”He is the least of our test subjects here. Even the beggar was better than he. What should we do? Is he really the son of the strongest magician? ”

”There is no doubt about it; he is the son of the strongest magician, but also of the best healer in our kingdom, which means there is two different components of energy in him. To keep it simple, it makes sense why even in his 16th year of age, he wasn still awakening. ”

”Lets continue the experiment for a year and see if he really can be the strongest tool. ”

The head scientist sighed. But mixed in his frustration was hope that he had earlier. He had a faint smile on his face, and as he looked at his fellow scientists, he couldn help but be thrilled. It was a breakthrough in their studies; they were not just aware of it—they were involved with it.

”Listen to me carefully. He might be still special. As we all know, two different components of energy should be present in him since he is the son of the strongest magician and the best healer of our kingdom. Hypothetically speaking, it could be hard for him to awaken. But, did you see that earlier? He survived the awakening serum. ”

The head scientist was able to convince them, but their faces still showed small reservations. He couldn blame them; they had been working with him for almost eight years. They continued the experiment even without helpful results.

Awakening his powers was meant to be another breakthrough in the experiment. As the prototype serum had already shown signs that it could copy genes of E-rank awakens, proceeding it to reach higher ranks would be a great tool for the kingdom. A vicious smile emerged on the face of the head scientist.

”Head scientist, what will happen if he doesn awaken? We are already aware that he survived the awakening serum, but it didn mean that he would awaken soon. ”

The head scientist lowered his head and opened his palm at them. He took out the papers, the initial report of the serum to the young boys body as soon as they injected it.

”Read the findings. You will see why I still have some hope in him. ”

Other scientists looked at the paper he gave them and were speechless as they read all of his words.

”This means… ”

”He has shown some results. The genes he had were slowly appearing as we expected. He has the power of the two strong assets of the kingdom. ”

The young boy had true potential, and if not for the incident that happened, which killed his parents, they wouldn have grasped such a great test subject.

As the child of two major awakens of the Protish Kingdom, the child must take all the inheritance and support that the government offers to the awakens. Hence, even if one of them dies, the other parent will retire from their service, focusing on their child; unless another apocalyptic threat emerges.

However, that didn happen, as the young boy, Victor Hunt, had no other relatives to lean on. His parents died, and he became vulnerable to the government, which ignored the legal issues that the two best awakened filed to serve the kingdom.

The government announced that the child also died from depression after his parents deaths. They were enough for them to twist the papers and send Victor to the experimentation facility, which stood on the outskirts of the kingdom for them to experiment on Victor.

Wang! Wang! Wang!

Everyone looked at the flashing red lights and horns as they went asking what happened. Others stood from their seats, asking hysterically while others were composed. As soon as they heard the reason for the alarm, everyone was displeased and panicked.

However, there was one person who was happy about it. The head scientist was aware of the threat, but he was more intrigued by the result of the session earlier.

The awakening serum worked!

”Head scientist, test subject Hunt escaped. Currently, he is now facing the watchtower guards. ”

The head scientist nodded with a wide smile on his face, then ordered everyone to be highly armed to prevent the top test subject from escaping.

He took out his left hand and clicked on his smartwatch; a holographic image appeared showing the maps with exclamations indicating which places were in danger and in need of attention.

Everything happened in his chambers. And for sure, pure and fresh mana is still there. I need to get these subjects! The head scientist cried with extreme joy.

He then ordered every awaken guard to go to the possible escape routes, while the assistants rushed to the scene. And as they arrived there, the head scientist was deeply pleased with what he saw. Everything was glowing, despite the fire in the surroundings. He was more focused on the mana that was scattering in the area.

The test subject. That Hunt kid, we need to secure him.

He swiped at the holographic image and reached for the communication with the guards.

”Is the test subject secured? ”

While the alarms were still activated, the head scientist waited for the other end to answer, but he was about to be disappointed.

”Negative. The test subject escaped and killed all four C-rank awaken watchtower guards. ”

When the head scientist heard it, he scoffed and grinned bitterly at the same time. He held on to his forehead from the shock and leaned on the wall.

I don know if I should be happy. He had awakened, but had escaped. I lost my precious test subject…

”What are you fools doing?! Track him! Use everything that you could use! A subject like him who could kill C-rank awakens in his awakening is more important than the current awakens in the area now! Go and find him! ”

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