saved?

“Hey, young man. Are you trying to pretend to be a knight on a white horse? just go.”

“You better let her go.”

The moment the boy spoke with a slight smile the flow of air changed subtly. Is it an illusion created by my earnest desire? The boys red eyes set off a peculiar atmosphere.

“What are you going to do if we dont let her go?”

The weasel also asked in a more serious voice as if he had read the boys changed atmosphere.

At the question, the boy bowed his head and smiled slightly as if he was dumbfounded. Come to think of it, the boy has not lost his composure. So, if I think I can see the “dignity” I was hoping for earlier…….

“Well, I havent thought about it.”


Yeah, it was just my delusion. I guess that dignity earlier was just an imagination. Maybe hes not losing his composure because he doesnt have any thoughts of saving me.

“Do you think we will just let her go just because you ordered us?”

I realized when I saw the weasel group who seemed to be more dumbfounded by the boy tilting his head as if he was wondering.

Youve become X.

The hope that existed in me, even though it was very sparse, flew over the sky, saying, “No.” 

Yeah, I was a fool. I wanted too much from a kid my age at best.

I sent a message with a strong eye telling him to run away, but his eyes, which seemed to have been beautifully carved red ruby, were smiling as if he didnt understand my mind.

You look pretty even in the middle of all this.

The guy next to the big guy approached the pretty boy, grabbed his arm and dragged him. Even though he knew how to resist, the handsome boy was dragged so innocently.

No, his mouth is alive and has been grumbling.

“Oh, it hurts”

“I held it gently.”

“Its a sensitive part, so please hold it more gently.”

Wow, youre as crazy as you look. I was thinking about this crazy kid as a hope.

Earlier, I remembered looking at Lucas back and thinking that I didnt need a prince on a white horse.

Yes, Im going to live a solitary life, but is it wrong to ask for help from others?

“Hes pretty, too, so hes useful. Ill take him.”

Its not really my group, but it keeps increasing one by one. The weasels and I walked together to an increasingly secluded place. The place we came to…… It was an alley that I couldnt think of as part of Giefroy.

Even if we walked a little, I dont think its that far from the main street. How can the scenery be so different? There were tents all over the place and people lying down on the street. There were several stands similar to a market, but the meat lined up for sale was infested with flies, and the fruits seemed to be rotting.

Even peoples clothes were different from the people I saw earlier. Looking at the scenery, I suddenly remembered the Brandon Orphanage where I lived. The empty eyes of the children who lost hope.

As I looked at the street with a startled look on my face, the smiley kid next to me bowed down and asked me in the shape of a mouth, “Are you okay?”

Her eyes are so red that I wonder if the color of the undead ruby Mary wanted to have, is like that. And he has bluish silver hair.

Wait, this is a description Ive seen somewhere……?

Looking at the silver-haired smiley kid looking at me with a worried look, I could easily recall where I saw this description of appearance.

And at the same time, I was so surprised that my eyes, which were already wide open, expanded even more.

This pretty, crazy person in front of me…….

Demimore Arstans……!

If I remember correctly, he is the second prince of the Britina Empire and the male lead ofLady of the District.

Demimore, the male protagonist in my memory, was a wandering character who could not do anything about the shadow of his heart. In order to survive in the palace full of people who are trying to kill him, he pretends to be a bright child who doesnt know anything, but he has a dark side. And eventually he will be falling in love with Astina, the only one who will recognize and heal the shadow in his heart. They eventually defeat the first prince, who was their enemy, and leave the Britina Empire to travel freely.

They will go abroad together while I will be banished in Nicor. 

By the way, is he really Demimore? Demimore is the only one in the novel with that appearance. No matter how much I think about it, Demimore wouldnt be that bright without any shadow.

Wait, I see.

Demimore Arstans, who is the same age as me, is only nine years old now.

Next year, Demimore will lose her concubine mother at the age of 10. Its very cruel, too.

So, what Im seeing right now is Demimore before the pain. Originally, he had a bright personality without a single shadow. Astina met Demimore after that, so I didnt know what Demimore was like before he lost his mother because there was no detailed description in the book.

When I realized that the beautiful silver-haired boy who I thought was a crazy person was Demimore Arstans, I felt sorry for him and was about to cry.

But I dont easily shed tears.

The first thing that matters is how to get out of here.

And soon they stopped in front of a walled building. They entered somewhere, lifting up a crude cloth that could not be called a door.

Maybe the hideout they were talking about was here.

When I entered the place, the smell of fishy dirt pierced my nose. The eldest of the three little pigs would not build a house like this.

Still, it was a hideout. Whether it is a sofa or a table, it is very shabby, but it has its own characteristics.

“Carol! Where did you go again?”

“Oh, youre here?”

As the weasel slumped on the sofa and shouted nervously, a dark-brown-haired woman popped out of what seemed to be the kitchen. She was not a great beauty, but she seemed to give a good impression that would appeal to anyone.

“These kids……?”

“You dont need to know, do you? Go and get us a meal!”

“Should I bring them, too?”

“Have you seen anyone feeding their hostages? Just bring ours!”

The woman called Carol looked at us with pitiful eyes and went back into the place she had come out earlier.

Why did he call her if he were going to do that?

Its a little hard to tell her age, but why is she working here? She looks about 18, 19 at best? Did she get kidnapped, too?

It was very unfortunate that she didnt receive proper treatment.

“Why are you so late?”

Carol, who was bringing food out on the plate, was very surprised by the weasels snapping cry, so she dropped what she had in her hand.

The weasel got angry at it and kicked Carol in the shin.

“This stupid thing doesnt do anything right!”

I cant believe you hit a woman.

Looking at it, anger rose from the depths of my body. Its because youre being noisy when shes taking the food out. 

I clenched my fist before I knew it. I could feel my nails digging into my palm. A strange but friendly warmth penetrated through the gap of the dull pain.

I turned my head and looked around, and Demimore was holding my hand and smiling as if not to worry.

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