“Where were you?”

In Hestias arms, we went to where the carriage is and saw Lucas and behind him, I saw Grand Estin with a dark aura.

Yikes, he must be angry.

Maybe he was looking hard for me, Lucas had sweat on his forehead. Seeing that, I felt sorry for some reason, so I reached out without realizing it and wiped the sweat off Lucas forehead. Lucas smiled weakly at my behavior.

As Hestia carefully laid me down from her arms, Lucas took my hand and walked towards Grand Duke Estin. The closer I got to him, the more I could see his angry face.

“The duke was very worried.”

The look on the face of Grand Duke Estin looking down at me seems more angry than worried. I couldnt bear to look into his eyes and bowed my head. Lucas asked Hestia behind him as if he felt the awkward atmosphere between me and Grand Duke Estin.

“Where did you find her?”

“She was in the alley, and she wanted to see more, so I gave him a tour.”

As expected, Hestia!

I looked back and Hestia winked with one eye slightly closed. I answered the wink with a bright smile. When I looked back again, the expression of Grand Duke Estin seemed to soften a little at Hestias words.

“You were with Hestia.”


“But dont go too far.”


“Because you have a history.”

Is what Lucas said about the Grand Duke being worried true……?

It sounds like you were worried that I might be kidnapped again or Im wrong? Still, you must have been worried since I am your daughter, right?

Its a strangely exhilarating feeling, but this.

“Dont bother Hestia.”

“Oh, yes.”

My goodness…

The excitement subsided at the words.

“Did you finish all the inspections in Giovanna temple?”

Lucas asked the Grand Duke softly as if trying to change the atmosphere. It seemed that he went to a temple in another area and came back.

You must be tired, but why are you here…….

“Oh, did you say hello to Hestia? Shes a knight of the order and the Grand Dukes aides. She also accompanied the Grand Duke in Giovanna.”

If he didnt come here, Hestia wouldnt be able to save me. Hestia, standing behind Grand Duke Estin, smiled at me.

If Lucas orange hair is like the vitality of the sun, Hestias silver hair is like…… It was like the mystery of the moon. The pale gray eyes set off a good mood.

She went to a temple in Giovanna with him, and I immediately agreed to Hestias guide earlier, so I thought she is Grand Duke Estins precious and trustworthy person.

“Ive been on a business trip to Giovanna, so I havent been able to greet you properly.”

“Shes very capable, but shes quite strict, so be careful.”

“Thats limited to Lucas.”

Hestia knelt down and made eye contact with me and smiled again. How can Lucas call this person cold when she is smiling so kindly? 

This discrimination… makes sense somehow.

“I havent told you yet, is what youre wearing a new dress? You look great.”

“She looked like a doll, right?”

“Yes, shes really like a doll…….”


“Im the same”

I understand why she speaks coldly to him. I stepped on Lucas foot who was trying to tease me again, Lucas screamed and Hestia looked at him with a look of what was wrong with him.

Lucas glared at me. 

If I were a little taller…… I would have poked one of his eyes.

“Duke, isnt she really cute in that dress?”

“Yes? Its cute.”

The cold voice that I had forgotten penetrated my ears. Saying Im cute with an expressionless face reminds me of Gille…. I dont know what to do. Hearing his voice, I can now see that Gilles praise was really heartfelt.

They said that you know that it is spring when the flowers fall.

Cant you put more emotion into your voice? Could the real doll be that person?

“Shall we go back to the mansion now?”

“Dont you think Miss Mary would be sad? Is there any other place you want to go?”

“Oh, Im….”

I hesitated for a moment at Hestias friendly question.

I dont know how to answer that question……. 

In fact, its fun just to look around the street like this, but I was about to open my mouth to say, “Lets walk a little longer then go back to the mansion but I think the Grand Duke Estin is tired.”

“Is it a doll shop?”

You really wanted to make fun of me until the end.

“Because the mansion doesnt have enough toys for you to play with.”

As if making excuses, he looked at me and shook his shoulders, but my fists trembled because I wanted to hit him just once.

“What a great idea! Shall we go?”

“Go with the Grand Duke.”

With Hestias consent, Lucas suddenly pushed me on the back to stand next to Grand Duke Estin.

Walk side by side like this all of a sudden?

While looking at Grand Duke Estin, I turned my eyes back again in embarrassment and looked back, Hestia was giving Lucas a thumbs up.

Did you make me stand here on purpose because you wanted me and Grand Duke Estin to be close?

For some reason, I covered my face with my hands because I felt goosebumps coming up from the tip of my feet.

“Lets go.”

Yes? Can I walk by his side?

Grand Duke Estin glanced at me and began to walk forward.

For a moment I looked at his back. After walking a few steps, he stopped for a moment to look back at me as if he felt that I was not following him. The way he looks at me is like why arent you following me…… I ran beside him as if possessed. 

“Youll fall. Be careful.”

Are you worried about me?

Without hesitation, Grand Duke Estin began to stride again, and I followed him. You said to be careful because I might fall, but why are you walking so fast? As I was galloping along again by myself, I felt Grand Duke Estins footsteps slow down again.

Are you being considerate?

This series of figures was quite unexpected, a smile was formed around me without me realizing it.  I dont think he is as scary as I thought he was, so I felt like someone tickled the corner of my heart with a feather.

I mean, Im the daughter of this scary person.

My cheeks were burning at the presence of a father that I felt properly for the first time.

Like that we arrived at the doll shop.

Wow, so cute!

The place filled with dolls of various animal models was like heaven. I held the rabbit dolls hand slightly in the display case.

“Isnt it cute?”


Hestia spoke quietly from behind as I was walking around greeting the dolls displayed inside the store. Feeling better after seeing cute things, I nodded my head wildly and answered.

“Youre the cutest girl.”

“Oh, uh….”

Why do people who see me say the same thing?

What kind of family is the Grand Duke family, where everyone is saying the same thing with such a nonsensical expression?

If its because of my personality, Im actually quite tough…….

I felt sorry for Hestia, who was being fooled by me.

“Hestia is beautiful, too!”


“Yes, your eyes and hair are shining.”

“Ive never heard such a compliment before”

But I really meant it. Hestias eyes and head really glistened softly like the moon in the night sky.

While me and Hestia were making such a fuss about each other, Grand Duke Estin and Lucas didnt come into the store and were arguing outside.

Grand Duke Estins expression while listening to Lucas was not very good.

What happened to Conler territory?

Well, it doesnt have much to do with me. I started looking at the dolls again regardless. Among the many cute dolls, there was one that caught my eye. It was a cat doll with black fur and yellow eyes. She had a red ribbon around his neck.

Its so cute!

I carefully held the cat doll in my arms.

“Do you want it?”




I answered like I was possessed, but then I was surprised to find that it was the Grand Duke Estin who asked me, so I corrected my answer.

Wow, that was close.

I checked that he was outside with Lucas earlier, but when did he come in? I carefully put the doll back in place.

Its so cute…….

It seems like this is the only cat-shaped doll in this store. I held the cat dolls foot and stopped without even thinking about looking around the other dolls. Ive never had a doll in my last life, so I wanted it more.

I know what Lucas said in the carriage wasnt just empty words, but I already bought too much dress.

“You want it, dont you?”

Lucas, who came in before I knew it, also asked me.

“No, I mean…….”


I lifted my head slightly at the sudden call of my name, and Grand Duke Estin got down on his knees and made eye contact with me. Its actually a bit strange to talk to each other with eye-to-eye like this.

His eyes seemed to enter deep inside me and look all over my body. After such a series of processes, his lips opened carefully.

“I have a lot of money.”

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