Seeing him smile as if he doesn’t know anything about the world, my anger began to fade little by little to the point where even I was dumbfounded.

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Demimore had to be let out of here finely without any injury at all.

But why is the Second Prince in Giefroy, a territory of Conler?

While Carol was preparing the meal again, Demimore and I were forced into the kitchen to help.

What… They don’t have anything prepared for the people they kidnapped!?

The kitchen that I went into with reluctant steps only has a stove.
It’s too much to call it a kitchen.
This reminds me of old memories.
It’s similar to when I was in the orphanage.

Carol, who wiped her tears, lit the stove again.
While looking at the figure, I approached and squatted next to her and spoke carefully.

“Ahm, are you okay……?”

“This doesn’t happen once or twice.
I’m all right.”

“I thought it would hurt…….”

Carrol said it doesn’t happen once or twice, so I peeked at her legs and as expected, there were blue bruises on her white legs.
There are so many bruises in parts I can see, what more in the parts I can’t see.
Carol smiled vaguely when I stared sadly because I felt sorry for her even though I had never seen her before.

“But how did you get dragged here?”

“It’s just.….”

“You’re still this young……, Wait a minute.”

Carol, who was looking at me with worried eyes, covered her mouth with her hands.

Oh, she saw my eyes.

I felt somewhat awkward and rubbed my eyes with my index finger.

“Hey, if it’s not rude, are you the young lady of Conler……?”

“Ah, yes.”

“They’re really crazy, aren’t they?”

Indeed, Carol slumped to her seat.
If she finds out that the boy behind her is the second prince of this empire, she’ll lie on the floor

Oh, Demimore.

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As I turned around and looked at Demimore, Demimore shrugged his shoulders as if he was wondering what was going on.

You already knew who I was.
I figured out who he was by the description of his appearance.
He must have known who I was with the color of my hair and eyes.

“But how did Carol get here?”

Why is a girl younger than I thought working in this dangerous place getting hit by that garbage? Carol laughed bitterly as she boiled the soup.

“My father died, and my mother was sick.
I’m also the first of three sons and two daughters, and I’m the only one who can make money at home because they’re still young.”

“Isn’t there a better place?”

“There aren’t many places on this planet that would hire a girl like me.”

Listening to Carol, I felt depressed and leaned my face on my knee without realizing it.
Seeing me like that, Carol said in a brighter voice, not knowing what to do anymore.

“But I get paid a little bit to buy my mother’s medicine, and my younger siblings don’t starve! I’m really fine!”

I held Carol’s hand carefully.
Carol’s hands were very rough for her age.
With my thumb, I carefully swept the back of Carol’s hand.
I pouted my lower lips without realizing it.
This darkness exists in the largest city of the Great Conler, One of the best-known City in Britina Empire in the Kaya Continent.

Anyway, I felt a sense of responsibility as Mary Conler.

I want to get Carol out of here, but…….  if it’s Carol’s choice to stay here, can I still do whatever I want?

It’s Carol’s job anyway, even though it’s like a gutter with rats.

Ha, I have to get out of here for now.

“By the way.”


“I didn’t know the princess would sympathize with me like this.
You’re Conler’s youngest lady too.”

“I’m Mary.”


“My name is Mary.”

“Oh… The name is so pretty.”

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Carol and I laughed at each other.
With such a sincere smile, she was so bright and pure that she looked exactly her age.
No matter how much I looked at it, she doesn’t fit in here.

“Why do you alienate me?”

The two of them were talking like that, and Demimore carefully came to us and squatted down in the same position.
The three of us were like this, so it was a little funny, so I forgot the situation and laughed.

“You are…?”

Carol asked Demimore hesitantly.
At first glance, Demimore looked luxurious, so she was being cautious because she was afraid he was from a great family.

It’s not just a great family…… He’s the prince of this empire.

“Oh, my name is Peter.”

What, Peter?



“That’s a nice name….”

“Haha, that’s a common name.”

I smiled, ignoring Demimore’s reply, and looked into his face again.
It’s Peter, not Demimore? Did I see it wrong? I don’t know if there was another character with an appearance like this. 

If so, which aristocrat’s son is he?

“Then the last name is…….”

“I asked you to make food, and you’re chatting?”

As soon as I opened my mouth to ask for his surname, a weasel stormed into the kitchen.

Oh, you’re really in a hurry.

I turned my head and glared at the weasel.
The weasel trudged in and grabbed Carol by the wrist.


“I gave you a job even though you are lacking.
You don’t seem to be grateful for that!”

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“I’m sor..
I’m sorry.”

Carol looked hurt that I stood up in a fit of rage, Demi or Peter, held my hand.
Looking at his hand, Peter shook his head as if not to step forward.

Jackson, it hurts so much.”

The weasel’s name was Jackson.
I engraved his montage and name on my head.
I won’t let you go.
As if the caught wrist really hurts, Carol made a groaning voice.
I fiddled with the stones in my pocket with my hands that Demi or Peter had not caught.

“Carol Delat, why don’t you just sell your body?”

“That’s ….”

“You’re quite tolerable, I think you’ll sell at a good price for a good nobleman.

I couldn’t hear any more, so I shook off Peter’s hand, sneaked up behind Jackson and hit him in the back of his head with a frying pan.
I tried to use the stones, but I couldn’t reach his height, so I used the thing that I could grab, but I think it was a pretty good weapon than I thought.
Seeing that Jackson passed out at one go like this.

Am I strong?

“What’s the matter, brother?”

The two other men, surprised by the weasel’s groan, came in and looked at Jackson, who had fallen, and looked at us with surprised eyes.
I clenched my grip on the frying pan and thought about whose head to hit first.
It’s better to knock the big guy out first, right?

While I was thinking, Peter, who was standing next to me, took out the knife in a gentle motion.

It was a great posture that seemed to have learned swordsmanship, which would be comparable to a prosecutor.

“Get out of the way.”

The problem was the knife was a kitchen knife, but…….

Maybe they were confused as to how the other guy was beaten.
They made a way for us to pass. 

I grabbed Carol’s wrist, who was standing in a daze, holding the frying pan tightly with the other hand.


“Let’s go out together, quickly.”

I tried to leave with Carol, but I thought I should respect it if her choice was to stay since she doesn’t have any options.
If she had options other than this, would she still choose to be here?

Will I be able to give Carol another option?

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Carol stammered and was dragged out by my strength. 

I mean, why did they put us in a kitchen full of potentially deadly stuff? They don’t even know the basics of kidnapping.

By now, Lucas and Grand Duke Estin must be very worried…

Still, it was quite fortunate that it seemed to have worked out well on its own.
I was about to say thank Peter for his greater help than I thought.

“You punks!”

“Do you think I’ll let you go?”

Before I knew it, the big guy and the other guy came to their senses and followed us with a dagger in their hand.

I overlooked that they could have weapons, too.

We have a knife, but…….

I looked at the knife in Peter’s hand.
It’s the same dagger, if you think about it, but…….
It was so self-evident that we were at a disadvantage in terms of range.

But if you look into it, Peter and I are commodities, so they won’t easily hurt us.
Their hesitant eyes tell that.
I tightened my grip on the frying pan and looked into Peter’s red eyes.

“We’re running.”

Confirming that Peter nodded at my words, I grabbed the frying pan and approached them.
On my confident step, they rather faltered back.

Man, it’s a complete mess to take care of this weasel.
Their eyes turned to me as I clambered up to them and lifted the frying pan in my hand.


But I have feet, too.

When I kicked him between the legs with my feet, he fell down and felt pain.

I’d like to watch it more, but I ran as hard as I could, holding Carol’s hand again.  I passed by the butcher’s stand full of flies and the shops selling rotten fruits and the people who were lying on the street.


I thought as I ran hard.

I’ll be back here someday

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