how small and skinny I was, there is nothing I could say against such a serious expression and tone.

At first glance, it looked like Grand Duke Estin was almost two fists bigger than Lucas……The Conler family was probably taller than an average person.

What the hell did Mary inherit from the Conler family other than her eyes and hair color?

“Are you eating well?”

“She still ate mostly porridge or simple food. She has to start eating properly.”

“You must eat a lot. You look like you would break if I touched you.”

I wouldnt break.

I lowered my gaze and looked at my wrist. Hmmm, It did kinda look like a skewer.

I was going to have to quickly put some muscle on this body.

Since I was Conlers youngest daughter, wouldnt I be able to gain some muscle by working out a little?

Still, with this body, I ate quite a bit at the orphanage.

I looked at my wrists and looked up again to see the Grand Duke looking down at me.

‘Did he keep looking at me?

When I lowered my hand, I was touching in embarrassment. Grand Dukes mouth, which was looking at me with an indifferent expression, opened.

“You asked me why I came now.”


“It looks like you cant remember.”


It was something I couldnt remember at all.

When on Earth? This was our first time seeing each other…… Was it not?

I thought about when he was coming, but did that mean that I said rude things like that?

I tried digging through my memories for a bit, but I had no recollection of saying anything like that in my head.

“You may leave.”

The Grand Duke shrugged his shoulders at my bewildered expression and told me I could leave.

I cant believe I could finally escape this suffocating space!

As I half-heartedly bid my farewells, I soon found myself facing a new problem.

‘How do I leave?

He was the head of the Conler family and the Grand Duke…… Could I dare show my back to him?

In historical dramas, they seem to take a step backwards to leave.

After contemplating for a moment, I slid my right foot backwards.

“You, right now…… what are you doing?”

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As I cautiously back stepped towards the door, Lucas asked me in a curious voice.

After telling me I could leave, the Grand Duke, who started looking out the window, heard Lucas voice and looked back at me.

There was a subtle change in Grand Dukes expression when he saw me standing awkwardly.

“I was leaving……”

“Then why are you leaving like that?”

“I felt like I shouldnt be showing my back for some reason……”

Oh shit.

I was so embarrassed!!

I didnt know what but seeing Lucass expression, I knew very well that I had said something very shameful.

The Grand Duke, who was still, raised his hand and covered his mouth.

“Pu ha ha! Is that why you took a step backwards?”

“Ah, T-That is.”

“As expected of the young daughter of the Conler family, she is always prepared for the enemy!”


The Grand Duke hit Lucas in the back of the head while as was laughing while holding his stomach

I was relieved to see the wish I was hoping for since earlier, no since a long time ago, come true.

“Stop it.”

“Oh, okay.”

Did I mention that Lucas is a distant relative?

I heard that they grew up together since childhood. Thats why, I thought that Grand Duke Estin had the appearance of being in a comfortable atmosphere.

“Shall we go then?”

Lucas grabbed my shoulder and turned to head towards the door.

Uh……Could I leave like this?

“Wait a moment.”

As I followed Lucas towards the door, the Grand Duke called me in a low voice.

When my shoulders trembled as I was walking, Lucas tapped me on the shoulder a couple of times as if telling me not to worry.

“Lucas, why are you leaving?”


What the, I shouldnt have been scared.

Lucas turned around while holding my shoulder as if he was dumbfounded.

“Should I attend the meeting too?”

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“When did you not?”

Maybe he was trying to hit the polka dots while pretending to go out naturally with me.

I cant believe he was trying to use me as his excuse, it was ridiculous.

I politely bowed towards Lucas and Duke Estin, who were holding their heads, and went out.

I let out the long breath I was holding in.

It was finally over.

Still, I think it was fortunate that our first meeting ended without any troubles.

As soon as I came out, I saw Bonita looking restless as if she had been waiting for me to come out.

As soon as I saw Bonita, I relaxed and went to hug her.

Bonita tenderly sat me tight against her and patted me on the back.



“Because you are his daughter, I told you it wouldnt be hard as long as its you.”

Come to think of it, I felt so mentally intimidated while I was in the room, but I didnt think it was hard or tiring.

I nodded at Bonitas words.

Thats right, daddy was daddy.

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