These are all toys?

“Its too much!”

I jumped out of bed like I had a spring on my butt. Come to think of it, the boxes are cuter and more colorful than I imagined. Its because theyre all toys. I was holding my forehead when I saw Lucas holding another box behind Hestia.

“Oh, I stopped him because I thought it was too much.” said Hestia, glaring at Lucas, who put the box on the floor. Now, I know. This person is the culprit.

“He bought it because he was so excited.”

“I could have bought more, but I endured it.”

“Did you buy from all the toy stores?”

“I cant do that. Anyway, this is how the economy in Giefroy works.”


“He didnt just buy it in Giefroy, Lucas went all the way to the capital.”

“Then, lets call it an imperial economy.”

Who can beat Lucas with words?

Hestia closed her eyes, exhaled deeply, looked around, and then picked up a toy sword. It was clear that she was thinking a lot while looking at the toy sword in her hand.

“Is that a sword?”

“Oh, yes.”

Phew, I saved Lucas.

Hestia smiled and handed me the sword; perhaps shes glad I was interested in it. I received it and looked over it carefully. It looked quite expensive. 

“I chose it. I used to play with this when I was young! Youre still young, so I picked a small and pretty one.”

“Ive never seen anything like this before. Its amazing!”

If I had one of these when I was at Brandon Orphanage, no one would covet my position. I couldve used this at the director I remembered Peter whom I met in Tana District. He looked my age, and he knew how to wield a sword. If I had this, Id …….

“Miss. Youre not going to win if you fight with an adult using that.”

Lucas said firmly as if he had read my mind. I pouted my lips.

“Did you really think that?”



I laughed awkwardly, and Hestia laughed along and took the toy sword from my hand.

“This is a no.”

“Oh, you cant take it away from me”

I reached out to Hestia, and Hestia raised her hand high holding the toy sword. I jumped to take back the wooden sword from Hestias hand.

“Ill give it to you when you grow up.”

“Even Hestia hit adults with a sword when she was young… argh!”

Hestia placed the wooden sword high in the drawer, Lucas, who was organizing the box, spoke sarcastically. Hestia took the wooden sword again and slapped Lucas on the back. Lucas collapsed as she hit his back.

Id be a really bad kid if I felt like that was cool.…. I might become a bad kid, Grand Duke Estin.

“Great. Anyway, I agree to confiscate it for a while.”


“Instead, theres a lot of other things.”

At that I sat down beside Lucas. Actually, all these boxes were burdensome, but Im still curious.

Ive never unpacked a box even when I was Ha So-hee. Ive never received a proper package so this is actually making me excited. How much will I get if I exchange this all with money? 

“I can have all of this?”

As I was calculating one by one in my mind, I said carefully to Lucas.



“There are too many. Im sorry, but can I return some of these?”


At my words, Lucas stopped his hand opening the box and looked at me. Although its not my first-time seeing Lucas serious expression, I felt kind of awkward since he is always smiling. 

“The duke will be disappointed.”


“The duke wanted to give it to you, so he asked me to buy it.”

I closed my lips and looked around. I didnt know Grand Duke Estin would do that. But this is too much.

“Do you still want to?”


“The duke looked so excited when he was choosing this. How should I say it?”

Lucas looked bitter when he said so. Listening to it, I began to worry too. Would Grand Duke Estin be disappointed if I said I wanted to return it?

I remembered his face that boasted that he had a lot of money. Maybe it was because he wanted to buy me a doll. I heaved a sigh.

“Shall we just unpack it first?”

Maybe he noticed that I was contemplating, Lucas brought a box with a brighter look and untied it. There was a ball in the box.

“Oh, there is that ball!”

“Thats the ball that the youngest young master used. This is the ladys own ball.”

I caught the ball in a daze. I stroked the glossy ball. Isnt this such a waste? While thinking about it, I couldnt help but smile. Maybe its because I lived a life that I am not used to. I cant believe Im so weak at the word “My own”.

“The duke told me to buy it. He said you played with a ball very well.”

He saw me play with a ball before?

Is it that day? The day I met the black dog.

I suddenly felt strange. Grand Duke Estin is looking at me more than I thought.

Lucas kept opening the box, cute pretty dolls and wooden toys came out. The more I looked at it, the greedier I became. There were so many good things that I wanted to see.

Without realizing it, a burst of exclamation and applause came out from me. Hestia, who was looking at me, also started to open the box together because she liked me being excited.

“Then, miss, will you accept it?”


I nodded for now because I liked it and its hard to refuse.

“Lets go!”

Hestia threw me a little ball. When I didnt receive it well, she taught me how to receive it properly. As expected, as a knight, her athletic nerves seemed to be enormous.

“Miss! The dress is here.”


While playing with Hestia and Lucas for a long time, Bonita came in. In Bonitas hand is…… It was boxes again.


Hestia and Lucas were kicked out by Bonita, telling them to go out because Mary had to try on the dresses. They wanted to see her dresses, but Mary was shy, so she agreed when Bonita asked them to leave.


As soon as Hestia and Lucas came out, they exchanged glances and gave each other a high five.

“You were good at lying”

“When did I tell a lie?”

“When did the Grand Duke go around and buy it?”

In fact, Hestia and Lucas thought, no, they were certain that Mary would refuse to receive the toys. Thats why he told her a little lie.

Lucas answered back naturally to Hestias point.





“What do you mean here and there?”

Hestia laughed because she was dumbfounded by the attitude of Lucas.



Bonita, who even put a ribbon in my hair, was impressed. I was actually a little proud when I looked in the mirror.Mary, how can you be this cute?

When I got up, Bonita sat down and brushed off the end of my skirt and looked at me with gentle eyes. 

“My Kitty, youre so, so lovely.”

“Bonita made me look pretty…….”

“I only helped you wear a dress and tied your hair up”

“Thank you, Bonita.”

“You can wear this to dinner tonight. How can you look so good in red…….”

A red dress full of frills and ribbons really suited me. No, ItsMary, but Im also an objective third party. It looks really good on you and its cute. I was looking at the mirror with a proud face, and suddenly I heard a cry from behind.

“Bonita, are you crying?”

When I turned around in surprise, Bonita was covering her mouth and shedding tears. I ran quickly and grabbed Bonita by the shoulder and looked into her face.

“Dont cry, Bonita!”


“Do you want to see the rabbit doll? Its cute! Mmm? Dont cry.”

As I was fidgeting in front of her, Bonita quickly wiped away her tears. Then she smiled brightly at me and opened her arms. I went in there of course. Bonitas arms were warm. Bonita fluttered around me and said in a low voice.

“Oh, Im a fool in front of you. Im sorry.”

I shook my head. No, its okay.

“Yeah, but why did you cry?”

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