It is said that life is all about academic ties, blood ties, and delays.

As some kind insurance, I wanted to be nice to Astina who would later on become the crown princess. Who knows if the Crown Princess of the Britina Empire will help me later when I go abroad to do business.

On the continent of Kaya, there was the Britina and the Larvian Empire. The two empires were bordered by the Lorque Mountains. Even though they were the same empire, they could not be called equal. Because the Britina Empire had a much greater military and national power.

And I also have aConler.

Astina was adopted by Marquis Borne in the Britina empire at the age of 8. She stayed in the orphanage until she was adopted, and she is mistakenly taken by Mary and terribly bullied by her gang. No matter how old she might be, she was pretty mean.

The reason for tormenting her Astina like that was absurd.

And that reason is that Astina was the only person who acted noble and good-natured in this orphanage.

Well, if I dared taking Marys side, it was probably because she felt an inferiority complex for Astina, who shone in this place.

No, but if it was me, instead of harassing her I would have followed her.

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Hmm, then if the second prince exiled her somewhere because she dared imitate her lower……

Arent I destined to be sent one way or another?

Now, if the second prince was the only one who loved Astina, she couldnt be called the trueheroine of this area.

The marquis, the marquiss wife, marquiss eldest son, and even the employees that worked there were all fascinated by her bright beauty.

Was that all? Even Marys 3 cold -blooded older brothers who were in the Britina empire, thanks to her heroine buff, all of them fell for her and even said that if they were from the same orphanage they would rather have Astina as their sister.

Then her second brother became the second male lead. It was pretty funny that he fell for someone who he wanted to be his little sister.

In fact, all of the big men appearing in the work liked or felt affection for Astina.

She was in a completely different position from Mary, who was the nuisance and shame of the Grand Duke.

While I was reading the novel, I couldnt believe that there was such a ridiculous reverse harem setting, but after seeing Astina in person, I suddenly understood.

From fluffy, honey-like blonde hair, to emerald eyes that felt like they were created by the best craftsman.

If I was a man, was her father a thief? It was so beautiful that I wanted to ask whether she stole the jewels and attached it to her eyes.

She was so beautiful, and didnt she also have a kind personality? I would have liked her too.

‘Lets do good.

This one child brings all the connections of the Britna Empire.

It wasnt personal connections, it was a money line.

“Hey, Astina.”

“Huh? Oh, Mary……”

As soon as I called her name, Astina further shrinked down her shoulders.

Maybe its because of the splendid records of tormenting Astina before I regained memories of my previous life.

Once I regained the memories of my previous life, a lot of my previous memories became blurry.

Tracing back the contents of the novel from my previous life that I could still remember, it was only possible to estimate whether Mary tormented Astina in her childhood.

A tremendous bullying disguised as grumpiness.

To be honest, Mary looked just as cute and pretty as Astina.

It is said that her lustrous black hair and eyes that remind someone of the dark night sky were curses that were passed down by Duke Conler.

And the same as my previous life…… cat eyes.

‘Honestly, it looks gloomy……

In this den of evil, how strong and cruel would Mary be if she acted according to the law of jungle*.

(* = A state in which the strong eats the weak and the weak is eaten by the strong)

In the first place, even when I regained the memories of my previous life, I was going one-on-one against a boy, which proved that.

I was planning on continuing to hone that so that it might help in a fight in the future. Who knew if I would have to punch an imperial knight or two with my fists.

Anyway, maybe its because I was the youngest daughter of Grand Duke Conler, but compared to the other children I was a little stronger, actually, a lot more.

“Eat this.”


As I mentioned, Brandon Orphanage, which was located on the border of the two empires, as well as in the middle of a mountain, lacked support. No, let me correct it.

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The subsidies given were put in the directors back pocket.

And thanks to that, the children in the orphanage always lacked food.

It was common to have very, very watery cabbage soup or oat porridge, and on the days where crumbly and hard bread was served, the children rushed in with excitement.

While taking a walk to familiarise myself with the place, I found out that there was a potato field a little away from the orphanage. I knew what it was because I lived in the countryside with my grandmother when I was young.

Of course, you should normally never do it, but wouldnt it be okay to have two?

The world owes me this much.

While I was rationalizing myself like that, I bowed in front of the potato field, saying that I would pay it back when the Grand Duchy picked me up later.

Sorry Sorry.

I secretly baked the potatoes I brought with me while cleaning the oven, which children did not want to do.

And now, one of the two hard-earned potatoes was being handed over to Astina.

When you seduce someone, you have to seduce them with food.

In my previous life, every new semester, I gave caramel to my buddy and suggested that we get to know each other.

Although I failed to make friends every time because of my cousin.

“Where did this come from…… ?”

“Dont just nag and eat secretly.”

“Why are you giving me this all of a sudden?”

She was so wary of the food even when I gave it to her.

Considering Marys record, it would be no exaggeration if she wanted her to try it first in case it was poisoned.

“Okay, listen. Astina, if you think about it, you and I are the only girls of the same age in this orphanage. So I want us to be friendly. And so far…… Sorry for bothering you.”

To be honest, I didnt bother her.

No, to be more precise, theme before I remembered bothered her.

However, it was true that I felt sorry, so I apologized frankly.

“Thank you!”

Perhaps the potato skill of Camellia that I read in my previous life,You dont have this at home, right? worked better than I thought, and Astina accepted the potato with a brighter smile than expected.

How far did this girls kindness go?

I harassed her like that, and yet she smiled so brightly and accepted my apology?

Even while sayingthank you?

“Are you going to forgive me like this?”

“Because Mary apologized…… And she gave me food like this!”

“Astina, listen to me.”


“I dont mean to say this, but you cant forgive me so easily. Then other people will look down on you.”


I wanted to teach Astina, who is a kind person, how to go around the world, so I left her some advice which made me feel slightly more relieved.

You might not understand what Im saying right now, but later when you grow up, you will thinkMy only true friend was Mary……

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When I placed my hand on Astinas shoulder, who was only tapping her on the ground with the tip of her right foot, her gaze, which had been buried in her ground, rose and turned to me.

“One hit.”


“Astina, I want to get along with you, but what about the things I have done so far? I am not saying we should continue as it was. Anyway, just because someone asks for reconciliation, you cant just accept it.”

Astina stared blankly at me as if surprised by my words.

In fact, it could be selfish, but I had to be comfortable with myself, so I decided to get hit in order to not say anything else later. Astina would feel refreshed like that too.

Astina stared at me and clenched her fists before hitting me.

It was real beans.


“Im sorry! Did it hurt?”

Thinking that my absurd sigh was because It hurted, Astina quickly began to cry and looked at my complexion with restlessness.

‘Why did she bother a good girl like this so much……

With that I felt even more pity for Astina so I have been nice to her since then.

My right-hand man, Leo, suddenly seemed angry at me as if he didnt understand me, but in the end he followed my will.

Brian, who was one-on-one with me, was squeamish, but after a few punches, he was defeated.

However, instead of bothering Astina, my subordinates fell apart and started sticking to Brian, as if dissatisfied by my changed appearance. It couldnt be helped. understood. What was I supposed to do about these childrens way of surviving? I was also living by trying to find my own way to survive.

Astina was particularly restless and apologetic to know that I had narrowed my position in the orphanage because of her. Leo, me, and Astina got along well with just the three of us, and the day came when Astina left with the Marquis of Borne.

Astina cried as she put her forehead against mine the day she left. Astina wept so sadly that I felt like I was going to cry too, but I held it back. Astina wept and handed me her necklace.

“Dont forget me, Mary.”

‘Well see each other again anyway……

Without saying a word, I nodded. Astina left, and just before she left she asked Leo to do her a favor.

Me and Leo, who usually wouldnt even touch our shoulders thinking we might get hives if we touched each other, held hands for the first time. Leo was the first to break apart, and I was not immune to the parting.

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“Mary, are you crying?”

“Oh, you?”

“No, you.”

“You are crying.”

Leo and I held hands until we couldnt see the departing carriage, and then we went back to the orphanage, quarreling.

Soon my dad would come looking for me too.

I had no intention of asking for too much love, but its a family I havent had in a long time……

Cant you come sooner?

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