“When is Grand Duke Estin returning?”


“That little kid messed things up!”

Baron Brunos words were immediately corrected by Logan, he almost sneered without his knowledge.

Youre just stupid. 

He told him to carefully stimulate Rex Bluea while Estin was away, but he even touched Conlers direct family.

He told him to beat him in moderation, aiming for a time when his self-esteem was lowered due to what happened to his mother. 

But it was unexpected that a Conlers direct family sided with Rex Bluea like that. And he didnt know that Mary was that bold.

“What do you think, Logan?”

“What can I do? Well have to wait for Grand Duke Estins action.”

The old mans desperate face was quite funny. His frowning face was funnier than most comedies because he couldnt overcome my own desires.

Should I help you one more time?

Logan had a plan. Collusion with the Anos family, the current empress family. If this dumb baron did his best, he might even be able to reach his ambition to make Sophia Bruno Empress.

Oh, but can this senile old man do it?

Logans choice to be Baron Brunos aide was just for fun. He wondered how far he would go because of his head and tricks. But he didnt expect him to be this stupid…….

“Should I dispose of him?”

Logan agonized as he opened the carriage door. As Logan opened the door and Baron Bruno was about to enter, a little kid came to them.


It was Rex Bluea, who approached carefully. Logan was quite surprised when an unexpected person spoke to him. Hes quite interested in his special ability, so he really wanted to talk to him. He deliberately provoked Baron Bruno to use his power for his purpose.

But that damn old man is not good enough…….

“Because of you lowlife……!”

But the damn old man seemed to think that it was Rex Bluea fault that he had become like this. Logan blocked Baron Bruno from rushing at Rex.

“Whats the matter, young man?”

“Not you.”

Rex Blueas blue eyes shone coolly even in the sweet Logans words. He wondered if it was really the weak little boy standing in front of them.

Oh, the Conlers blood is still flowing in him, right?

Logan whistled briefly and stepped aside. Baron Bruno was also quite perplexed by Rex Blueas coldness.

“Baron Miller Bruno.”

“……what is it?”

“I know you have a dead sister.”


“He was very dear to you, so I remember she had a great funeral.”

Baron Bruno, who was briefly troubled by Rex Blueas unexpected words, began to turn blue. 

It was a clear threat.

“You, you……!”

“One more time, if you touch Sister Mary or do something vulgar.”


“Ill let you meet your beloved sister.”

Rex Bluea warned him in a low voice, greeted him politely, and turned back to the mansion.

Baron Bruno as well as Logan had no choice but to stand still.

It was clear that each was shocked by different ideas.

Hes a very coveted talent.

But Baron Bruno seemed to have a different opinion.

“Well, you know what? … Should I really keep him close to me?”

“Baron Bruno.”

“Do I really…. Have to keep that guy close?”

“Are you frightened by such a lowly fellow now?”

“Whose side are you on?”

Logan just smiled. He is only by his side to take advantage of him, he has no desire to be on his side. 

All of this was just a game, and it is appropriate to remove the useless pieces from the chessboard.

“Baron Bruno.”

Logan whispered in a low voice as he took Baron Bruno in his carriage.

“Im quitting.”

I think more interesting things have appeared.


Gilbert dropped me on the sofa in my room and disappeared without a word.

He didnt even ask me if Im okay. I would feel embarrassed if he asked me…… so, its okay because Im in this state.

My legs got weak while I was making a fuss.

“Miss, please dont be reckless.”

Bonita brought warm milk and put it in front of me.

She thought I was very surprised, so she must have brought it for me to calm down.

I didnt feel like drinking much, but I carefully blew and sipped it at the thought of Bonitas sincerity.


Again today, Bonita wiped my philtrum with a friendly touch as if I had a cats beard. (t/n: milk stain above the lips.) 

Her dark brown eyes, which are more affectionate than the touch, turned to me. She smiled at once.

“You were pretty cool today.”

“What do I….”

“It was really cool to see you try to protect the person you value. It was more like a Conler than anyone else.”

Bonitas compliment made me feel shy. I carefully put down the mug containing milk and scratched the back of my head.

In fact, I thought I would be scolded for doing something reckless again.

However, when I heard such a compliment and heard that it was like a Conler, I felt something mysterious filled my heart.

Will Gilbert, who watched the whole series of processes earlier, think the same way as Bonita?


I was lost in thought for a while, when I heard the sound of a knock.

I was thinking of Gilbert. Is it Gilbert? 

“……come in.”


It was Rex who stormed through the door with a worried face.

Sitting in front of me and checking if I was hurt was just like a puppy, so I laughed without realizing it.

What if he had a tail on his butt?

Even though he was worried like this, I thought it was more like Rex to come in politely knocking.

“Rex, Im fine.”

“Are you sure youre okay? I was so surprised that you couldnt even walk properly earlier.”

“Im really okay. I didnt even get hit.”

Maybe he didnt believe it when I said I was okay. Rex sat down in front of me and carefully leaned his face on his knee.

Maybe hes blaming himself for what happened.

Bonita looked at the two of us and carefully left the room with the milk I was drinking.

Shes really quick….

I carefully called his name, and stroked his head silently. 


“Yes, sister.”

“Even if you have a hard time later on, never go to him,”

After this, I dont think hell stick to him. 

Its not that I dont trust Rex, but I have to be clear about what I have to do.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldnt imagine Rex, who is so gentle and kind, being a villain.

I wanted to prevent Rexs misfortune, as I did to prevent Marys evil deeds.

“Yes, I dont like him either.”


And Rex is a talented person…….

He has a special talent, smart, listens to me well and is nice. He has an ability that everyone wants!

Ill collect the capital somehow, so you just have to come.

“And even if theres something hard going on…”


“Im going to protect you like today.”

Rex smiled brightly.

Rexs smile pricks my conscience. Im only thinking about using him for myself…….

But as my business partner, Ill protect you!

“O, of course.”


“Youre my brother.”

Rex put his face back on his knees when I said so. I stroked Rexs fine blonde hair carefully. It felt strange as if I was really stroking a dogs head.

That peaceful atmosphere was maintained for a long time, and Rex, who was silent, raised his head and said to me,

“But one day, I want to be stronger than you and protect you.”

“Well, Rex is much stronger than I am now”

“Im not very strong……. I want to be a person who gives courage to everyone like you.”

“Rex, you have such a special ability that a lot of people wanted to covet…….”

I wanted to give something to Rex, who has lost a lot of self-esteem due to many things.

Youre such a great thing.

How hard it must have been to come to the Conler family under the name of Bluea. No, he probably lived under a lot of pressure even when he was in Bluea.

“I know.”


“Maybe later, a lot of people will want to covet my ability, but…… I want to use it only for Sister Mary.”

Well, is this a verbal contract in a way? Should we at least fill out a document?

Looking at Rexs pure smile, I feel guilty about thinking like this, but well, I just laughed.

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