“You did not eat much.”

Bonita muttered bitterly as she looked at the unfinished food on my plate. 

When I was in the orphanage, we didnt have enough meals, especially for breakfast, so even if I tried to eat more, I couldnt do it anymore.

If I make excuses like this, Bonita will ask what I eat during lunch and dinner there.

Still, I cant force myself to eat more because I was afraid of putting pressure on my stomach, I felt very sorry when I looked only at the food I left and spoke in such a sad voice.

“Ill eat well at lunch…….”

What I said to soothe the upset Bonita was, in fact, like a pledge to myself.


Its because the chefs at Conlers mansion were so good that it was unfair that I couldnt eat much because my stomach was small.

I found out that asparagus is such a delicious vegetable when I came to the Conlers mansion. If I keep eating delicious food like this, my stomach will grow someday! I shook my feet back and forth satisfactorily after the meal.

“I will grow up so much that I will be able to wear a dress that is right for my age next year.”

……Yes, thats right.

I remembered what I had said to Bonita on the day I came back from buying a dress.

It hurt my pride that I had to wear a dress worn by seven years old, so I decided to wear a dress that fits my age next year. In order to do so, I made a resolution to eat all the meals that come out tomorrow morning.

“Ill have another cup of milk…….”

I thought I should drink another glass of milk, so I asked Bonita to bring me a glass of milk. Bonita went to get it with a happier look than I thought.

I was sitting with my arms on the table, touching Neros nose when I felt someone coming in.

Thinking it was Bonita who went to get milk, I looked back but it was Hestia who was dressed quite comfortably, not Bonita.


“I guess youre done eating”

Although she and Lucas put me in trouble yesterday, I was happy to see her so I called her name out loud, Hestia spoke to me with a friendly smile on her face.

She seems to have been training her physical strength outside, even though there was a subtle smell of sweat it was not unpleasant.

If it was the smell from the subway where I lived before, I would have really wanted to cover my nose.

“Hestia, youre here?”

“Long time no see, Bonita.”

Bonita, who brought white milk in a pretty crystal cup, put the milk in front of me and greeted Hestia.

They smiled brightly and asked after each other as if they were quite close.

“I cant believe youre training in the morning as soon as you get back.”

“I dont have any choice because I dont have enough stamina.”

“Did you join the Knights?”

“Yes, everyone was the same.”

Hestia has a very sincere personality, unlike Lucas, who is sluggish. 


Even though she just came back from a faraway place she is already training to reinforce her lack of physical strength. Seeing Hestia exercise as soon as she woke up, I felt motivated to make efforts to grow taller.

I can do this!

As if motivated, I drank the milk in one shot in front of Bonita. 

Ah, of course its one shot. I dont do half shots.

“Drink slowly, miss!”

Hya, as I put the crystal cup down on the table, there was a clear sound of the two bumping into each other.

Maybe its because its the milk from the Grand duchy, its not fishy but savory… 

Satisfied, I looked at Bonita and Hestia who were covering their mouths with their fists and laughing.

What? Why are you laughing?

Bonita carefully rubbed my lips with her thumb as I stared puzzled.

“You become this cute when you drink milk. Look at the cats beard.”

“Lucas said that she is Kitty, I guess its true.”

Oh, I guess there was a milk stain on my lips. I raised my hand and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand because I was embarrassed.

“Dont worry, its all cleaned.”

“You cant rub your skin so hard because you have a soft skin.”

Bonita grabbed my wrist, which was wiping around my mouth anxiously, and lowered it with weak force. Bonita treats me like a child too much.

Of course, Im a child, but…….

“Would you like to go out to the garden and play with the ball today?”


I nodded my head up and down quickly at Bonitas tempting suggestion. I like to run around and play, so it was somewhat frustrating to stay in the mansion no matter how wide it was.

Oh, right. Studying.

Ill start studying the culture of the Britina Empire tomorrow. Originally, it was said that studying, dieting, and height exercise start tomorrow.

“Id like to take my mat out for a picnic.”

“Thats a really good idea…….”

“Oh, by the way, I heard that there is Kaisham on the lawn these days.”

“Kaisham again?”

“They are already taking care of it, but youd better be careful. Its fine if you dont just go into the lawn.”

“Kaisham is really bad for a child…….”

What the hell is Kaisham?

After hearing Hestias story, Bonita looked at me with her face full of anxiety.

She looked as if she was wondering if its alright for me to go to the garden today. 

“I cant go out today?”

“Kaisham is a very harmful bug. If you get bitten, you will suffer from a high fever, its dangerous for you.”

“Im not going to the lawn! Ill be really, really careful.”


I put my hands on my chest and looked at Bonita with earnest eyes.

Still, I rolled and rolled at Brandon Orphanage, and I am confident that bugs wont affect me that much.

And I think playing with a ball will make me want to eat a more delicious lunch.

I tried to imitate the poor puppy as much as I could. I could feel the upward tail of my eyes drooping down. Ill just stay in the garden. Ill never go into the grass. I wont cause any trouble!


……Well, you dont believe it.

Anyway, its true that when I first entered the mansion, I had caused a lot of trouble…

“Nero wants to go out……. Ill really finish my lunch when I get back.”

“Bonita, shell be fine if she doesnt go near the woods or the grass, just stay in the central garden. The gardeners are currently quarantining it.”

“Promise me you wont do that?”

Perhaps my earnestness was felt, Hestia began to persuade Bonita too. Bonitas voice began to relax, perhaps because I said I would finish my lunch.

“Yes, yes!”

“I see. Never! You cant go to the lawn.”

Bonita, who breathed a small sigh, eventually gave me permission to go out to the garden. Hestia next to me winked at me secretly. I also showed Hestia my thumb and smiled brightly.

As expected, Hestia is my hero. With Bonita and Nero, I went out to the central garden with a fountain.

Next to the fountain, which is somewhat far from the lawn, was a luxurious white table and chair for a tea party.

In the fountain, expensive-looking silk carp were swimming hard. When Bonita took fish food out of her pocket and sprayed it, silk carp began to flock around.

“So pretty!”

“Maybe its because you have cat eyes that you like fish.”

Well, I didnt think it looked delicious, but…….

Did I swallow saliva without realizing it?

With a slight smile at Bonitas words, I sat on the stone steps and stared blankly at the silk carp swimming.

Even when I was Ha So-hee, I liked fish so much that I liked to stand idly by the river.

It was my wish to have a small fish tank, but it was very fascinating to have fish in such a large fountain.

“Until when are you going to watch it?”


“Whoa, you look like a real cat.”

I guess I was mesmerized again and just looked at the fish. Lucas would have teased me a lot if he saw it. I laughed at Bonitas laughter-filled voice and got up from my seat.

We can see each other later. This is my house. I put Nero in a chair in the garden for a while and started playing with the ball. The ball moved up and down lightly along my wrist snap.

As expected, its fun.

When I was playing with the ball and looked toward Bonita, Bonita waved affectionately.




“Ill bring some snacks. So, you can eat it in the garden.”

“Yes, yes!”

When Bonita said she would bring snacks, I was excited and jumped up and down with the ball. Because todays snack is my favorite special chocolate chip cookie! The special chocolate chip cookies that I named junk cookies were really sweet and delicious because they were full of chocolate chips and marshmallows.

It was my favorite dessert and Bonitas least favorite dessert.

So, we came to an agreement with two glasses of milk for one chocolate chip cookie. 

“Never, never go to the woods or the lawn.”


“You promised okay. Theyre using strong medicine right now.”

“I told you, I got it.”

Bonita grabbed me by the wrist and begged me not to go to the lawn. I said yes with the nicest expression I could, but Bonita seemed to have a little faith in me. 

Hmm, was I such a person who couldnt be trusted?

“Ill be back soon!”

Bonita looked at me with an expression of disbelief, and said, “Ill be back soon,” and walked around to the mansion behind me.

Looking blankly at her back, I began to bounce the ball back in my hand.


While I was staring blankly and bouncing the ball in my hand, the wind suddenly blew and the ball rolled and went into the lawn.

“This is crazy……”

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