”GALLOP LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! ” Nora yelled while riding the horse. ”You just had to say something didn you?! ” Charlotte said to her.


”*huff* Never again. Never. Again. ” Charlotte said once they escaped. ”Alright, so heres the plan. We can go back to your kingdom until things cool down, otherwise well both be caught dead. So, until then, ” Nora said as Charlotte looked. A large blush spread across her face as she saw her with a mere tank top on. ”Time to get you battle worthy princess~ ” She said stretching.

She looked away and said ”Is that really necessary? ”. ”Yep, if we get attacked by bandits on the way, our status, won mean jack shit. So you need to be able to defend yourself! ”.


”Lesson 1: ” She said drawing a circle around the two of them with a stick. ”Counters. First, dodge or block an attack from me, and then try to get in a hit! ” She said looking excited. ”Thats it? Thisll be easy! ” Charlotte said cracking her knuckles. ”Okay then, you get the first hit. ” Nora said putting her hands behind he back. Charlotte swung her fist at her. Nora stepped to the side and sweeped her legs.

She got back up and Nora said ”Lets try that again. ”. This time Nora had both arms out and said ”GO! ”. She swung at Nora, but this time she caught the fist. Nora then twisted it around, and pinned her to the ground with her hands behind her back, Nora on top of her. ”Weve gotta stop getting like this princess~ ” She said teasing her. ”Uh huh, sure. ” She said being released.

”Okay, lets try something else. ” Nora said. She walked away and came back with a little cage. ”Why do you have a rabbit? ” Charlotte asked. ”I need to toughen you up somehow, so heres how its gonna work. ”. She put on her hood and said ”Im gonna go into the nearby town, and since we need to teach you to be a hardened and remorseless killer…. ”.

She gestured to the rabbit and Charlotte said ”Ha ha. Okay but seriously, whats the real test? ”. Nora smiled and said ”This is the test. Kill the rabbit. ”. She looked at the animal, watched its nose twitch as it chewed grass, and then responded ”I can kill that! Nope, not happening, Im not killing Lucky. ”. She stopped and said ”Whos Lucky? ”. She looked away and said ”Thats what I named him. ”.

”Don name it, cause then you get attached to it! Look just…. Lucky better be 6 feet under by the time Im back, or Ill do it myself. ”.


Nora walked into the town, walking past various shops, stealing small objects. ”This place is way too under my league. ” She said counting up how much it was all worth. She decided to walk through an alleyway and noticed she was being followed. She turned around and said ”Youve gotta be kidding me. ”. Dark red hair, shit eating grin, red hood with a pair of black jeans, and a dagger on his side.

”Well if it isn the Black Moth herself! How interesting to find you here! ”. She glared at him and said ”Lucas, I don have time for you right now, Ive got more important things to deal with than you and your posse! ”. ”Thats too bad, cause Ive got all the time in the world! ”. She heard a thud, and then ducked underneath a blade. 2 people got to his sides and he smirked.

”3 on 1? ” She said backing up. She then ran towards the wall and jumped off it onto a roof. ”After her! ”. She jumped from rooftop to rooftop, heading back towards the woods.


”Hm? Oh, hey Nora- ”. Nora ran past her and untied the horse. ”Whats going on?! I thought you wanted me to kill the rabbit! ” Charlotte said as she was forced onto the horse. ”What? The rabbit can live, just get on the god damn horse! ” Nora said jumping on. ”Full speed ahead! ” Nora said going into full gallop. A few minutes later, Nora said ”I think we lost them! ”.

All of a sudden an arrow went past them. ”ARROWS AGAIN?! ” Nora said seeing Lucas and his gang behind them. ”I have an idea, take the reins! ” Nora said swapping places with Charlotte. She grabbed a large branch and took out a dagger to carve it. ”What are you doing?! ” Charlotte asked her. ”Making a weapon. When I say so, stop the horse. ” She said calmly.

”Oh yes lets just invite them over for pie- ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND?! ” Charlotte replied. ”3! ” She said with a cane. ”Can we talk about this?! ”. ”2! ”. ”Hold on a min- ”. ”1! ”. She stopped the horse and held it up, making them all run into it whilst riding past. She looked on the ground and they both released a breath they didn know they had.

”Cmon! We should go while we have the chance! ”.

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