“You have to get along well with young master Rex when he comes.”

“Its better to have friends.”

At Bonitas words, Hestia also added in a bright and hopeful voice. Hestia is not usually like that, so she kind of resembled Lucas.

“But how did they know that his abilities manifested?”

Bonita stroked my head and asked curiously, Hestia smiled sadly and lowered her eyes.

“A month ago, the Duchess of Bluea passed away.”

“Oh, I remember.”

Bonita responded with a look of regret.

Hestias eyelashes created a deep shade around her eyes.

“Thats why.”


“Rex made the body of the Duchess of Bluea come back to the mansion.”


My mother, whom I met after a long time, smelled old dirt.

The uncle, whom he saw for the first time at his mothers funeral, came dressed up for condolence, his outfit wonderfully matched his black hair, creating a sad atmosphere suitable for the funeral.

He had nothing to do with how much he was grieving for this death.

They said he has been looking for his youngest daughter, who he lost as soon as she was born, for nine years.

Rex, who quietly observed his uncle for a short time, looked up at his father, Duke Bluea, who was standing next to him.

If I disappear one day, will my father find me for nine years?

Rex Bluea was a very secretive child.

After his wifes death, the Duke of Bluea found a woman with the darkest hair and pupils in his estate and took her as his second wife.

She was the daughter of an ordinary farmer in Bluea estate. The empire was rattled by her ridiculous rise in status.

There was only one thing he wanted. A daughter with black hair that resembles a dark night.

Please, a daughter with fine black hair.

Mary Conler.

This was Morgans own revenge. He was denied as a Conler because he does not have a black hair and eyes. 

Even his own child could be Mary Conler if she had black hair and black eyes.

The first time he smiled at the farmers daughter, who he had been married to but had no relationship other than bed, was the day she got pregnant.

There was only one thing she wanted. She hoped that her child wouldnt get hurt. Even if the childs father doesnt want it, even if she is shunned, she doesnt want the child to get hurt.

However, as she looked into the eyes of the Duke of Bluea full of expectations, her wishes began to resemble that of the Duke of Bluea.

Looking at the night sky, she prayed for the birth of a daughter with dark hair like that color.

But he was born…….

A son with blond hair. 

The useless child was locked up in the tallest tower of the mansion with his mother.

And by that time his mother died, the Duke of Bluea began secretly looking for another dark-haired woman. 

And eventually, the news that Mary Conler was found in an orphanage came.

It was a month after the funeral that Rex Bluea learned of his abilities.

The child, who was not fully aware of the concept of her death, learned that death isnever to see his mother again. 

She was the only one on his side in this vast and desolate duchy, and the lack of warmth was a great deficiency of this mansion for the child.

The child, who could not relieve the sudden loneliness that hit him, lies alone in bed at night and makes an inevitable wish.

I wish my mom would come back and give me a big hug.….

The earnest desire was the beginning of all misfortune.

In the middle of the night, when it was so quiet and the wind was particularly loud, someone knocked on the door of the Bluea mansion.

The maid, who opened the door that day, fainted right away, and the “being” who knocked on the door headed straight to the highest tower and hugged his “master” who fell asleep crying in bed.

My mother, whom I met after a long time, smelled old dirt.

His mothers body temperature, which was sweet and warm, was quite lower than he remembered, but the child could see that the “being” holding him was his mother.

Just, he could just tell.


When the Duke of Bluea, who was so ambitious, sent a letter asking him to come in a hurry because his youngest son manifested his abilities, the people of the Grand Duchy did easily believe. 

However, Grand Duke Estin had no choice but to go with Lucas to pick up the child because the child used necromancy, which has long been called the demons magic since ancient times.

Rex Blueas father, the Duke of Bluea, said he refused to raise the child.

He argued that it was right to raise him in the Grand Duchy of Conler because he has a demons gift.

“No way…”

Bonita put her hands together and covered her mouth as if she were shocked.

It was quite a shock that Rex Bluea, who I thought was just a passing villain, had such a disastrous past.

I have no idea how the child felt when he found out that his biological father refused to raise him.

What did he think when he saw his dead wife come back alive, no, dead?

I cant even tell how he felt, but……that doesnt mean he shouldnt raise his son, so take him with you.

It reminded me of my maternal grandmothers funeral when Ha So-hee was a child.

On that day, I tried my best not to cry since according to my grandmothers will that I should never cry or show a weak appearance.

Vicious, hapless cats eye, cursed, I tried to scoff at such words that day.

I desperately wanted my grandmother to stand up behind that folding screen to hug me tight and scold them.

I can understand that feeling but saying you cant raise a child just because he has that kind of ability!?

My dad gave me a recovery pill just because I was bitten by a bug!

……Well, even though he couldnt find me for nine years.

Thinking about it Rex Bluea looks resembles Ha Sohee, is it too much of a leap?

But as Ha Sohee, I think I can understand how Rex Bluea feels.

I cant say for sure because we havent met yet…….

Wait, if Rex Bluea is similar to Ha So-hee, then Mary is definitely Jung Seul-bi.

No, I dont think so.

Cancel. Cancel. 


“Your Excellency, Grand Duke Estin is almost there!”

I was drawing a picture on the table when I heard the servants words.

I have to go out and greet you…….

I staggered as I walked alone in the hall.

Even though I was walking on my own, if someone sees me, they might think Im being dragged by an invisible person.

Maybe one of the reasons why a father becomes a daughter fool is when he sees his daughter who comes out to greet him.

Let us give him the best welcome.

I tucked my chest-length hair behind my ears and brushed off my skirt.

“Alright, lets go.”

I slapped my cheeks a couple of times and made up my mind.

Its been a while since Ive seen my father after the accident, so I have to look good.

He even used a precious cure because of me.….

Lets show it really well.

“Oh, youre here to see the Grand Duke?”

Hestia seems to have come out to pick him up.

I crept to Hestias side, and Hestia welcomed me and patted my head.

I also came on my feet and nodded in bewilderment.

“Your Excellency is here!”

As the servant shouted and opened the huge door, Grand Duke Estin walked into the mansion.

Grand Duke Estin, who was greeted by the servants, took off his overcoat and handed it to his attendant, he looked at me as if he was quite surprised.

As if being surprised is contagious, I was also surprised and just tapped the floor with my left shoes front nose, Hestia gently pushed me on the back.

“D, did you have a good trip?”


As soon as I was pushed back, I greeted him in a hurry, but then I heard a laugh behind Grand Duke Estin.

I couldnt see it, but I could tell who it was by the sound of that laugh.

“Im here, too.”

Yes, Lucas…….

I was staring at Lucas waving at me, when regret came creeping in.

…… Did I go too far?



“Im back.”


“Im glad youre all better.”

Now, is Grand Duke Estin smiling……?

I wondered if what I was looking at was really right, so I took my hand to my eyes without realizing it and rubbed it slightly.

It was because it was too dazzling.

Looking at Grand Duke Estin smiling slightly at me, I unknowingly…… felt a lump in my chest.

I mean,

I just asked my dad if he had a good trip.

The smile on Grand Duke Estins made me smile. 

Immersed in the unknown feeling, I saw someone through Lucas legs.

It must be him.

It was my first meeting with Rex Bluea.


Rex Bluea, like Astina, was a child with honey-golden curly hair and blue eyes close to turquoise.

He is a year younger than me but the atmosphere he gives off seems to be more mature than me. 

Oh, I think hes a little taller too.

Isnt this cheating hes only 8 years old. 

Well, even tigers look like cats when theyre babies. But I cant believe that angelic visuals have some dark secret.….

“Mary Conler.”


As I was observing the child carefully, Grand Duke Estin suddenly called my name, I looked at him in surprise.

He looked down at me and said indifferently.

“Hes your younger brother.”


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