Thieves And Royalty

The Peacock And The Sparrow

A teen girl walked past a mirror saying ”You can do this! You
e the best princess of all time! You can do this! ”. The young woman in question had blonde hair down to her shoulders, bright blue eyes, pale skin, she wore a bright red dress engraved with many flowers, and a golden crown with an assortment of gems all over it. She sighed and said ”Just, don mess up! Easy! ”.

She walked out into a long hall and looked around. She smiled and calmly walked through, up until she saw from outside of a window, an army of knights training. Excited, she ran down and looked to a man who was 21, short blond hair, darker blue eyes, a scar on his nose, and he was wearing golden knight armor in contrast to all the others dressed in silver armor.

”Keep going men! We need to be in peak performance, for if anything were to happen wed need to be front and center on the battlefield! ” He commanded. He turned around to see his sister making a small attempt to sneak up on him. ”Hello Charlotte, what brings her majesty to my humble training session? ”. She chuckled and said ”Rise Gabriel, you and I both know you don need to refer to me as her majesty, we
e siblings. ”.

He sighed and said ”I know, I just can help it you know? By the way, how are you doing? The princess of thieves attacked again last night, stole some valuable things, and as the head knight of the kingdom, it is- ”. She waved her hand and said ”To protect the royal family from all who oppose, and slaughter those who dare to threaten them, I know! Just don do the whole speech again! ”.

She made an offended look and said ”I just so happen to like my duty! Which brings me to this: Have you found a suitor yet? ”. She covered his mouth and said ”NOT OUT LOUD!!!! No I haven , you know how annoying I find these events! ”. Gabriel smiled and said ”Yeah, but I still take every chance to mess with you about it, and its nice to imagine the boy of your dreams taking you off your feet~ ”.


A teen girl walks past a mirror spinning a pen in her hand. ”*sigh* Alright, whats on the agenda today? ”. she grabbed her shoulder length hair and put it into a bun and threw on a black hoodie. She walked out the door and went straight towards a large burly man with tanned skin, a lack of hair, dark brown eyes, and a red bandanna tied around his head. He turned to her and smiled saying ”Nora! Nice to see you! ”.

She fist bumped him and said ”Max, I need you to give me the biggest steal list youve got, because I am this close to making the steal of the year! ”. For the underside of the kingdom, if there was one thing that was super difficult besides avoiding guards, and stealing stuff, it was the steal of the year. The person who stole the most steal worthy thing would be granted this honor, but it was extremely difficult.

”Lets see…. Theres a rich boat that costs thousands- ” ”Pass. ”. He turned to the next paper and said ”A chest of gold that- ” ”Do I LOOK like a child?! ”. He sighed and said ”Oh, theres a sword- ” ”For gods sake wheres all the good stuff?! ”. He laughed and said ”Sorry kid, any thief bounties that I do have would be overly easy for you, after all, you are the princess of thieves. ”.

She sighed and said ”I have had my own idea of what to steal…. ”. He smiled and made himself a cup of coffee and sipped it saying ”Oh really? And what would the princess of thieves desire? ”. ”I, am going to steal the princesses crown~ ”. He choked on his coffee and every thief or crook around them stared. Max lowered his mug and said ”Kiddo…. Nobody has gotten in and out of that castle…. NEVER! ”.

She sighed and said ”Wanna make a bet on that Max? ”. He smiled and said ”Since Im gonna be the one to have to get you out of the slammer, fine. I bet all of my next months bar service money that you
e gonna get caught and sent to jail! ”. She smiled and Nora responded ”Oh yeah?! I bet my entire next weeks thief money that Ill steal that crown! ”. They shake hands and Max says ”Hello money, and hello future payment! ”.


*10 pm*

”*yawn* Im exhausted…. ” Charlotte said putting on a nightgown. Once she lied in bed she started to drift to sleep…. *Thud*. The princess could hear footsteps enter her room, and walk over to her. ”*sigh* Now if I was a princess, where would I put a crown? ”. When the thief wasn looking Charlotte stood up and said ”Who are you?! ”. The thief turned around to be seen holding a golden crown.

She grabbed the crown and yelled ”GUARDS! ”. She was pushed back and the thief landed on top of the princess. The hood and mask slipped off and they locked eyes, a blush spreading across the face of each of them. The door burst open and Nora stared at a golden knight. She jumped back out the window and grappled down to the ground, making a beeline for the woods.

The guards saddled up on horses hot in pursuit.


”MAX!!!! ” Nora yelled running over to see he was the only one there. ”Nora? ” He said as she hid. He then understood and smiled. The guards broke down that door and one of them went over to him ”Where is she?! ”. He smirked and said ”You say that like someone is here…. Fortunately, its just me tonight. ”. The other guards came back and one said ”Nothing sir, she mustve gone deeper into the woods. ”.

With an annoyed huff, the guards left and Max made sure they were gone. ”…. Im guessing I just lost the bet huh? ”. Nora came out with a large blush on her face and held out the crown. ”Y-yeah you did…. ”.


”That thief stole the crown! ” Charlotte said with a small blush on her face. she grabbed a pillow and screamed into it with both of them thinking GOD DAMN IT!.

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